“The Connection” A Randt & Hoisan Production For The University of Western Australia’s MachinimUWA Vll: Transcending Borders

“The Connection:” conceived and created especially for The University of Western Australia’s MachinimUWA Vll: Transcending Borders.

I’m going to be very honest here, I didn’t think we would be entering the prestigious machinima challenge this year, for many reasons, but resumed in a compound sentence, we didn’t feel that call to competition and I actually thought I might be judging this year, not entering.
Fate has a way of pushing us one way or the other sometimes, when we are astride and trying to ride that fence line..”Should we?” Shouldn’t we?” but even I succumbed to the carrot of temptation, when I saw what the theme would be this year.

Nat casually asked me one day if I wanted to do a film with her for the UWA , and I said I was not really inspired. RL  had pulled me out of virtual worlds a bit in 2014 and I felt my muse was not very strong, and I had slacked off on my poetry too. I said I couldn’t even imagine an idea we might do, when she dropped the carrot my way (usually I am tempting her with one in the other direction) by telling me “The theme is pretty interesting. It’s called, “Transcending Borders”

Boom! Some lights went off inside… but I still had no clear idea..what it would be about. I said, “Give me a few days to see if I can come up with an idea we both like, or feel free to be the one who does that, but it’s an interesting concept..so maybe…yes”
The rest is history as they say… I realized we had a perfect story to fit the theme, but does one do stories like this? How to make the focus universal,. and not personal..etc etc. Still, all my inner voices were yelling, “Go for it”

I won’t go into details here, and maybe if you feel inspired to make comments, that would be a good place to talk more about the focus of our video within the theme.  What both Nat and I really want, is for you to watch it… then we can talk:)
But I do want to say a few things about the making of this one, number 15; that sometimes it proved too much for Nat’s software, and we had scare after scare and crash after crash.. After a particularly bad day..Nat sent me this photo..and I share it with you. I always use the metaphor that to hook Nat into our next project I need a nice juicy carrot..to lure her   in (usually the first draft of a soundtrack and the idea) but this carrot almost choked her:) as it was Too Big for her outdated editing software:)



We have been lucky in the past that somehow the Calvary gets sent in to save us in the nick of time..(last year we had a train movie, and the train wouldn’t move until about 2 weeks before deadline!)
This year was no exception.
So against all odds and some outdated software, and then the generosity of a friend and some new software, we can proudly present our film. This is our entry for 2014, but it is also our story, and our good luck for being able to make this connection.
I want to thank our graceful galloping horses, Shesa Quandry, Gamma Infinity, Dale Innis. Along with Nat and I, they kicked up  splashes, drops and dust across the screen. Special thanks to my number one leading man, and number one villain, Odracir Wrigglesworth. Without all their help…we would have only an outline and some music, not a movie.
I will say one last thing…
I know the days of the blog are fading away. I have talked about this with other die-hard bloggers and we all agree. Facebook with its easy “Likes” has made all of us at times a more dumb-downed version of ourselves when it comes to giving and showing support and making comments on blogs.
It’s very easy to click a Like and walk away without even having to put it into words in your own head, for example: what you actually liked about it.
Please…take the time to really comment here or on YouTube, or even better both, if our movie made you feel something. Making a comment (because it does take time) is a really tangible gesture of generosity. I promise you, Nat and I will cherish what you have to say, even if you are critical, we want to know how our movie affected you. We read your comments, even years later. They stay and serve to inspire and re-inspire. A Like doesn’t last past the click:)
9000 kilometers apart… but this is our 15th video Collaboration.
We proudly take you behind the scenes of that connection Enjoy!

For those who would like to translate the narrative into another language ,
here it is below:

we make it look easy…
but its not…
and it’s not about us…
it transcends us…
where we meet…
there are no egos and no borders…
there are no limits

We send thousands of typed words flying back and forth in fiber -optic English
We send gigabytes of footage,
megabytes of sound
back and forth across the Atlantic Sea

This connection is outside of voice, outside our mother tongue
Really.. I never heard her say
(German for “That’s super!”)
 (German for “That will never work” )

Tell me, what fence line, what border, what sky-high wall can stop imagination in flight?

What walls still exist, when we can break through age, religion, culture, location?

We trust each other and one idea sparks another

Not lovers in the conventional sense..we are creators
In a world with no bodies, only minds, souls, hearts and imagination

There is a visualizer and a vocalizer
without one or the other…we lose the magic
In the virtual age where synergy reigns
every creation is greater than the sum of its parts

Ours is just one story……

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Coming Soon……. Very Soon

Poster by Natascha Randt

Poster by Natascha Randt

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The Hudson Line on Kitely – Virtual Worlds on Demand- Come Visit Soon!!

Welcome to The Hudson Line by Karima Hoisan and Dale Innis!
Even though there is still some tweaking and nip ‘n tucking going on, I think this new world is now presentable for the public’s (hopefully) appreciation. This project, was born from several conversations about commuting and loosely ties in with this poem I wrote last year entitled: Rivers From The Window.
I find the subject interesting; day after day, going into the city, a routine that living here, in a small train-less town in Costa Rica, will never be revealed to me. Dale has more experience, and so he shared it with me, and I felt I came to know a little more about the route that led to the fantasy you can now enter there in 3D style. If anyone really knows this line, you will probably see very few things you actually recognize, and a giant monopoly board between Tarrytown and Riverdale, I am pretty sure does not exist;) but the main thing after all is said and done, is to make Art out of Life, and this installation tries to live up to this objective at least:)

Bird's eye view from the fire-tower

Bird’s eye view from the fire-tower


Monopoly along The Hudson

Also, there is not really a fire-tower, which we brought in from Portland Oregon, but it is a great way to view the line, and pretty comfortably too. Lots of fun to climb up, and a little dangerous, as it is in the middle of a thunderstorm. I encourage all intrepid visitors to try.


Climb the tower for some great views

The main attraction is The Train..which actually runs, stops at different stations, and has an electrifying finale at the end-of the-line, so don’t stand up until you get there. It runs from Tarrytown into Harlem, and then descends into the tunnel at 125th Street.


Crossing the Harlem River

Once you have taken the 5-minute train ride, I invite you to walk around, and get a feel of the environment we created for that purpose. You can fish along the docks, read a few of my poems, have a picnic under the pines, or explore the little out of time and space cabin, that is diagonal from Yankee Stadium.

Gone Fishin...

Gone Fishin…

I think I will say no more. Please come and visit it for yourself. This is a collaboration made for the sole purpose of sharing it with others. Dale and I both worked hard in our respected areas..Dale made EVERYTHING move including the train, (which was converted from an Arcadia Asylum passenger bus) and was the great bridge builder,(made an ethereal Tappan Zee Bridge) track “layerer”, and sculpt and texturer… I just added my part, and there are lots of sounds, and little movie clips and decor and odd ideas to embellish the feeling of it all.

The Welcome Sign! Please take a notecard

The Welcome Sign! Please click for a notecard

As I say on the card:
Please turn on media to play automatically and sounds.
Each station platform plays a short video on the billboard there
Set draw distance to 350 +
Region default is early morning sunrise.
Use the teleport in front of the sign to go to the train.
Don’t forget to stand when you get to the end of the line

*A very special thanks to Arcadia Asylum and Linda Kellie for all their marvelous and free builds they share with everyone.
Here is the address to take you there:
The Hudson Line Kitely – Virtual Worlds on Demand

HG @ grid.kitely.com:8002:The Hudson Line    (for all you pioneering Hyper-gridders)
Come Visit Soon!!

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Lucid Dreaming…Awake


“the milled stones turn to pines…”

Lucid Dreaming…Awake

The gravel jumps up off the road in my personal polar shift.
It hops and cavorts while springing higher and higher.
I can only watch from the audience, as I am not the writer.

 The gravel leaps into the air, a chorus line of fine-ground stone;
 the rhythm beats in crisp perfection,  stretching to the sky.
I sit in the first row of my eyelids, focused and mesmerized.

Sleep deprived, I create the scenery for some late- night show,
that will play out in unconsciousness, when wondering why I dream.
I ponder who writes them after-all, to cause this endless stream.

Then like a vision in hallucination, the milled stones turn to pines.
Trees begin to morph from brown to green forming tall and rising,
higher than rocks could ever yearn, they stand materializing.

I hold my breath, sweet vision? or bad symptom of my health rundown;
I do not care. All is a gift as the trees cavort and jump to the gravel’s surge.
Standing majestic in throbbing color, they exist, while the gravel’s being purged.

Should I worry as this continues on with trees becoming soldiers?
Should I promise to sleep 8 hours nightly, in hopes I’ll never see another pine?
Perhaps the soldiers darting through the trees and all in flux, could be that sign.

Maybe I will find the time to write dream-plots for every shifting scrim.
 Like a V.I.P in the balcony, I pull myself away,  as sleep now comes a- crawling,
 with visions speeding on and up, I  start to slip into a deeper dream that’s calling.

Karima Hoisan
October 4, 2014
Costa Rica

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Red Germaine


Enjoy the Brazilian beat that inspired this poem  (just click this link)


…where everyone is beautiful…


Across the street from Red Germaine
there is a place I long to know… to go,
where everyone is beautiful, even their souls,
and their eyes dance in the candle – light.

There is a syncopation in the air… a Brazilian beat;
People cha cha between the tables,
and everyone says hello.
I don’t even know which one to choose
so I let fate decide who joins me.

And here he comes…a handsome figure who mambos in
We smile, and the music moves us forward.
Of course I love to dance, and we do, we do it well,
while low laughter, loud whispers and smiles surround us.

And there is a dark-haired mystery who sambas in.
We smile and the music moves us to giggles.
Of course I love to zouk, and we lose all sense of time
holding hands under the table, I slip her my number.

There is a syncopation in the air…a Brazilian beat;
People cha cha between the tables..
and everyone says hello.
I don’t even know which one to choose
so I let fate decide who joins me.

This enigmatic place of one-line dreams
across the street from Red Germaine

Karima Hoisan
September 15, 2014
Costa Rica

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New Worlds…New/Old Friends…New Build

Thank you Alien Natascha for this photo

Thank you Alien Natascha for this photo “Three Strangers Waiting For a Train”

Just a teaser!
Working on a new build with Dale Innis on Kitely called The Hudson Line.
Still far from being finished, but I hope it will be a new enjoyable world to explore on Kitely – Virtual Worlds on Demand. I keep running into new/old friends from Second Life there more and more it seems. If you haven’t tried Kitely, and you love to create or explore other people’s creations, it is a wonderful grid to do that on.

When it’s ready for the public I will paste in a URL and a formal invitation..so that is why I have not been blogging as of late..soon..soon. Also Nat and I are putting our entry together for this year’s UWA Machinima Challenge..more on that soon too:)

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Taking The Plunge Into The Hypergrid

So where I am?

So where I am? Shhh it’s a secret!

But where I was, and why I have this attractive pale blue skin, cyborg jump-suit,new cap, and am actually dancing a cool dance was The NGrid. I am a late adopter usually, and I don’t know why I waited so long, but today I put an address in my map while I was standing on Vector’s Vortex in Kitely, and teleported to another grid, a standalone grid called NGrid. My friend Spiral who is now on Kitely too, told me about it and I took the plunge finally and held my breath as I headed for a new world for the first time. My avatar, my clothes, my inventory all riding along with me, and it felt safe and yet like a great virtual adventure!


Into the flow….

From the notecard I was handed when I arrived, I can tell you a tiny bit of what it is about, but I will point you to their webpage, for more details. I quote from the notecard:

“The New Genres Grid is a standalone virtual world which was created in early 2011 by artist Max Moswitzer/Mosmax Hax, and is solely dedicated to artistic and learning activity.

Liquid, flummoxed and experimental, NGrid is a sophisticated metaverse which was founded in search of a free building environment, akin to a real life studio in which creative activity can realize it’s uninterrupted potential, albeit in the friendly proximity of like-minded individuals. ” More information click here: NGrid website

What I want to share is when you land, you face box after box stuffed with free items.. wonderful items, skins, hair, complete avatars, scripts, animations, DANCES, ..oh hard not to feel a bit euphoric with so many free and really nice things offered. In the name of sharing, NGRid has shown a generous spirit indeed, and I always love to see that in the virtual community. Thank you Max Moswitzer!! I think everything made by me on all my Kitely worlds, you can copy and take home with you if you like. If not, just let me know, but my stuff is not half as useful as what is given away here at the landing point.

So Where am I? Shhh just a little tease for now

So Where am I? Shhh just a little tease for now

Oh and by the way..if anyone was wondering if Nat and I were working on this year’s entry for the UWA Machinima  Challenge….well we are:) *winks

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