Red Germaine


Enjoy the Brazilian beat that inspired this poem  (just click this link)


…where everyone is beautiful…


Across the street from Red Germaine
there is a place I long to know… to go,
where everyone is beautiful, even their souls,
and their eyes dance in the candle – light.

There is a syncopation in the air… a Brazilian beat;
People cha cha between the tables,
and everyone says hello.
I don’t even know which one to choose
so I let fate decide who joins me.

And here he comes…a handsome figure who mambos in
We smile, and the music moves us forward.
Of course I love to dance, and we do, we do it well,
while low laughter, loud whispers and smiles  surround us.

And there is a dark-haired mystery who sambas in.
We smile and the music moves us to giggles.
Of course I love to zouk, and we lose all sense of time
holding hands under the table, I slip her my number.

There is a syncopation in the air…a Brazilian beat;
People cha cha between the tables..
and everyone says hello.
I don’t even know which one to choose
so I let fate decide who joins me.

This enigmatic place of one-line dreams
across the street from Red Germaine

Karima Hoisan
September 15, 2014
Costa Rica

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New Worlds…New/Old Friends…New Build

Thank you Alien Natascha for this photo

Thank you Alien Natascha for this photo “Three Strangers Waiting For a Train”

Just a teaser!
Working on a new build with Dale Innis on Kitely called The Hudson Line.
Still far from being finished, but I hope it will be a new enjoyable world to explore on Kitely – Virtual Worlds on Demand. I keep running into new/old friends from Second Life there more and more it seems. If you haven’t tried Kitely, and you love to create or explore other people’s creations, it is a wonderful grid to do that on.

When it’s ready for the public I will paste in a URL and a formal that is why I have not been blogging as of late..soon..soon. Also Nat and I are putting our entry together for this year’s UWA Machinima Challenge..more on that soon too:)

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Taking The Plunge Into The Hypergrid

So where I am?

So where I am? Shhh it’s a secret!

But where I was, and why I have this attractive pale blue skin, cyborg jump-suit,new cap, and am actually dancing a cool dance was The NGrid. I am a late adopter usually, and I don’t know why I waited so long, but today I put an address in my map while I was standing on Vector’s Vortex in Kitely, and teleported to another grid, a standalone grid called NGrid. My friend Spiral who is now on Kitely too, told me about it and I took the plunge finally and held my breath as I headed for a new world for the first time. My avatar, my clothes, my inventory all riding along with me, and it felt safe and yet like a great virtual adventure!


Into the flow….

From the notecard I was handed when I arrived, I can tell you a tiny bit of what it is about, but I will point you to their webpage, for more details. I quote from the notecard:

“The New Genres Grid is a standalone virtual world which was created in early 2011 by artist Max Moswitzer/Mosmax Hax, and is solely dedicated to artistic and learning activity.

Liquid, flummoxed and experimental, NGrid is a sophisticated metaverse which was founded in search of a free building environment, akin to a real life studio in which creative activity can realize it’s uninterrupted potential, albeit in the friendly proximity of like-minded individuals. ” More information click here: NGrid website

What I want to share is when you land, you face box after box stuffed with free items.. wonderful items, skins, hair, complete avatars, scripts, animations, DANCES, ..oh hard not to feel a bit euphoric with so many free and really nice things offered. In the name of sharing, NGRid has shown a generous spirit indeed, and I always love to see that in the virtual community. Thank you Max Moswitzer!! I think everything made by me on all my Kitely worlds, you can copy and take home with you if you like. If not, just let me know, but my stuff is not half as useful as what is given away here at the landing point.

So Where am I? Shhh just a little tease for now

So Where am I? Shhh just a little tease for now

Oh and by the way..if anyone was wondering if Nat and I were working on this year’s entry for the UWA Machinima  Challenge….well we are:) *winks

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Boleros in Arabic


so close to perfection

Boleros in Arabic
inspired by this piece by Souad Massi-“Ghir Enta” (Click to play .mp3)

I sing like you, but the chamber music of my heart
plays violins, cellos and strokes sopranos, that most will never hear.
In my dreams I dance the tango in dark clubs in small suburbs
close to the railroad tracks.
Tango bars that fade in and out of the afternoon
hiding under rain clouds and smoke rings.
On wide-wedge heels I execute each step,
so close to perfection
and so is the music
and so is the dance.

Who will prime the old player, put needle to vinyl?
Over and over a request and then another,
Oh that song makes me stay here too long
and I dance.
I dance like you, but the strings that pull me, most will never see.
Boleros in Arabic, Persian perfume, another dancer across the room.
How we always know!
Destiny feels like liquor gone to our heads
but shame on me.
Fear makes us miss the beat and we pass the doorway by.
My thoughts exactly as I keep going;
the dance bar that opens at five in the afternoon,
in the rear -view- mirror
always behind me.

Karima Hoisan
July 10th 2014
Costa Rica

*footnote: Thank you Scottius for showing me this song

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One Last Word About My Beloved Costa Rican Team in the World Cup…

I want to share this great little video made with a lot of love and soul, last Sunday when our small team, who kept dreaming big, beat Greece in the World Cup, and entered the Quarter Finals, something even the USA today was denied. This was the most historic day of our football history. Costa Rica is a humble country , but every man, woman, and child stopped whatever they were doing, and congregated wherever there was a TV to support our team in this game. I found this video on Youtube and I invite you to suffer and rejoice along with us that day “a lo Tico” It’s just like being there:) It gives me tears of pride and joy.  Enjoy!

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The Winter of Some Years


“The winter of some years sails on ice…”   photo and project -Rhea Thierstein

The Winter of Some Years

The winter of some years sails on ice
hope freezes over, as the days pile in drifts
grey and silver, white and cold, lean and starving.

Gone, the plump, the rich, the wildly creative
still as frost on glass panes and closed books.
I never did learn to find my you in dreams.

The winter of some years is a bite, a gnawing
painful lethargy in over-stuffed chairs,
the fire cold, the room filling with icicles and snow.

When Springs wets the window, it’s late
All that turned to ice, now turns to slush.
Some years are just forgotten… forever.

Karima Hoisan
June 23, 2014
Costa Rica

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World Cup Miracles!! Costa Rica 1-Italy 0!! A Country in Celebration!

We Won! Come What May! Thank you boys!

We Won! Come What May!
Thank you boys!

I don’t usually write many RL things in my blog, because it is more about SL experiences, but our win (Yes, I am Costa Rican) over Italy just an  hour ago, brought an entire country to its’ feet cheering. Costa Rica, a tiny country that the bookmakers were giving 1500 to 1 odds, showed that even a little country can play big if it believes in itself. Good futbol, good attitude and a great lesson for us all.


Our President Luis Guillermo Solis, celebrating in the streets with the rest of the country...

Our President Luis Guillermo Solis, celebrating in the streets with the rest of the country…

By drawing the group with Uruguay, Italy, and
England,( Three past Cup Champions) we were said to be playing in,”The Group of Death”. Today we are #1 in our Group with this victory that is historic for our country. Today we proved we are “ Death’s Reaper” in our group:) Not “The Dead.”

All The Emotion.....

All The Emotion…..

Gracias Muchachos for this great victory!!
And thanks to Dale here is our own SL celebration dance too:)

Costa Rica! Costa Rica!

Costa Rica! Costa Rica!


"Costa Rica Grande!!"

“Costa Rica Grande!!”


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