Boleros in Arabic


so close to perfection

Boleros in Arabic
inspired by this piece by Souad Massi-”Ghir Enta” (Click to play .mp3)

I sing like you, but the chamber music of my heart
plays violins, cellos and strokes sopranos, that most will never hear.
In my dreams I dance the tango in dark clubs in small suburbs
close to the railroad tracks.
Tango bars that fade in and out of the afternoon
hiding under rain clouds and smoke rings.
On wide-wedge heels I execute each step,
so close to perfection
and so is the music
and so is the dance.

Who will prime the old player, put needle to vinyl?
Over and over a request and then another,
Oh that song makes me stay here too long
and I dance.
I dance like you, but the strings that pull me, most will never see.
Boleros in Arabic, Persian perfume, another dancer across the room.
How we always know!
Destiny feels like liquor gone to our heads
but shame on me.
Fear makes us miss the beat and we pass the doorway by.
My thoughts exactly as I keep going;
the dance bar that opens at five in the afternoon,
in the rear -view- mirror
always behind me.

Karima Hoisan
July 10th 2014
Costa Rica

*footnote: Thank you Scottius for showing me this song

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One Last Word About My Beloved Costa Rican Team in the World Cup…

I want to share this great little video made with a lot of love and soul, last Sunday when our small team, who kept dreaming big, beat Greece in the World Cup, and entered the Quarter Finals, something even the USA today was denied. This was the most historic day of our football history. Costa Rica is a humble country , but every man, woman, and child stopped whatever they were doing, and congregated wherever there was a TV to support our team in this game. I found this video on Youtube and I invite you to suffer and rejoice along with us that day “a lo Tico” It’s just like being there:) It gives me tears of pride and joy.  Enjoy!

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The Winter of Some Years


“The winter of some years sails on ice…”   photo and project -Rhea Thierstein

The Winter of Some Years

The winter of some years sails on ice
hope freezes over, as the days pile in drifts
grey and silver, white and cold, lean and starving.

Gone, the plump, the rich, the wildly creative
still as frost on glass panes and closed books.
I never did learn to find my you in dreams.

The winter of some years is a bite, a gnawing
painful lethargy in over-stuffed chairs,
the fire cold, the room filling with icicles and snow.

When Springs wets the window, it’s late
All that turned to ice, now turns to slush.
Some years are just forgotten… forever.

Karima Hoisan
June 23, 2014
Costa Rica

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World Cup Miracles!! Costa Rica 1-Italy 0!! A Country in Celebration!

We Won! Come What May! Thank you boys!

We Won! Come What May!
Thank you boys!

I don’t usually write many RL things in my blog, because it is more about SL experiences, but our win (Yes, I am Costa Rican) over Italy just an  hour ago, brought an entire country to its’ feet cheering. Costa Rica, a tiny country that the bookmakers were giving 1500 to 1 odds, showed that even a little country can play big if it believes in itself. Good futbol, good attitude and a great lesson for us all.


Our President Luis Guillermo Solis, celebrating in the streets with the rest of the country...

Our President Luis Guillermo Solis, celebrating in the streets with the rest of the country…

By drawing the group with Uruguay, Italy, and
England,( Three past Cup Champions) we were said to be playing in,”The Group of Death”. Today we are #1 in our Group with this victory that is historic for our country. Today we proved we are “ Death’s Reaper” in our group:) Not “The Dead.”

All The Emotion.....

All The Emotion…..

Gracias Muchachos for this great victory!!
And thanks to Dale here is our own SL celebration dance too:)

Costa Rica! Costa Rica!

Costa Rica! Costa Rica!


"Costa Rica Grande!!"

“Costa Rica Grande!!”


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Borrowed Time

Time Askew by Barb Pearson

Time Askew by Barb Pearson

When you live on the edge of borrowed time
you have to pay it back sometime
that’s how it seems to be
and before you know it
life moves on without you
and it all gets recycled into mulch and memories.

I hope you notice a flower years later
that carries a scent you used to know
and a song or a turn of phrase you heard me say
makes you want to pick it and hold it in your hand
like you held me when we were young and new.

Interest is what some pay and what some lose
the paint fades, and newer models catch their eye
who can stop the process anyway?
Best to just accept and not look back nor look ahead
smile until you one day and everything all fade away.

No good earnings come from borrowed time
all you gained rolls away like quarters down a hill
and then there is that due date…
when what you owe is more than what was loaned
Some say it’s all worth it… but I don’t really know.

Karima Hoisan
June 16th 2014
Costa Rica

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Blue Rotation

Karima Hoisan:

Here is a not so perfect Google Translation of what Nat said:) I think she looks perfect for my new room on Vector’s Vortex. Her keen eye and experienced filming sense and technique make this a soothing and enjoyable video to watch. Great choice of music Nat! and Thank you!

Originally posted on aetherisavidi:

Blau ist eine Farbe und Rotation bedeutet Drehung. In der Mathematik ist die Rotation eine Ableitung eines Vektorfeldes.
Und damit sind wir auch schon beim Thema.
Vector’s Vortex: Blue Rotation.

Karima hat in einer Art Kreativitätsfieber Vector’s Vortex erweitert und zwar um eine, Skybox kann ich das gar nicht nennen, eher vielleicht Etage. Mittlerweile wird Vector’s Vortex zu einem riesigen Gesamtkunstwerk. Einen kleinen Ausschnitt daraus zeigt das Video. Ich habe die Gunst der Stunde genutzt und meinen Avatar aus diesem Post: Implantate mitgefilmt. Zusätzlich hineingebracht. Zum einen finde ich, passt der ganz gut und zum anderen ist das: “…well this is my Sci Fi entry hehe…just on Kitely” (um Mal Karima zu zitieren). Poetic Sci Fi.

Am besten in Full HD anschauen:

Vector’s Vortex in Kitely, hier entlang

Die Viewer Konfiguration für den Firestorm ist recht einfach, guckst du hier

View original

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just let it go

just let it go

for B.

Oh well…just let it go
it might be a poem
it might be a song
it might be a lesson
we just never know

When the bad things rock our world
When love is lost
When what meant so much
can no longer be touched
and we don’t care enough

Oh well…just let it go
it might be a poem
it might be a song
it might be a lesson
we might never know

When we knew a language
just for us
Then forgot how to speak it
when times got rough
and no translator was enough
so we never tried to call our bluff

Oh well…just let it go
it might be a poem
it might be a song
it might be a lesson
we may never know

When time invested never paid out
in memories
When so much future turned into past
so surprising ‘n quickly
When I don’t think of you
and you don’t think of me

Oh well…just let it go.
it might be a poem
it might be a song
it might be a lesson
we can hope to know

Karima Hoisan
May 5, 2014
Costa Rica

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