“Hansel and Gretel Are Lost” by the Artist – Rob Barber (Rob Steenhorst)

“Hansel and Gretel Are Lost” – by Rob Barber (Rob Steenhorst)

Hansel and Gretel are Lost
for the artist – Rob Barber (Rob Steenhorst)

Your pressed velour, socks tight and bright, hair combed and neat
Crisp innocence stopped upon a path with pink-flushed cheeks,
Are you not afraid? There’s a big bare ogre posed behind,
Spoon in hand, without a bowl and no main course on which to dine.
But no, you’re not perturbed, perplexed nor anxious as you slowly go
lost and yet serene, step by step, protected now from ancient childhood foes.

With lanterns in your hands clutched tight, walking while the light grows dim,
No fear pervades your small parade; you’re simply not afraid of him.
Both from a home that feeds and clothes you, with kind parents always hovering
Security has been their motto, under watchful eyes, and tucked -in coverings.
He melts into irrelevance, now flushed afar from nighttime stories,
No more chasing little children just like you, through poppy fields of morning glories.

The wolves who blow down huts of straw, or inside cabins wait and hide
pursuing you through penciled trees, teeth gnashing hard, mouths open wide.
They too are being condemned and sent away, for bad press they’ve received
And are vanishing from the storybooks, as no longer safe to hear or read.
And witches with their boiling pots, fattening children up to sup and dine
Are questioned for their inner meanings, then purged from bedtime’s story-lines.

It’s pretty ponies and talking cars and moppets with a social stance;
It’s dragons and wizards who can be tamed and used for a less scary dance.
And if your grandma frightens you with an ancient tale from a Brother’s Grimm
You could call the social services, have her hauled away on a moral whim.
Now you’ll no longer know about the Trolls, except those who haunt your parent’s blogs
And Giants, grinding bones to make their bread, are thrown into a trough for hogs.

This ogre plonked in place behind – hungry, shocking, seeming almost kind,
Is fading away into the backdrop without you paying him any mind.
Just maybe he’s pointing the way back home or maybe he’s sadly saying goodbye,
For soon no doubt, you’ll find your way, while he dissolves – a blind spot in your eye.
Invisible forever – No, he’ll never be a part of future nursery tales or rhymes,
His moment’s over, he has no place, in our suspicious and protective modern times.

Karima Hoisan
Nov. 26, 2015
LINC Island SL

* Footnote: Rob Barber has been inspiring my poetry since 2011. I met him in Second Life, and found his art to be always, thought provoking, beautifully painted, and hypnotic. He has been a visual muse since that first moment, and this poem is the 5th I have written for his works. You can see the others here on my blog, and I include his online gallery and his facebook page too. He has not seen my poem yet as of this posting, but has given me, once again, permission to “riff off” his art. My interpretation is just that, mine, and I found it a challenging but compelling piece to find the right words for. I encourage all to wander through his vast collection of a lifetime of art.
My Beloved Moth’s Burning Flame
Sea Swell
Sand Pit
Love Tease

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The Drax Files: World Makers [Episode 32: Jayjay Zifanwe]

I want to invite my readers to the latest Drax Files, that focuses on Jay Jay Zifanwe, head of the UWA (University of Western Australia) here in Second Life, and some of the artists and machinima makers who are busy creating projects, collaborations, and innovative  art and video in our world.
Nat and I feel very honored to have been chosen among our very esteemed colleagues in this field,  and to be a part of the whole, of this really great episode. Once again Drax gets it right, and I really loved what Jay Jay says about the importance of Virtual Art and Machinima for us all.

Sit back and enjoy it in HD and full screen.
Thank you Drax for your wise eye into our virtual world, and Jay Jay.. we are working feverishly on our entry for this years UWA competition: Pursue Impossible :)

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Fog Rolls In….

...but my head is clear

…but my head is clear

Fog rolls in but my head is clear
wrapped around you in a folding chair
I know how to make the best things true
Oh it’s lucid dreaming time with you.

All that vitamin B taken faithfully
rituals and sleeping through reality
I’m still alone on that magic shore
waiting for your aura in the open door.

Don’t tell me two in a dream space is a lie
because impossible for me is just a lullaby
I will and you will and we will finally see
we wrested a moment from night’s eternity.

Dreaming about you is not enough
So I’m about to call sleep’s stubborn bluff.
Time’s running away but I won’t give in
Until we make that lucid dream begin.

Fog rolls in but my head is clear
wrapped around you in a folding chair
I know how to make the best things true
Oh it’s lucid dreaming time with you.

Karima Hoisan
Aug. 25th 2015
LINC Island SL

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In My Defense


“Really, I am not a david…” (“Calling The Giants” by Lizzy-John Deviant Art)

In My Defense

Let me go!…for awhile.
I always thought infinity belonged to us, ‘the tragic homo sapiens”;
it was our reward for knowing more than was good for us.
So, I did learn to dance, which I think was needed,
and honed my sense of humor instead of crying
and learned to laugh and cry at the same time, while paying attention,
finding pleasure in the dichotomy.
Laughing until tears filled my sight… crying for the beauty of it all.
Ohh, the intensity was more than anyone ever let on-
and no one told me, the longer we ride, the faster away everything behind us disappears.
I probably should have guessed,
still I was surprised, when I could not remember anyone’s names.

Really, I am not a david and all that seems to come
now is, one Goliath after another…
an assembly line of things I stamp “Too- much -for -me”
Giants have entered the work place, and all I can
think of is to run away…run run run,
falling down chutes in tunnels
buried from sight, from anyone’s good intentions or advice.
Just let me surrender; there is such power in giving up.
In stealth mode, no one even notices, and as I said,
I have learned to laugh and pay attention,  which might be
the last of my defenses to go.

Karima Hoisan
August 10th 2015
Pérez Zeledón, CR

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A Blink & A Nod


…but you sang harmony with me…

A Blink & A Nod

for Kravs

I knew I still knew you..
30 40 50 years…
would be just a blink and a nod.
I might have forgotten so much else,
but you sang harmony with me
and we who vibrate to the cello of life
a duet like ours, against the tile walls,
could never be forgotten.

You know when you think you know
and then everything turns against you
and you find you might have been wrong?
For a terrible day or two,
I thought you were so much more for me
than I ever could be for you…
but then your words found me.
I embraced humanity from Adam to Omega
with a smile on all day that hurt my face
because, it was true…
I knew I still knew you.

Who cares if dust swept away
what once we could see.
This heart, even more than resilient,
is an elephant that never forgets.
It can tromp and stomp,
and when it cracks, it mends.
It always had a special room,
waiting for you to grab the key.
And there I was on the other side,
knowing that you would find me.

Karima Hoisan
July 26th 2015
Costa Rica

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Eid Mubarak!! Happy Eid!

Karima Hoisan:

This was my invitation in 2011, my 4th Eid in SL. I invite all of my friends to my 8th Eid beginning July 17th-19th. Come say hello, have some coffee and chocolates and celebrate this Joyous holiday with me. Ahlan wa Sahlan!

Originally posted on Digital Rabbit Hole:

I decided to post a small invitation here to my readers who are in Second Life to come and visit me on my home sim and celebrate Eid which is a three-day holiday we observe and look forward to after a month of fasting in Ramadan.
In the spirit of sharing traditions I have done this here in SL for four Eids and give out this small explanation of what we are celebrating
After 30 days of fasting in the month of Ramadan,
we celebrate three days of Eid, which is a festive time, of food, family,  friends and joy.
In Jordan the tradition is to visit neighbors and relatives starting early on the first morning. The guests are welcomed with the small cup of traditional black  coffee with cardamom and a selection of chocolates.
This offering of coffee and chocolates is more symbolic than a full meal. Guests…

View original 57 more words

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What Second Life Means to Nat…(and I agree 100%!)

My only excuse for not getting this posted earlier is…well there is no excuse. I have been sharing this video of Nat’s  on a one -to -one basis, until I realized , “Hey, I have a blog!:) I can share it with EVERYONE!”
In honor of Second Life’s 12th birthday (Second Life 12B) this challenge was offered to all who wanted to tell their story, about what Second Life meant for them personally in a few short minutes. I am so happy that Nat included me in hers, and it was definitely enough for me to not have to make my own, because I agree with her 100%. So, sit back and enjoy what Nat loves about our virtual world…and me too..me too:)
HD and full screen always encouraged for your viewing pleasure.

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