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Paris 11-13-2015

Paris 11 – 13 – 2015

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De-Rendered World

I see what I want to see...

I see the miraculous… “City of Whales” by Hotamr-Deviantart

I de-render the world..when I go out without you.

The sky can stay and the clouds and trees,
I see the miraculous and what I want to see,
but I have no use for people’s stares or bad moods.
I push past them and I shy from curious looks or judgement,
over-focused interest
and envy.
The tugboats can float downstream, while I see whales like kites
and I let the bird
wings continue to color the leaves,
but I walk inside my bubble and I steam the glass
with thoughts of what I hope will last.

Because I don’t know who’s just being nice and who’s flirting with me.
Beautifully oblivious, wrapped and pinned in silk of colored shapes,
I am deaf to their whispers
and bad ideas.
All those who stop like roadblocks and try to catch me, I wipe them away

like leaves on a path. I sweep them up and toss them with just my lack of interest… de-rendered, “be gone.” I whisper.

I hear everything… augmented,  but only the music and the pleasing voices, and children laughing, and a whale song, otherwise I have my finger on mute and I mute it if it plays dissonance, drama themes or just streams in bad taste..
Over and over wiping away eyes who watch me from behind, the police cars, purse snatchers and hustlers; I’m blind to fights that break out on street corners,
whistles and vulgar gestures, the coveting of my spending power from shop owners, and the handsome or the desperate looking to addict me,

to a product or sell me their smartphones.

Goodbye drunks, who fall towards me; I erase them before they reach me,
and billboard lights go out, as do hands reaching for my legs unless they speak honestly to some compassion for humanity.

Stress, I turn to finger paint by mixing it with tears and then I paint parking meters and also flick the excess over the dirty asphalt coloring it in rainbows.
The clouds obey the breeze and I could watch them all day, becoming what I can never guess, and whales or birds are free to fly and swoop in front of me while the trees stand straight and tall waiting to catch their feathers when they fall.. ahh, but all the rest.. the rest that clamors, roars, annoys, entices, demands, or insistently waits for me to give the command..poof!

I de-render it all…and I think of you.

Karima Hoisan
November 9, 2015
Costa Rica

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Zwei Reden

Karima Hoisan:

Some fun little outtakes and some great takes we couldn’t fit in + Nat’s and my speech (on voice) at our premier for “Chasing a Butterfly. Hope you enjoy! Big thanks to Nat for doing this!! Here are her words translated in English and some more photos taken by Luna and Dale. Thanks again!

Welcome to the premier of our latest movie.

Karima told you something about the queen of donkeys, and so I will tell you something about ?
the movie.
Actually it was the same as always. Karima came with that carrot, here we call it Moehre, ?
Moeeehre. Then there was our favourite game: brainstorming! Thats always a cool thing, so ?
much Ideas and stuff.

And, without reveal somthing about our movie, we created a new style. And As always it is Our ?
But so different to all what we have done before.

Being honest, I want to shoot a completely different theme for that challenge, but I am really ?
happy with what we’ve done.
And I love our movie

And so the biggest THANK YOU! goes to Karima, my partner in crime, for that carrot.

and now enjoy chasing a butterfly

thank you
Maria & Scottius (Beeflin, Amira) _ LINC Sculpture Gardens
Kari, Nat, Henri, Joey_ LINC Sculpture Gardens
Odracir, Luna, Amira, Beeflin_ LINC Sculpture Gardens
The TEAM! _ LINC Sculpture Gardens and Art Gallery, LINC

Originally posted on aetherisavidi:

oder: Die Zwei reden:)

Ein kurzer Nachtrag zur Premiere von Chasing A Butterfly. Mit vielen Szenen und Bildern, die wir im Film, aus dem einen oder anderen Grund, nicht verwendet haben.

Zuerst Karima, dann was von mir:)

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“Chasing a Butterfly” by Natascha Randt & Karima Hoisan- for MachinimUWA Vlll: Pursue Impossible

Poster by Natascha Randt

Poster by Natascha Randt

Never say “Never!”
I told Nat before the contest was even officially opened, that I thought I could not collaborate on a movie this year, for several reasons. I encouraged her to do her own, one she had been thinking about focusing on women in aviation (I hope to see her idea about this theme realized at some time in the future:) but as fate would have it..Here we are again.
I told a little “fairy-tale” to a small group of friends who gathered earlier to see a sneak preview of our entry, “Chasing a Butterfly” for this year’s UWA  Art and Machinima challenge: Pursue Impossible. I will retell it again here too:)
Once upon a time there was a little talented donkey. She roamed the hills and rivers free, doing whatever she wanted to do.. but one day about 4 years ago..a “Donkey Whisperer” entered her life..and found that if she held up the very perfect carrot in front of that little donkey’s nose..the donkey would walk.. in the same direction the whisperer was walking..and they could exchange ideas.. and brainstorm while thunder and lightning filled the sky from all that brainstorming..and it was like magic how they worked together and made movie after movie together. Even when the donkey changed into the Queen of England, and bossed, directed and gave everyone orders..there was always a harmony in the air and an understanding that made it possible for them to surmount any real problems or misunderstandings and so….they finished their 17th film together…something very different that they hope you will all enjoy.
We proudly present “Chasing a Butterfly,” enjoy it and let us know if you did please, both here and on YouTube. Comments are like sincere hugs for us..
P.S. The Donkey-Queen says : “Must be viewed in HD 1080 and full screen for the best viewing experience:)

“Fog Rolls In”
(movie version)

Fog rolls in but my head is clear
like being wrapped around you in a folding chair.
I’ll to try to make the best things come true
Because it’s too hard … saying goodbye to you.

With a will there’s a way… so I want to believe
in possibilities that we can’t perceive.
I won’t stop trying ’til I see you once more
because the power of love we should never ignore.

But all that vitamin B taken so faithfully
rituals and sleeping through reality,
I’m still alone on that magic shore
waiting for your aura in the open door.

Don’t tell me two in a dream space is a lie
because… impossible for me is just a lullaby.

Don’t tell me two in a dream… it’s just a lie
because impossible for me is a butterfly.

I will and you will and we will finally see
we wrested a moment from night’s eternity.

Dreaming about you is not enough
So I’m about to call sleep’s stubborn bluff.
Time’s running away but I won’t give in
until we make that lucid dream begin.

Fog rolls in but my head is clear
wrapped around you in a folding chair
Oh I know how to make the best things come true
it’s lucid dreaming time with you.

We can do it too…close your eyes
and come to me…while I’m coming to you
Because…..impossible for just a butterfly.

Karima Hoisan
August 25, 2015
LINC Island SL

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Karima Reads @ Circe’s Saturday October 17th at 6pmslt

multi-media Poetry on stream...

multi-media Poetry on stream… (photo Kage Stratten)

I would like to warmly invite you to one of my rare readings as of late,  tomorrow at Circe’s.
As always it will be a multi-media occasion on stream with music and imagery.
I really look forward to entertaining you again:)
Jump on this frog’s back and hop to a toadstool:) Frog LM
I hope to see you there!!

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“Hansel and Gretel Are Lost” by the Artist – Rob Barber (Rob Steenhorst)

“Hansel and Gretel Are Lost” – by Rob Barber (Rob Steenhorst)

Hansel and Gretel are Lost
for the artist – Rob Barber (Rob Steenhorst)

Your pressed velour, socks tight and bright, hair combed and neat
Crisp innocence stopped upon a path with pink-flushed cheeks,
Are you not afraid? There’s a big bare ogre posed behind,
Spoon in hand, without a bowl and no main course on which to dine.
But no, you’re not perturbed, perplexed nor anxious as you slowly go
lost and yet serene, step by step, protected now from ancient childhood foes.

With lanterns in your hands clutched tight, walking while the light grows dim,
No fear pervades your small parade; you’re simply not afraid of him.
Both from a home that feeds and clothes you, with kind parents always hovering
Security has been their motto, under watchful eyes, and tucked -in coverings.
He melts into irrelevance, now flushed afar from nighttime stories,
No more chasing little children just like you, through poppy fields of morning glories.

The wolves who blow down huts of straw, or inside cabins wait and hide
pursuing you through penciled trees, teeth gnashing hard, mouths open wide.
They too are being condemned and sent away, for bad press they’ve received
And are vanishing from the storybooks, as no longer safe to hear or read.
And witches with their boiling pots, fattening children up to sup and dine
Are questioned for their inner meanings, then purged from bedtime’s story-lines.

It’s pretty ponies and talking cars and moppets with a social stance;
It’s dragons and wizards who can be tamed and used for a less scary dance.
And if your grandma frightens you with an ancient tale from a Brother’s Grimm
You could call the social services, have her hauled away on a moral whim.
Now you’ll no longer know about the Trolls, except those who haunt your parent’s blogs
And Giants, grinding bones to make their bread, are thrown into a trough for hogs.

This ogre plonked in place behind – hungry, shocking, seeming almost kind,
Is fading away into the backdrop without you paying him any mind.
Just maybe he’s pointing the way back home or maybe he’s sadly saying goodbye,
For soon no doubt, you’ll find your way, while he dissolves – a blind spot in your eye.
Invisible forever – No, he’ll never be a part of future nursery tales or rhymes,
His moment’s over, he has no place, in our suspicious and protective modern times.

Karima Hoisan
Nov. 26, 2015
LINC Island SL

* Footnote: Rob Barber has been inspiring my poetry since 2011. I met him in Second Life, and found his art to be always, thought provoking, beautifully painted, and hypnotic. He has been a visual muse since that first moment, and this poem is the 5th I have written for his works. You can see the others here on my blog, and I include his online gallery and his facebook page too. He has not seen my poem yet as of this posting, but has given me, once again, permission to “riff off” his art. My interpretation is just that, mine, and I found it a challenging but compelling piece to find the right words for. I encourage all to wander through his vast collection of a lifetime of art.
My Beloved Moth’s Burning Flame
Sea Swell
Sand Pit
Love Tease

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The Drax Files: World Makers [Episode 32: Jayjay Zifanwe]

I want to invite my readers to the latest Drax Files, that focuses on Jay Jay Zifanwe, head of the UWA (University of Western Australia) here in Second Life, and some of the artists and machinima makers who are busy creating projects, collaborations, and innovative  art and video in our world.
Nat and I feel very honored to have been chosen among our very esteemed colleagues in this field,  and to be a part of the whole, of this really great episode. Once again Drax gets it right, and I really loved what Jay Jay says about the importance of Virtual Art and Machinima for us all.

Sit back and enjoy it in HD and full screen.
Thank you Drax for your wise eye into our virtual world, and Jay Jay.. we are working feverishly on our entry for this years UWA competition: Pursue Impossible :)

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