Now You See Me

Now You See Me

Now You See Me -Markus Akesson

Now You See Me
inspired by the painting of the same name- artist, Markus Akesson

In every human being that breathes..there lies a mystery,
A coded cocktail, trying to balance disorder and symmetry,
Deeper than we could ever go or ever even know,
Where we’re born with that first brush stroke, the Artist’s vision.

Although it sounds contradictory, it’s not that important to see me,
In order to believe in me, and know and touch and even love me.
If you can read and understand my lines, than you hear who I am ,
When you listen, my words will paint a path, that let’s us dream together.

Am I not more than the hair that frames my face, my eyes, my skin?
Would you even know how to unwrap me or where to begin?
If you do it too quickly, I might start to shred and too easily tatter;
If you allow me to reveal myself, in my way, we’ll live inside my poetry.

Look how I appear and dissolve into the background from where I came,
The benefits of not being inside a body, but just being inside of me.
Beautiful dichotomy; as I said before, it’s not that important to see me,
Just read me, hear my voice repeating lines inside your head, day after day…
What’s that you say? Ah, now you see me!

Karima Hoisan
August 21, 2019
The Mountain, Kitely

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Mas Allá Del Balcón/Beyond The Balcony

Storm at sea3*A Poem written in Spanish & English

Mas Allá Del Balcón

Las olas 20 metros de lejos..
suenan como si estuvieran reventando
allí mismo.. abajo de tus pies.
Los truenos sorprendentes
Los relámpagos electrificando
el aire ya cargado de magia y deseo
Una casa, construida sin pensar en los años
sin pensar en mareas crecidas,
en mares mas altos y profundos..
Sentado en el balcón, tu eres el capitán de
este barco..
Tue eres el Amo del Momento.
controlas hasta el tiempo y ordenas
caos y tormenta, lluvia y desenfreno.

Solo… pero no tan solo,
bién acompañado por una voz conocida
Una voz, resbalosa..que viva en tus adentros.
La noche se torna inesperada, se convierte en visiones
en trozos de imaginación..mezclado con algo mas real
mas palpable, mas íntimo, que construye nidos
en cuerpo y alma …en una danza,
un aleteo de alas ansiosas.
Te emborrachas con la noche, de tanta pasión
y abres la boca y cantas a la oscuridad,
sueltas las inhibiciones, y penetras la noche
con música, y plena satisfacción, en una voz llena de
nostalgia, agradecimiento, y amor…
Transmitas a la Naturaleza que tu estabas aquí,
en el balcón que el mar lo va a llevar…
un día..como estas horas que has vivido…que se van
esfumando ya…. para siempre.

Karima Hoisan
August 19, 2019
The Mountain, Kitely


(my translation)

Beyond the Balcony

The waves 20 meters away ..
sound like they are bursting
right there .. under your feet.
The surprising thunder…
Lightning electrifying
the air, now loaded with magic and desire,
A house, built without thinking about the years
without thinking of rising tides,
in higher and deeper seas ..
Sitting on the balcony, you are the captain of
this ship ..
You are the Master of the Moment.
you control even Time and you order
chaos and storm, rain and debauchery.

Alone … but not so alone,
well accompanied by a familiar voice
A slippery voice … that lives inside.
The night becomes unexpected, it becomes visions
in chunks of imagination … mixed with something more real
more palpable, more intimate, that builds nests
in body and soul … in a dance,
a flutter of anxious wings.
You get drunk with the night, so passionate
And you open your mouth and sing to the dark.
You let go of inhibitions, and you penetrate the night
with music, and utter satisfaction, in a voice full of
nostalgia, gratefulness, and love .
You transmit to Nature that you were here,
on the balcony that the sea will take …
one day, like these hours that you have lived … that are leaving
Vanishing already … forever.

Karima Hoisan
August 19, 2019
The Mountain, Kitely


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The Mountain, my 17th World on Kitely, is OPEN!

Sooo my 17th virtual world on Kitely – Virtual Worlds on Demand, is now open for exploring and discovering.
The Mountain is a “surprise” and if you follow our simple instructions, we hope you will  be, very pleasantly surprised:) Don’t peak:)

After reading the note-card, take the teleport to the base of The Mountain
and start climbing.
PathSnapshot_010 3
Enjoy your way up and if you follow the instructions, you should have a thrilling

way down too!!

Once back to ground level, feel free to explore the quasi-surreal Philippine countryside.
There is an amazing Ferry Boat, A Soccer Game going on, and Medusa who tells her true story.
Find the hidden places to sit, cuddle, float or dance and look at Art.

All the Art..ALL of the paintings that you see, are by one inspired artist:
Markus Akesson from Sweden.

I was introduced to him, when I looked for an image for my poem, Insomnia

Insomnia by markus-akessonfullsize

Insomnia by Markus Akesson

After that, I fell in love with almost everything he has painted, and tried to create spaces here to exhibit his outstanding talent in a unique way.

You can find out more about him, by going to his website:

This world in an act of love for his paintings as well as a special bird you will meet soon, if you climb to the top:)
Here’s how you get there:…/Karima-Hoisan/The-Mountain

Enjoy your experience!!

Karima Hoisan (creator-builder) and Dale Innis (scripter)

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Screen Shot 2019-07-20 at 12.37.28 PM

A still- Captured from Netflix’s “Dark” Season1 Intro


*To hear me recite it, to the music that inspired it, click HERE

I let myself fall into the mirrored dream-sleep of hazy memories,
of dark nightmares coming down from the ceiling..cages descending over me.
My machine-like finger tips..pick at the blanket looking for security
and all is a dream, a hallucination and where is reality… really?

I’m here now, waiting for what It has to say to me, in this dream.
I have all the time in eternity, as subconsciously, I sift the shifting stream.
Like a gold miner, I pan for some meaning to my existence, in the greater scheme,
while darkened paintings surprise me, and delight me, without answers to redeem.

These verses are pictures from the other side I send to you. so you know where I am,
So you don’t need to worry too much, I am alive and I will return when I can,
but it’s very easy to get caught up, I could get stuck inside and go back to where it began
And start all over…. my thumb resting in my open mouth, a fuzzy blanket in my hand.

I let myself fall into the mirrored dream-sleep of hazy memories,
of dark nightmares coming down from the ceiling..cages descending over me.
My machine-like finger tips..pick at the blanket looking for security
and all is a dream, a hallucination and where is reality… really?


Karima Hoisan,
July, 20, 2019
Costa Rica

*Inspired by the intro of Season 1 from the amazing German series, “Dark, ” When I was watching this, I was so captivated, I knew this would inspire a poem, of some kind:)

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Nights At The Big Top


Wendy Sharpe

Nights At The Big Top


We swing towards each other and then swing back…
like a high flying circus act, I’m afraid if I jump, you will lose your grip.
I’m afraid if I show what I’m feeling, I will fall…because you will let me go.
No net to catch our slip ups, no safety or trust…no security and no promises.

When we fall out of sync, we are worse than clumsy; we are dangerous,
and we have the power to leave the other in tatters on the mat.
At the bottom of everything,
it’s not really an act, it’s how we are together…we call it our love,

but sometimes it is just our pain, our unfixable folly, our bad timing.

There are those nights at the big top, when we are nothing less than perfection.
When your laugh and my tears make sense and we enjoy our crazy dichotomy.
We are glitter and skill and we know each other so well, we barely need to nod
to get it right.

I would buy every ticket that night just to watch us soar and not share one minute of our glory with the rest of the world.

I lack the training, I fear, to pull this off; I need costumes and lots of painted smiles.
I need to perfect my balance and not swing too far forward nor too far back.
This complex routine, intricate act, these elaborate scenes, need practice,
and  no surrender.

The lure of the magic, the bright lights, the music, even with the failures,
still makes me want to get it right.

We swing towards each other and then swing back…
like a high flying circus act, I’m afraid if I jump, you will lose your grip.
I’m afraid if I show what I’m feeling, I will fall…because you will let me go.
No net to catch our slip ups, no safety or trust…no security and no promises.

Karima Hoisan
July 14th, 2019
Costa Rica


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Seba Sideways is Back! @ The New Kari’s Kantina del Mar


Poster by Menubar Memorial

I’m posting a very special invitation today…Come to my newly remodeled Kantina and welcome a very well-known and loved performer back to Second Life. Seba Sideways, who is from Argentina, and has been away about……8 years??!! Well a long long time and he will be back at his re-debut show, a week from today, July 19th at 12pm to thrill all gathered with his virtuosos Sax (both tenor and alto).
If you heard him back in the day you know what he can do and if you have never heard Seba play, this event is the perfect venue to appreciate his exceptional talent.

Seba’s been playing Sax for more than 23 years; at the present time, he works in RL as a Session Player in Reggae, Rock, Funk and Latin bands. His repertory in SL includes different music styles, such as Jazz, Bossa Nova, Blues, Funk, Reggae Roots, Ballads and Tango…  Seba is my friend and I really want to bring a big “welcome-home” audience, to my club to hear him, dance and be totally entertained!! It’s a Win/Win all you need to do is show up!
For those of you who remember my Bolero Bar before, as an open dance floor by the sea, I have made it more cozy, but still breezy and warm and inviting, with the best Spanish music stream of Boleros, Tangos and Salsas and a Dance Ball to keep you dancing in style.
Here’s a few peeks at the New Kari’s Kantina del Mar…I hope you will join us all  on Friday, July 19th at 12pm noon slt and be be-witched for an hour by an amazing musician!
Here’s your TP to take you to the door! See you the 19th! Don’t miss this show!! TP to Kari’s


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Candles glowing in the darkUnique

100 candles burning on the tables and the floor
each one danced and flickered with the salt-sprayed wind;
but one was a little different than all the rest,
it moved to another force, something not outside but within.
When the breeze blew in from the sea,
99 candles flickered, their light bending like palm trees
in a hurricane ,
but one candle didn’t waver, didn’t go out, didn’t dim,
a rarity among candles, unexplained , so different than the rest

The light in her eyes was what drew him in
when, just as the sun was setting, she smiled at him,
and accepted a dance, innocently with some hesitation,
while 99 candles danced on the table tops and the floor;
but one, instead of dancing, just bewitched that moment
and reflected in her eyes, dark blue, like the sea
pounding the pilings.
It allowed him, for one split second to see inside
and he never forgot the girl that night, so unlike all the rest

Karima Hoisan
July 10, 2019
Costa Rica

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