The Voice of Annihilation



The Voice of Annihilation
For the innocents

Not really like Bird Man..
but the voice is one we all know and fear.
The whisperer of deadly-bad advice, the coaxer to oblivion.
It’s so far in the background weave, we are unsure what we perceive, but we think it.
It’s we who think it and then, for our survival, we fight it.

“Who’s talking? Is it talking to me?
It’s not a chat, a monologue or a soliloquy, not a request,
favor nor a memory.
Not really like Bird Man, but it calls to us.
It flaps like a shadow in our shadow
tells us to open windows in skyscrapers,
walk like a zombie to the edge of the cliff,
put our feet on the tiles of the roof, while it coaxes,
“Just slide down.”

It has no tone or timber, nothing we even recognize as speech and yet,
if we know it, we fight it,
and stay away from all those places it keeps sending us to.

It’s a black hole of our own universe reclaiming from whence we came.
It’s a stop watch to madness: Times up, and we all are prone to hear it someday.
It’s why I crawl, not walk, over suspension bridges, close the windows on all hotel rooms,
stay off of high balconies with low verandas..
“Oh, jump why don’t you?” It really says things like that!

It’s the anti life..calling you to your guaranteed death.
Acute-collective built-in bad programming, we all know it;
we came with it.
The voice of annihilation, one maybe heard in a locked cockpit, over the alps.
“Oh just get it over with!” Take it down”

Karima Hoisan
March 27,2015
Costa R

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Karima Hoisan:

Nat’s post and gorgeous pictures of my birthday party yesterday in Kari’s Bar and Dance New Toulouse! Click on any picture to see all of them on Nat’s Photostream! Thank you Thank you my Natskers for these wonderful memories!

I will add a few more pictures that were given me by Dale Innis, Anje Aiche, and Doctor Avalon. Thank you all for sending these my way..

Dale Innis and The Birthday Girl (photo D. Innis)

Dale Innis and The Birthday Girl (photo D. Innis)

Biggies and tinnies on the floor

Biggies and tinnies on the floor

Woots (photo D. Innis)

Woots ‘n  Hooots for Dallas Winslet (photo D. Innis)

Front 'n Center On the Danceline (photo by D. Innis)

Front ‘n Center On the Dance-line (photo by D. Innis)

Luna!! (photo by D. Innis)

Luna!!  looking gorgeous (photo by D. Innis)

Great shot! We look like some surreal musical:) (photo by D. Innis)

Great shot! We look like some surreal musical:) (photo by D. Innis)

My new "profile pic" thanks to Anje Aiche

My new “profile pic” thanks to Anje Aiche

Doctor Avalon's eye on the party

Doctor Avalon’s eye on the party

Oh, and one more from Joey from her own, great post on the party:



Originally posted on aetherisavidi:

Yesterday’s evening witnessed one of the BIGGEST Birthday Parties ever in SL

Karima Hoisan, my filmpartner, the vocalizer, the very best poetess, I ever listened to, and simply the best friend you can have, celebrated her birthday in SL.
And guess what?

Many friends came to Kari’s Bar and Dance in New Toulouse, to celebrate this special day with her.
Sometimes more than 37 people are on the Sim. WOW!
Dancing and having a good time while listening to the music, performed by Dallas Winslet and RoseDrop Rust.
We had so much fun! YAY!

Only a few of many pictures I shot:
let this party started_02


partaaaaayCrowd with tinies2



Our birthday child “caked” :)


View original

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Kari’s Birthday Live! ~ Sunday March 8th 1pm-3pm slt

Come Help Me Celebrate! (poster by Natascha Randt)

Friends and Neighbors and Total Strangers, Come help me celebrate my birthday at my club, “Kari’s Bar and Dance” in New Toulouse.
Sunday, March 8th at 1pmslt (Don’t forget the Daylight Savings)
Dallas Winslet will delight you for the first hour with his mellow and unique style
My dear talented friend, RoseDrop Rust will makes you dance and dream at 2pmslt
Come help me celebrate another year on this planet and in Second Life.
Hope to see you all there: Here is your taxi..don’t be late! I promise you a good time:)
Kari’s Bar and Dance

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Karima Comes Back @ The Orchid Club Friday The13th

Karima @ The Orchid

Karima @ The Orchid…Tomorrow!

I know it has been a long time..(It’s been a Year!) since I have invited you to one of my live readings on stream. RL sort of carried me off -stage with a big hook..but I am back!

I want to invite you to this come-back tomorrow night,
Friday the 13th (what could go wrong?:)

Where: The Orchid Club
Time: 6pmslt for Jazz and Blues/6:45slt for my reading
 I invite you to come a little earlier than my showtime at 7pm
and enjoy the DJ’s mix of Jazz and Blues.

I will be doing a sensual reading..some poetry and some prose..and this too is a bit of a first for me.. Please join me at the Orchid Club tomorrow.

Here is your taxi directly to this very cool underground venue:
The Orchid Club- Second Life

I hope to see you all there!!

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The Avi Choice Awards-The Arts 2015

Seems amazing that a year has gone by since I wrote this little post on last year’s Avi Choice Awards, “A Word on the Avi Choice Awards” I didn’t mean to sound ungrateful last year, and I certainly do not want to leave that impression this year either. I want to thank the people who nominated me and tell them that it does mean a lot to me to have been chosen, but I also want to add that no one would have even heard my voice, or my poetry, if it had not been in a machinima directed and edited by my film partner Natascha Randt. Nat is the reason, anyone has even heard me recently, as I have not been doing many readings, or even been very active on the spoken word stage. So many could have been on this list with me, but for just the simple reason of omission, they were not added. I will put the link below here… and if you would like to cast a vote for me, well that would be wonderful. I am just not the type of person who likes to actively campaign for herself, and I have no social media team who can start lighting up twitter, Instagram, and fb in my name. I want to thank you for all the support you have shown me on this blog, reading my posts, seeing every machinima that Randt and Hoisan has produced, and supporting us in the good times and the bad. Your vote will be like a hug for me, and no pressure if you don’t get to it either. Many times these contests don’t reflect quality as much as popularity and social adeptness. If it were about quality, I would see many other names in each category, especially in the categories of machinima production, SL Videographer, Art, and yes the Spoken Word. Here is where you go to vote for your favorites, and you need to scroll way down to find the category I am nominated for (Favorite Spoken Word / Performer / Actor Female) Thank you for considering me for this award:Vote Here for The Avi Choice Awards Your continual support of what I do and what Nat and I do together means much more than any official recognition. That’s just how it is.

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At The Exit


“Exit_Darkness”_by Janorien

The thirteenth hour strikes a chord
bells and gongs tears and memories..
tragedy and loss.
It comes like a traffic accident,
the loss of a loved one, a senseless premeditated crime,
no one is ever prepared for that hour to chime.

In my darkest days at the end of humanity,
I sometimes fail to lift the curtain,
to see behind those most human eyes to find the divine.
All looks like murder, decay and calamity, rotting flesh,
madness creeps in tendrils spreading out in vines.
It feels like a final sprint on the last bend,
and Monday begins where
Friday tried to end.
Time is stuck in the fast lane
speeding away with us… with all of it.

It seems so hard to touch the gift, hear the lesson calling,
embrace the trial by fire, picture it as just another baby step,
while we crawl down the road to wisdom.
Even though I don’t see it much, I have compassion.
It was squeezed out of me like paste from Time’s tube,
daily, inviting me to be a witness to so much misery,
mixed into a symphony, with laughter, humor, children’s glee and death.

Too much drama and short on selflessness,
with violence and Nature’s sweet curds all rising to the top,
the bi- product of mixing it up and shaking it roughly.
We are like a rag in a dog’s jaw at the end of time,
and it’s hard to drink this chaotic potion of confusion.

The painfully sweet, the returning loss, the cocktail of humanity,
the sweet ‘n bitter order of mayhem….
The box of chocolates, light and dark, poisoned, and nutritious;
we really are allowed to choose which ones we ingest, you know.
No one stands over us, making us eat Everything!
Some get it right today, then get it wrong tomorrow.

Hard to say which day is better for learning,
or what will be useful to take with us,
as we stand in line at the exit.

Karima Hoisan
January 10, 2015
Costa Rica



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First Post of the New Year is Not Mine……

Stephen sums it up...

Stephen sums it up…

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