After The After-Sunset Reading at Circe’s

singng in the rain2849

I’m singin in the rain…by Sannie

Well, last night’s full moon reading brought out my playfulness, and a few times I almost burst into song..but I caught myself and continued reciting my poetry as only a vampire can:) What fun I had..and I hope my audience, who did all leave a pint lighter after the show’s blood drive, enjoyed it too:)

Ladies and gentleman Lend Me Your Bloodd411 2.jpg

Here I am,  putting on some high pressure motivation for donations after the show – by Sannie

Blood letting (now and then..and measured) lightens the spirit and removes toxins too…
It’s just another cleanse really;) but I digress…what a potent full moon we had…A few times I had to cast a spell, so people thought it was really daytime..(silly mortals)


Even though the audience was lost in a swamp at night…  foto by Sannie

With just a bit more spell casting (2nd level heavy stuff…)
They thought they were in like.. Candy Land at midday..muwaahaahaa  -foto by Sannie

Thisb5d411 copy

“Oh it’s soo bright and pretty”(muahaha)  foto by Sannie

By that time, I had most swept up into the current of my non-stop runaway poetry hour..
and I could just relax into my presentation and float my words on the notes.. I was most pleased with this one, as in a moment of weakness, I gave away a vampire secret.. You will have to listen to the recording to find out that shocking little tidbit:)

Has a heartf

Even a Vampire has a …..whaaat?   foto by Sannie


Candlelight becomes me….muahaha


Counts them….Luna! Stranger! Menu! Tubeguy! Dale!…..)  foto by Sannie

Here are a few more from Sannie’s clever camera and then I will add all the others taken by my lovely assitant, Dale Innis:)


Two Tornados charging me electrically!!  foto by Sannie



Dragonfly and Embroidered Flower Power!  -foto by Sannue


The Thrill of Applause:)  – foto by Dale


Sometimes we make them pets, and make them wear funny hats for Halloween….Foto by Dale


I drew an International muti-species audience   foto by Dale


Checks her watch…it’s sunrise soon  time for me to go     foto-by Sannie

For Those of you who could not make it to the reading , I include the recording you can stream or download and listen at your leisure..Thank you all who did come..It was a wonderful Full Moon magical night!
Recording of Circe’s Reading click HERE

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Karima’s After-Sunset-Reading at Circe’s Saturday Oct. 12 6pm slt


Poster by Natascha Randt

Don’t be afraid…I don’t bite much:) as I will be too busy this Saturday,
October 12, at Circe’s Poet’s Sanctuary, waiting for that awful sun to go down, so I can read my poetry that I have selected for your listening enjoyment. I can be nice, and I will… I promise. I am not even delivering a particularly dark presentation, but maybe a few could be called Halloween-ish. I am what they call, a once- a- year vampire, and this happens only in the month (yes the whole month) of October! I am sure I was cursed by those old vampire legions of 2008, that used to go around biting everyone..and somehow I was only partially afflicted in this manner..a once-every-October-transformation
So, I know I am cutting it close, reading at 6pm, but in my part of the world, it is deliciously dark by this hour.
I hope you will join me, this coming Saturday:
Fly on little bat wings to Circe’s starting at 5pm with Open Mic in voice..then I will read on stream at 6pmslt… Please join me…I will be reading 10 new poems I have never read and a few oldies that were requested..From Bullrides & Magic to Circus Acts & Raindrops…

Try not to miss this one:)

Seductively Yours,
Karima Vamp  de Hoisan


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Please listen to the poem, clicking here, recited to the music that inspired it.

For Our Planet

Raindrops beating on a metal drum creating a symphony,
In my mind, I hear so clearly, the repetitive syncopated harmony.
While the trees drop their leaves and a chill enters the scene,
I am losing myself to this rhythm of Nature’s spontaneity.

And when it doesn’t rain a long long time………. we all start to die.
And when it rains for 40 nights and days ……….. we all start to die.
And when we have no water and only sun ………. we all start to die.
And when we have only water and no ground … we all start to die.

Raindrops beating on a metal drum, creating awareness and sympathy,
Teaching us that harmony and balance, if not maintained, brings tragedy.
Benevolent music, hidden in plain sight, more profound than you realize,
Hold your breath and see, not only hear, the sounds as they materialize.

And when our greed is put before the common good…………  we all start to die.
And when they go deaf to our home planet’s cries…………… we all start to die.
And when we continue to use herbicides & insecticides …we all start to die.
And when the bees and birds and fish are less & less & less…….. we all start to die.

Raindrops beating on a metal drum creating a symphony,
In my mind I hear so clearly the repetitive syncopated harmony.
While the trees drop their leaves and a chill enters the scene,
I am losing myself to this rhythm of Nature’s spontaneity

Karima Hoisan
September 22, 2019
Costa Rica

*Music: Once Again (Red Snapper remix) Danny Cudd & Markus Johansson



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Who Makes The Magic?

LosAngelesandHollywoodSignatNight 2

Above The Hollywood Sign-

Who Makes The Magic?
For Toni

Who Makes The Magic?
Are you old enough to ask that question?
It usually comes at a certain age…
after believing in everything and then being disappointed

when your parents and the world tell you it was
all make believe…fake magic, fake predictable world, where reality is so boring;
that’s just the way it is and if you think it’s not….
well you are living some lie.. or some mental illness, because in reality…
There is no place for magic.. no place for memories that last a lifetime
no matter if you forget all else..
Moments and stages and weeks and years; when surreal yelled louder than the real and grabbed your attention and stole you a Pied Piper of special effects…of such impossibly good times, you looked around and pinched yourself to make sure you were not dreaming..

Do We Make The Magic?
Were we born magicians, fortune tellers,
who open the future before the rest and so pick and choose and toss
all the magical moments into one hat that we wear,
then start doing our own show?
Do we have a bit of the power of persuasion and form our own posse, to easily ride along with us when we have these outrageous ideas..that sound good but…
could be impossible,
could be excessive,
might be even dangerous?
But all who ride along are sure they won’t be boring.

No one doubts they won’t be magical…and everyone knows,
those times will never be forgotten.

Does Knowing Magic Make us Look for More?
If we believe we are not the makers of magic,
that it is somehow outside our ideas and our powers…
 but by having seen it, loved in it, danced in ecstasy around it
we fell into it; then it’s  just our incredible luck, this magical moment out of sync and time.
It’s like finding an Easter egg in the Matrix,
“Surprise!” you got a quantum leap in your Life Experiences!
Then the magic becomes much easier to find and you want more.

The more you have had your breath taken away…by the unexpected and the beautifully beguiling, the more you will search it out and the easier it becomes to find it all around you..
Even in the mundane, a song, a soft rain, you can feel how in the end, it is all magic..
all-around you..the magic of awareness of being chosen for the audience,

but sometimes being the magician, and right this very moment…. of still being alive.

Karima Hoisan
September 15th 2019
Costa Rica

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Two Tornados

Two Tornados

Two tornados dancing down the cobblestones,
parting the sleeves of weeds,

just being what they are…full of electric charge and swirling winds,
fearful majesty, power and awe..
tornados without a care.

Skipping over fences then dropping down in creeks,
lifting the water high like sprinklers dampening their path.

Hot winds and cold currents, still attached to the sky..
funneling from and sucking the stuffings out of Wedgwood clouds,

free to trip over fields… stirring up their warm moistness with their cool dryness.

Lightening strikes are visual cymbals
announcing now their erratic artistic spinning and

thunder plays the timpani,
drumming out an echo that sounds just a beat after they blow by.

From the distance they are capricious beauty, they are passion and solidarity,
two powerful lovers who will burn themselves out when their run is done..
But below their path, small things have died..
all flowers have lost their heads…
some tiny chicks and seeds and grass and leaves were sucked up and away..into an oblivion,

Two tornados dancing down the cobblestones…. grace or only tragedy?
I guess it depends upon where you were standing when they passed.

Karima Hoisan
August 29,2019
Costa Rica

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Now You See Me

Now You See Me

Now You See Me -Markus Akesson

Now You See Me
inspired by the painting of the same name- artist, Markus Akesson

In every human being that breathes..there lies a mystery,
A coded cocktail, trying to balance disorder and symmetry,
Deeper than we could ever go or ever even know,
Where we’re born with that first brush stroke, the Artist’s vision.

Although it sounds contradictory, it’s not that important to see me,
In order to believe in me, and know and touch and even love me.
If you can read and understand my lines, than you hear who I am ,
When you listen, my words will paint a path, that let’s us dream together.

Am I not more than the hair that frames my face, my eyes, my skin?
Would you even know how to unwrap me or where to begin?
If you do it too quickly, I might start to shred and too easily tatter;
If you allow me to reveal myself, in my way, we’ll live inside my poetry.

Look how I appear and dissolve into the background from where I came,
The benefits of not being inside a body, but just being inside of me.
Beautiful dichotomy; as I said before, it’s not that important to see me,
Just read me, hear my voice repeating lines inside your head, day after day…
What’s that you say? Ah, now you see me!

Karima Hoisan
August 21, 2019
The Mountain, Kitely

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Mas Allá Del Balcón/Beyond The Balcony

Storm at sea3*A Poem written in Spanish & English

Mas Allá Del Balcón

Las olas 20 metros de lejos..
suenan como si estuvieran reventando
allí mismo.. abajo de tus pies.
Los truenos sorprendentes
Los relámpagos electrificando
el aire ya cargado de magia y deseo
Una casa, construida sin pensar en los años
sin pensar en mareas crecidas,
en mares mas altos y profundos..
Sentado en el balcón, tu eres el capitán de
este barco..
Tue eres el Amo del Momento.
controlas hasta el tiempo y ordenas
caos y tormenta, lluvia y desenfreno.

Solo… pero no tan solo,
bién acompañado por una voz conocida
Una voz, resbalosa..que viva en tus adentros.
La noche se torna inesperada, se convierte en visiones
en trozos de imaginación..mezclado con algo mas real
mas palpable, mas íntimo, que construye nidos
en cuerpo y alma …en una danza,
un aleteo de alas ansiosas.
Te emborrachas con la noche, de tanta pasión
y abres la boca y cantas a la oscuridad,
sueltas las inhibiciones, y penetras la noche
con música, y plena satisfacción, en una voz llena de
nostalgia, agradecimiento, y amor…
Transmitas a la Naturaleza que tu estabas aquí,
en el balcón que el mar lo va a llevar…
un día..como estas horas que has vivido…que se van
esfumando ya…. para siempre.

Karima Hoisan
August 19, 2019
The Mountain, Kitely


(my translation)

Beyond the Balcony

The waves 20 meters away ..
sound like they are bursting
right there .. under your feet.
The surprising thunder…
Lightning electrifying
the air, now loaded with magic and desire,
A house, built without thinking about the years
without thinking of rising tides,
in higher and deeper seas ..
Sitting on the balcony, you are the captain of
this ship ..
You are the Master of the Moment.
you control even Time and you order
chaos and storm, rain and debauchery.

Alone … but not so alone,
well accompanied by a familiar voice
A slippery voice … that lives inside.
The night becomes unexpected, it becomes visions
in chunks of imagination … mixed with something more real
more palpable, more intimate, that builds nests
in body and soul … in a dance,
a flutter of anxious wings.
You get drunk with the night, so passionate
And you open your mouth and sing to the dark.
You let go of inhibitions, and you penetrate the night
with music, and utter satisfaction, in a voice full of
nostalgia, gratefulness, and love .
You transmit to Nature that you were here,
on the balcony that the sea will take …
one day, like these hours that you have lived … that are leaving
Vanishing already … forever.

Karima Hoisan
August 19, 2019
The Mountain, Kitely


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