Machinima: Derendered

This is a great post with some beautiful pictures from the blog, Joey’s Cafe. about our screening of “Derendered”

Joeys Café

Well, it has been almost a week since the first screening of DerenderedTHE most colourful machinima ever from Randt & Hoisan Productions.

There was poetry, there was the screening, there was music, party and laughter. There was joy 😀


Lucky me got to participate as an extra once again so I did have an inkling of what lay ahead. But as always the actual machinima exceeded all expectations. It’s beautiful, it’s rich, it’s artistic, it’s no less then love of life.


But it’s not the ‘suck it up and deal with it’-kind of living. It’s the ‘I ain’t taking your bullshit anymore’-way. The message is clear: Fiercely protect beauty and kindness and wipe away all that is ugly, presumptuous and downright evil. Surround yourself with friends who make you stronger!


In a virtual world that’s just as easily done as said: ‘Derender, I say…

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Our 24th Collaboration,”Derendered”

So…the screening is over..we all ate and danced too much etc etc.. now is the time to show off our little 24th newborn to those of you, who could not make it to the party.
As we wrote in the “desclaimer” in our YouTube info, this is a light- hearted -video made to entertain and asks the question: “Haven’t you ever wished you had the power to derender in real life someone or something….sometime? Be honest…haven’t you?

Someone from our cast said, “You guys make it look easy,” and being objective it does look that way, but when you break it down..there is always a lot of work to bring these crazy surreal words and ideas into visual scenes. I think Nat and I did REALLY a lot of brainstorming on this one..and of course found some challenges that required lots of thinking outside the box..(one of our favorite things to do:)

We took a little longer than we wanted, because 3 commercial movies came our way before we could try to finish this one..So the labor was long, but the baby is finally here and healthy:) Thanks to our cast and all those who supported us with their special gifts and talents, A special thank you to Menubar Memorial (Jason Rainbows) for his rainbow tears and once again for the great logo he made for us, seen at the end of credits. A special thanks to Luna, who without knowing we were doing this movie, gave me a Bubble Rezzer! Nat created a gorgeous city park and the venue where we held the screening, also appears in the video. Thanks to Nat, a new spot on LINC is born too, LINC Park Pavilion.

I think we might say this after we complete all our movies..but we say it, because it’s true… Thanks to all our friend-fans, family-fans, fan-friends who make us want to keep on making movies for their enjoyment as well as ours:) So  without you all..Nat and I would just take up knitting and that would be the end of Randt & Hoisan. Without further detours, I give you, “Derendered” our #24 and here’s to #25!!
As always fullscreen and HD and turn it up! Enjoy everyone. Let us know what you think…

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A Special Screening of “Derendered”(with extras!) Saturday 12 noon slt

Derendered Poster

Faboo poster by Natascha Randt

Hi friends, family and cast members…this is for you!
Saturday, October 7th, Nat and I have planned a little special screening for you all.
On set, on our home sim, LINC Island, we invite you to:
1. 12:00slt-12:30: Hear a short poetry reading by Karima on stream (20-30 minutes)
2. 12:30-12:40: Hear Nat’s introduction to the screening of our latest film in voice.
3.12:40: The Presentation of our 24th bouncing-baby film,

4. 12:45- until the moon comes out and the stars fade Celebrating Nat’s 10th Rez Day!
*    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *     *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *
I will be spinning  a wild playlist of Hippie Nostalgia mixed with Heavy Metal (a nod to Nat:) and there will be DANCING!
Hippie dress is encouraged but not mandatory..Come in comfortable clothes to sit on the ground….colorful dress is also, of course, welcomed
*    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *
Here is your LM that will take you to a teleport below. Click me!
Just right-click on it, choose LINC Park Pavilion and Voilá!!
(If you are feeling extremely confused, just ask Nat or me for a tp:)
*    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *
So….We hope you will join us for this unique event (poetry & partay) and the screening of our 24th film “Derendered”
We had so much fun making it..Here’s hoping you feel the same when viewing it:):)
See you all Saturday On the set….Try not to miss this one:)




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Into Your Arms

So, I was watching “The Handmaid’s Tale”, riveted and I heard this music playing at the end of Episode 7. As soon as I heard it, I knew it was going to draw a small poem out of me.
You can listen to the music here: “Nothing’s Gonna Hurt You Baby”

Marci Oleszkiewicz art · Children PaintingBeautiful

The small poem it inspired is below:

Into Your Arms

In this time of independence, Dutch -treating at the cafe,
everyone is a do-it yourself..and now it’s considered weak to ask for help.
I remember when I was a child… security was the air I breathed.
My parents had all the answers, and I guessed that someday…
they would share them with me.
I thought that life would just go on…
with no surprises.
I believed they would always be close by…
pumping oxygen into my atmosphere.

But they’re gone, and is it wrong to say
I still miss them?
Is it wrong to just want to fall apart in someone’s loving arms
and hear them say,
“Nothing’s gonna hurt you baby”

Karima Hoisan
September 26th 2017
Costa Rica


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Recording & Photos of The Circe Reading

Hi all,
I will put a few pictures that Dale, Tysun and Sannie took of my reading, Thank you all for being there and taking them. It was a wonderful audience, and it was so good to see old friends as well as new.
You can download the recording here if you missed it:
Recording at Circe’s 9/16/17


Profile Circe's New Poets Sanctuary, New Brighton, New Bri

Photo by Sannie

Snapshottysun _ Circe's New Poets Sanctuary, New Brighton, New Bri

Photo by Tysun

Snapshotsan2 _ Circe's New Poets Sanctuary, New Brighton, New Bri

Photo by Sannie


Photo by Dale


Photo by Dale


Photo by Dale

Snapshottysun2 _ Circe's New Poets Sanctuary, New Brighton, New Bri

Photo by Tysun



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Karima reads at Circe’s 9/16 -6pmslt

April 29th 2

Hi everyone,
I’m back again at Circe’s this Saturday, September 16th at 6pmslt!
I’m hoping a few friends will join me, along with the distinguished Circe’s crowd of poets, artists and all-around interesting people:)
I have planned an eclectic line-up of original poems, some I have not done for a long long time and of course music and imagery to accompany each one. There will be an hour of open-mic starting at 5pm on voice, and I will start at 6pm sharp on the music stream.
Come early and enjoy the open-mic warm up; I will be there too!
I hope you will come to listen and be transported by the magic of poetry.
Here is a Leap-Frog LM to click that will put you atop a nice toadstool for my hour presentation:) If you don’t like clicking links, you can ask me for a TP as long as I have not yet started reading….;)

See you at Circe’s Saturday!

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Center Stage On The Sunset Strip

Where to begin…..?
DB Bailey, Architect David Denton, SL friend and mentor for many years and brilliant visionary, approached Nat and I about doing a video to show a real-life project for The Sunset Strip, in West Hollywood California. He started by saying, “I know you and Nat do not do commercial videos but…..” After listening to his ideas and the project itself, our interest was captured and we said, “We’ll do it!” The rest is history.

This is our first commercial video ever and we actually had fun doing it! Working for DB was just wonderful and in the end, the client was very pleased and everyone lived happily ever after:)
Big thanks to my SL sister Maria Vought and Odracir Wrigglesworth who helped Nat and I give our little commercial pitch a Grand Finale! The virtual scenes were both shot in SL on LINC Island and on David Denton’s site on Kitely – Virtual Worlds on Demand. Many thanks to Dale Innis for making moving cars and textures.

This is not a public YouTube and comments have been disabled. Please feel free to comment here on my blog or let me know in an IM in SL what you think of our first baby steps into Hollywood;) Our little video will be shown to the executives of ABC who are interested in the space, and also to the City of West Hollywood. I almost get giddy when I think of this:)
eel free to comment and Like here on the blog, but watch it full-screen on YouTube.

Oh, and we decided now was the time to have a real logo, so we asked our good buddeh, Menubar Memorial, to make it..and he did! Here it is..Thanks again Menu. It’s a beauty:)

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