La Caja de Oro – The Gold Box


La Caja de Oro
Para E.

Me dijiste:
“Este momento..este momento exacto que estamos viviendo
quiero guardarlo en una caja de oro…
cada pensamiento, cada palabra suspirada
cada paso, cada segundo, cada gemido.”

Te dije:
“Yo soy tu poeta, y para ti, construyo esta cajita
con solo mis humildes palabras y mis pobres estrofas
con mi amor, tejo el techo con mosaicos de nuestra historia
con estos meses de pasión, de lujuria y sequía y espera
Con los dolores propios y los de todos que nos rodean
Con lágrimas de risa y llantos de frustración
Te voy a regalarte esta cajita para los recuerdos
los momentos únicos que hemos vivido, y que seguimos viviendo
Tu decides cuales son que tu quieres guardar,
y yo estiro los lados cuando la caja se llena
y yo estiro mi corazón para amarte más cada día.”

The Gold Box
For E.

You told me:
“This moment … this exact moment we are living…
I want to store it, in a gold box …
Every thought, every sighed word
Every step, every second, every moan.”

I told you:
“I am your poet, and for you, I build this little box
With only my humble words and my poor stanzas.
With my love, I weave the roof with mosaics of our history
With these months of passion, lust and drought and waiting
With our own pains and those of everyone around us
With tears of laughter and tears of frustration
I’m going to give you this little box for memories
the unique moments that we have lived, and that we continue to live
You decide which ones you want to save,
 and I will stretch the sides when the box is full
and I will stretch my heart to love you more each day.”

Karima Hoisan
December 11, 2019
Second Life

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Boom! Connection!

abstract-background-neon-blue-lights-energy-wave-motion-135069010 2
Boom! Connection!
for Maria

If it’s true what they now say,
That my memories float off into the invisible everything,
Trailing behind me and the earth all mixed up connecting,
All of us to each other and every moment to every other;
My joy is to tap into those swirling trails and bring down my poetry.

It’s no surprise to me, that every word I write, has already been written;
Been whispered in love, over and over in every language, in every way,
Until my past might be your future, and yours, the beginning of a poem.
I just sit, the stenographer of collective consciousness, copying it all to paper…
And feeling humbled and blessed to have been given my waypoint of creativity.

We have only just begun to realize the meaning of, “Nothing new under the sun.”
We shine bright then we fade, every thought in our lives still somewhere.
Nothing lost and yet nothing new, we recycle each other, and form our own collages.
You say you know what I mean and who knows? You might even be part of the dream,
The one I had last night; I might have drifted into your memory stream and….
Boom! Connection!

Karima Hoisan
December 1, 2019
Costa Rica

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When Snakes Had Legs



When Snakes Had Legs
For Juan Ra

All the way back when snakes had legs…
and only a few believed that was true;
we sat around the fire that was melting down,
– slow burn and embers –
and shared the knowledge that was commonly known,
usually unchallenged, because, “Who held the proof otherwise?” and it was
easier to believe in impossible things,  than to throw oneself against a wall of
elders and neighbors, who knew better, what was possible
what was not, and what was the point anyway?

The legends lived late at night and as children our mouths hung open
while we feared and doubted and wild -eyed each other,
like scientists who finally found the proof of the yet unproven
– slow burn and embers –
Glee, madness, giddy good luck, we moved closer to believing
in everything and anything told to us that night.
We warmed our hands and tried to imagine those little snake legs,
running together in unison, no slip and slither, just a parade of feet marching,
high stepping , carrying a snake on top, like a float.
“Wow! Really?’ And we became believers!

Karima Hoisan
Nov. 22, 2019
Costa Rica

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My Twilight State


Twenty-Twenty Surgery
Oil on canvas, 30 inches by 40 inches 
By Nicola Quatrano

In my twilight state, I am not asleep, yet not awake
I am being taken by the hand..a sharp prick to my vein
I relax in the neon room of white walls and my gown for this ball
Is a surgical green and all the other guests are dressed in pale blue
with masks yet we all nod to each other politely to say how do you do?

The room is noisy with voices and conversation and I can eavesdrop if I want…
but at this moment..I want nothing more than to
watch the beautiful display
that my optic nerve has prepared for me,
as it goes to sleep, numb and throwing off patterns, memories..creating scenes: Damasks of deep blue-green…..How very lovely to be here, in this state I am thinking. Why was I ever afraid to cross the threshold?

Then someone pours, in slow motion a pitcher of coffee and cream down a gray wall..
That gets my attention and I think how could such drab colors be so lovely together?
How could I be hearing the voices say things, and not be that interested..well maybe just a little..”In 25 years I have not seen this ever” is one I remember, but then the slowly undulating stream of coffee and cream moving down the inside of my eyelids..calls once again to me…to pay attention.

Bright laser bright blue with white echoing circles..flashing and changing hue
I want to say there seems to be lots of cheerful banter..I think, I am pretty quick too, but when I open my mouth to speak out…. my turn…my mouth is covered in heavy layers and… Oh, I get it..”Oh no one wants to hear from me” and I am not offended or scared.
I accept everything!

The moving rivers of color now brighter than before, snap me back
I am a captive audience of one..maybe even tied down to the bed, but none of this is important at all..
Beautiful artistic scenery, my mind is creating (I do know it’s me) and so entertaining to the very last second..
Please sit up now.. OK..I feel great. How was your eye surgery? Someone in the waiting room asks me…Oh my, I reply euphorically…my eyes bright as a child’s on Christmas day…

It was soo wonderful!!”

Karima Hoisan
Nov.1 2019
Costa Rica


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After The After-Sunset Reading at Circe’s

singng in the rain2849

I’m singin in the rain…by Sannie

Well, last night’s full moon reading brought out my playfulness, and a few times I almost burst into song..but I caught myself and continued reciting my poetry as only a vampire can:) What fun I had..and I hope my audience, who did all leave a pint lighter after the show’s blood drive, enjoyed it too:)

Ladies and gentleman Lend Me Your Bloodd411 2.jpg

Here I am,  putting on some high pressure motivation for donations after the show – by Sannie

Blood letting (now and then..and measured) lightens the spirit and removes toxins too…
It’s just another cleanse really;) but I digress…what a potent full moon we had…A few times I had to cast a spell, so people thought it was really daytime..(silly mortals)


Even though the audience was lost in a swamp at night…  foto by Sannie

With just a bit more spell casting (2nd level heavy stuff…)
They thought they were in like.. Candy Land at midday..muwaahaahaa  -foto by Sannie

Thisb5d411 copy

“Oh it’s soo bright and pretty”(muahaha)  foto by Sannie

By that time, I had most swept up into the current of my non-stop runaway poetry hour..
and I could just relax into my presentation and float my words on the notes.. I was most pleased with this one, as in a moment of weakness, I gave away a vampire secret.. You will have to listen to the recording to find out that shocking little tidbit:)

Has a heartf

Even a Vampire has a …..whaaat?   foto by Sannie


Candlelight becomes me….muahaha


Counts them….Luna! Stranger! Menu! Tubeguy! Dale!…..)  foto by Sannie

Here are a few more from Sannie’s clever camera and then I will add all the others taken by my lovely assitant, Dale Innis:)


Two Tornados charging me electrically!!  foto by Sannie



Dragonfly and Embroidered Flower Power!  -foto by Sannue


The Thrill of Applause:)  – foto by Dale


Sometimes we make them pets, and make them wear funny hats for Halloween….Foto by Dale


I drew an International muti-species audience   foto by Dale


Checks her watch…it’s sunrise soon  time for me to go     foto-by Sannie

For Those of you who could not make it to the reading , I include the recording you can stream or download and listen at your leisure..Thank you all who did come..It was a wonderful Full Moon magical night!
Recording of Circe’s Reading click HERE

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Karima’s After-Sunset-Reading at Circe’s Saturday Oct. 12 6pm slt


Poster by Natascha Randt

Don’t be afraid…I don’t bite much:) as I will be too busy this Saturday,
October 12, at Circe’s Poet’s Sanctuary, waiting for that awful sun to go down, so I can read my poetry that I have selected for your listening enjoyment. I can be nice, and I will… I promise. I am not even delivering a particularly dark presentation, but maybe a few could be called Halloween-ish. I am what they call, a once- a- year vampire, and this happens only in the month (yes the whole month) of October! I am sure I was cursed by those old vampire legions of 2008, that used to go around biting everyone..and somehow I was only partially afflicted in this manner..a once-every-October-transformation
So, I know I am cutting it close, reading at 6pm, but in my part of the world, it is deliciously dark by this hour.
I hope you will join me, this coming Saturday:
Fly on little bat wings to Circe’s starting at 5pm with Open Mic in voice..then I will read on stream at 6pmslt… Please join me…I will be reading 10 new poems I have never read and a few oldies that were requested..From Bullrides & Magic to Circus Acts & Raindrops…

Try not to miss this one:)

Seductively Yours,
Karima Vamp  de Hoisan


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Please listen to the poem, clicking here, recited to the music that inspired it.

For Our Planet

Raindrops beating on a metal drum creating a symphony,
In my mind, I hear so clearly, the repetitive syncopated harmony.
While the trees drop their leaves and a chill enters the scene,
I am losing myself to this rhythm of Nature’s spontaneity.

And when it doesn’t rain a long long time………. we all start to die.
And when it rains for 40 nights and days ……….. we all start to die.
And when we have no water and only sun ………. we all start to die.
And when we have only water and no ground … we all start to die.

Raindrops beating on a metal drum, creating awareness and sympathy,
Teaching us that harmony and balance, if not maintained, brings tragedy.
Benevolent music, hidden in plain sight, more profound than you realize,
Hold your breath and see, not only hear, the sounds as they materialize.

And when our greed is put before the common good…………  we all start to die.
And when they go deaf to our home planet’s cries…………… we all start to die.
And when we continue to use herbicides & insecticides …we all start to die.
And when the bees and birds and fish are less & less & less…….. we all start to die.

Raindrops beating on a metal drum creating a symphony,
In my mind I hear so clearly the repetitive syncopated harmony.
While the trees drop their leaves and a chill enters the scene,
I am losing myself to this rhythm of Nature’s spontaneity

Karima Hoisan
September 22, 2019
Costa Rica

*Music: Once Again (Red Snapper remix) Danny Cudd & Markus Johansson



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