My latest world on Kitely..very much just “under-creation.” Dale Innis is here too, making the parade and other neat things. This 13th world on Kitely-Virtual Worlds on Demand is to prove my theory :You don’t need an idea to create…ideas come.. you just need to start.
We’ll  let you know here, when it’s ready to visit!

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The Bloom of Life


Photo by Poétt

The bloom of Life..
Like candles waiting to be lit…
the months and years stand in the wings,
a candelabra, a song about to sing,
a page being turned,
and then…an opening!

Karima Hoisan
July, 10, 2016
Costa Rica

*Inspired by a flower in my yard

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Cat Parade

Cat Parade1 (1).jpg

…but just like a cat, he walks away.

I almost caught the big one..but like all big ones, it got away.
It balanced on my sleep frontier, my emptied thoughts, my break of day.
Just as I reached for it, to capture everything it tried to say
It floomed, dissolving into plumes of vanishing dreams to my dismay.

The message was a little weird, but someone tried to make it known,
There’d be an announcement on the meaning of Life;
said the truth will come through my smartphone.

I think it said, the world was to be reset and 2 billion souls could watch it all alone.
At 5pm on such and such a day, snap would go the infinite cosmic wishbone.

I recite the idea to my cat, but just like a cat, he walks away.
Would I nurture thoughts like these at sometime later in the day?
Is surreal soup, all I could bring back from night’s unconscious escapade?
Where wisdom turns milk into silk and cat’s forsake the lapping to parade?

The workplace flashes through my mind, has it survived the fluxion?
What about compassion and truthfulness, not just the flowcharts of reduction?
Am I blameless, just a bystander at these crossroads of reconstruction?
Well, it’s easy for me, I just report to them, at Systems Self Destruction.

I ask a stewardess dressed in kilts, how’s the reset going in the Middle East?
She says, “Oh I’m sorry, it’s not coming back that part of the world has ceased.”
Speechless, I try to form question- words about how? and what do you mean?
Is everyone deceased?

But all that just made sense, makes none, except for now… I’m waking up at least.

*Footnote: I still can’t control my dreams and I have no idea what they mean:)
Karima Hoisan
July 1, 2016
Costa Rica

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All My Boats-The World & My 5Th Rez Day

How can a poem become a world? Well, only if you are a resident of a virtual world grid, like my beloved Kitely-Virtual Worlds on Demand… otherwise it is not that easy:)
I am turning 5 years old on Kitely today. Today is my 5th rez day as we say, and five years ago today, I came to Kitely in the footsteps of my creative mentor, DB Bailey, and when he told me I should get my own world, I said, “Why? All I could make would be mud-pies here.”(not being a builder) and he said, “Good, then make a whole world of them!” That was 5 years ago and now I am 12 worlds later. I have many people to thank for growing as a virtual creator of spaces (I still, and will never, consider myself a builder😉 Ilan Tochner is the first who comes to mind, for having the vision to create the Kitely grid, and I am grateful to him for welcoming me into Kitely, when it was only in beta testing.  I thank everyone who has given me support and encouragement too; you know who you are!
In these 5 years, I have stumbled on some innovations (media texturing, NPC’s as flexi ropes and other experiments, some more successful than others😉 Each world has given me immense pleasure and joy when I was creating it, and a mixed feeling of sadness and accomplishment when that process was finished. I think it could be in the category of “light addictions” but I would call it, a creative passion and feel very lucky that I was introduced to the wonders of creating anything you can dream.

I watched an inspiring TED Talk by DB (it’s unpublished but if I get permission will share it in a comment) about creating in Virtual worlds. Someone had asked him, what was his key to having a contented life, and he said, “Make something. I think people are at their best when they are making things, not just consuming things, but making things.” After hearing his words, I went out the next day, and wrote my Boat poem…and now less than a month later, it is a newly born world!

Soo, here is my newest and I invite all my intrepid hypergrid travelers to come visit soon. I will be on tonight from 5PST to 12PST to attend in person, anyone who wants to see this latest world. Once again (and this is my 4th collaboration with him) Dale Innis has made it possible for my poem to virtually come to life before your eyes. He has scripted this ballet  of words, and changed them into moving pieces, that fit with the poem I recite to the music of Leonard Cohen’s instrumental piece: Tacoma Trailer.
Here are some pictures and also the Door to get in:
I would love to share this 5th rez day with you on All My Boats: The Door to Enter


The harbor ..turn on your sounds


Explore the lighthouse and its amazing views and sounds


A peaceful harbor pond with frog sprinkler



Then Nat sent me this little surprise: I think it’s best to share it here with the original post. Nat’s comments are  always very moving and with shadows:):) I just love it! Thank you Natskers  for filming my Boats.Hugs!

I also want to include two more mentions about All My Boats on two different blogs:
Selby Evans’ blog post has some beautiful pictures and includes a definition of installation Art and my poem too. Thank you so much Selby for your focus on my world.

Thank you Dale Innis, scripter extraordinaire, for your blog post too: https://daleinnis.wordpress.com/2016/06/20/a-poem-and-a-painting-come-alive/

Here is another surprise: A sweet video by Joey (https://joeysl.wordpress.com/2016/07/02/out-to-sea/) taken on All My Boats. Thank you so much Joey!! Big Hugs and appreciation:)


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All My Boats


All my boats tied up to posts upon the docks,
began to slip away.
It was not noticed by anyone,
their shiftings on the moorings,
their pullings on the sailor knots,
lolling in a windless, waveless bay.

They tugged the whole night long against the ropes,
to make their getaway.
It was not noticed by anyone,
when the lines began to serpentine,
uncoiling from those knotted fists;
flat and free they slipped through rings
in a graceful snake ballet.

I had a few I’d tethered even tighter than the rest.
These boats had given endless joy; I never felt alone.
Pretty in their sparkling lacquer, strong of hew and finely made,
I sailed uncharted fearlessly, just knowing they were mine.
It seems that Life is set, for everything to slip away…
It all escapes our childlike grasp, and bobs into the waves.

A sense of sadness lassoed me; I’ll miss them all.
Oh, how I loved to paint their decks,
to fly their flags, and sing their praise.
And yet, they looked majestic as they floated out to sea,
each forming wakes behind them, against the daylight’s dawn,
their departure only noticed now by me.

Karima Hoisan
May 17th, 2016
Costa Rica

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Ciudadano de Los Cielos

“Citizen of the Skies…Following the Footsteps of Jorge Newbery.”
Although this is the 18th Randt and Hoisan Production, as we say in Spanish, “Give honor to whom it is deserved” This was Nat’s baby ever since I mentioned the story to her. Nat is the “apassionada” the lover of anything that flies, and without her knowledge, her great collection of vintage planes, her set building talents, camera and direction, even her script writing abilities, this little biography would have never been born.
I will take a little credit for being a dashing (male) virtual tango dancer, a voice over narrator, a woman with her parasol, running to look at a pump:), the only one smiling in a serious picture:) and also the one who used a stick now and then on our creative donkey queen-director( Nat) who might have otherwise not finished it, until “the cows came home” (her words on her blog:) So that’s my little grain of sand.

Seriously, it was an honor to work on this project about an ancestor of a friend of ours, and we hope that our efforts please his family as well as him.
Nat has lots more to say (In German ) about it and you can see that on her blog right here:
Nat’s blog: CLICK

Thanks to our good friends-extras too for taking part in the filming. Their names are at the end;  they all were so patient and professional:)
Below is the film. HD and Full screen always recommended.  Enjoy!

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In Your Head

So, wouldn’t it be fun (I thought) if someone could make a Giant Head that we could divide into Left Brain-Right Brain and take our visitors for a ride? Whenever I have odd sculpting requests, (like a horse’s rear-end:) I always call on my favorite weird sculptor, RAG Randt


Thanks RAG for this Awesome- Sim-Wide Mesh Head!

So you can get an idea of the size, that bothersome tiny mosquito about to land on the bridge of his nose, is really, yours truly. And here is another shot:
small-bigger head

Then I asked my scripter friend, Dale Innis, a very much Left Brain kind of guy, if he would be interested in collaborating again on this, my newest and 9th world
on Kitely – Virtual Worlds on Demand. He said, “Sure!” and after a rather slow start (a year ago) today, we proudly present it to the public. Come visit and take the tour! When you arrive you will see a two-seater hover-board. Turn on your media, (video) set environmental settings to region default, and hop on the board and let it take you for a ride in Your Head, in Our Head, back and forth between the right and left brain.
Here are some pictures to pique your interest. These scenes and many many more await you.


Media on and take a seat!


The flow of creativity



The Boxes Must Never Touch!

5fallt_003 (1)

A Long-Tailed Pencil Breaker

6Ant_006 (1)

Yum Yum, Sushi!


Bubbling Teeth…because they can


Subtle and Hypnotic

9Ant_001 (1).jpg

Ant Art– feel free to copy anything you see and take it home

10headshot_007 (1).jpg

Top of Your Head; not just air up there

So, hopefully you are a little curious, and maybe motivated to come take our heady tour. Just click here and use any browser that has OpenSim capabilities. You might need to make a quick free avatar, but honestly OpenSim is a great adventure, and well worth it. Come visit soon!:

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