Krewe de Zombies Presents Hogman!

What can that title possibly mean?? Well it means just what it says:)

Krewe Zombie2copy

Poster by Natascha Randt

We’re  having an After-The-Bayou Parade celebration at my Bar, “Kari’s Bar and Dance,”
Saturday, January 30th! I have been part of the Krewe de Zombies since 2010 and it’s

Mardi Gras time again in New Toulouse! “Let The Good Times Roll”
Come Join us! This time we have the fabulous performer Hogman live on stage at 2:30slt
I will be spinning Zydeco before and after Hogman’s set.
The only thing “hoggy” about Hogman (see picture) might be, that he will hog your total attention while he is playing and singing.
Join Us! You’ll be sorry if you miss this one!
March on down to Kari’s this Saturday! The fun begins at 2:00slt. Kari’s Bar and Dance
I’ll be waiting for you…..



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The Embroidered Flower


The dragonfly had landed…to make that happen.

There was a day, when I decided to dive into a pool of water fully dressed.
On this day, I splashed and swam, in a long black dress of slippery polyester
silky – satin, smooth and cool.
On The full length sleeves, sewed tight at the wrist,

were embroidered flowers in bright pink thread, outlined in blue.
Shiny add – ons caught the morning light making little beacons lift off my arms while I moved them in slow rhythmic strokes.

The intermittent flashing reminded me of blinking lights,
as if they were all part of some long black aircraft carrier’s colorful runway,
bobbing on the waves, fueled by only sunlight, far far out at sea.

I stopped to catch my breath, resting my arms on the surface, I let them float almost weightless in the water, fingers outstretched.

Then so surprised, I almost flinched to see,
a black dragonfly, dropping rapidly down to land,
on top the brightly pink embroidered flower, at my wrist.
I held my breath, and hoped I would be, but an unobtrusive, out of focus background, just a harmless mountain dripping and looming,
over a garden of pink flowers, diamond-like adornments
sparkling here and there.
Every colorful flower was soaked with moisture, waiting to be emptied, and the dragonfly had landed… to make that happen.

I watched while he took in the pool water, filtered through brightly ordered and embroidered hand-stitched petaled patterns . He drank and he drank, but before he flew away, I was already lost in the deepest thought:
The flowers were fake; they were not real and yet, the dragonfly was not disappointed.
He believed them real and on a hot summer’s day, this water was also needed. These flowers soaked in my swimming strokes, hydrated and sated him.
No it was not nectar, not pollen, not sweet, nor sour; it was only water,
cool, neutral refreshing water, but it was enough.
Water is life.

While I pondered this message, because I saw there was one, in this impetuous and fortuitous gift of his unexpected landing,
I realized, the dragonfly thought them real, these bright embroidered clusters, and they called to him, and he drank, and It was real enough.

I think about my Second Life…where pixels replace skin and we use only words written on lines, and yet, for those of us, who see it real, we really can quench our thirst, for friendship, achievement, collaboration, satisfaction, even love. It doesn’t take anything more than that.
See it real, and it really can touch you, affect you, even fill you.

As I was resting at poolside, my arms folded on the tiles, that dragonfly returned. He landed on the very same flower, on the very same wrist, the pink threads still wet from my swim, and he drank again. This time, I was not surprised at all.
Of course he came back! Why wouldn’t he?

Karima Hoisan
Jan.11th, 2016
Costa Rica

*Footnote: This is the sleeve of the dress and  I thank my best Buddeh, Menubar Memorial, for turning that dragonfly, into a transparency, I could use . It was a re-enactment of the true event.:)

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I’d Like To Order…

New years_001 (1)

I’d Like To Order PEACE Please…For 2016.

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Thoughts on the New Year

 Rick Guidice / NASA Ames Research Center

Rick Guidice / NASA Ames Research Center

When the past comes around, right at the end,
and dances us in a waltz or a complicated slow dance,
should we resist, because soon, it will be a new year?

Does the year not move along the rim of a circle
where the days and nights flip and take turns
over and over in an unending loop?

When we say “Happy New Year” we are just
pausing to look over what we have lived,
who we have loved, what we have learned.

Every minute is a new minute, every year a new year
but always moving forward, around the circular path.
Life and death, new birth, new wonder, treading on the past.

I choose the dance of thanks and light and humble steps.
Grateful for it all, I remember being this way before.

Karima Hoisan
Dec. 29. 2015
Costa Rica

Happy New Year!


New Beginnings by Sugar Mints (Deviant Art)

 *Thank you Lily for letting me use this image. For more beautiful images check out sugarmints at

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In This Holiday Season…

Enjoy your friends and family, good food and generosity!
Thank you all for your support, love and loyalty…
“when we do those things we do!”

Happy Holidays

Love and light spirits from Randt & Hoisan!

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Exist to Exist


Ball’s Pyramid

Some things are what they are
and nothing more.
They exist to exist
even if we don’t

they jut out and rise up and stay
when all else has sluffed away.

Even if we don’t think or dream
about these things;
on Mars,
right now,
the wind is blowing
and pebbles fall
and rearrange the landscape.

Some people are what they are
and nothing more.
We learn to love them without,
or speaking
to them.

We might live with them,
but they remain mysteries.
Stoic remnants of what they
used to be…
We sail around them like little boats,
looking for a safe place to land,
to show them that we’re here,
we see
we love them.

Karima Hoisan
December 20, 2015
Costa Rica

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Sometimes When You Lose, You Win!

The UWA award ceremony has ended, and this year the judges did not see fit to award us a place in the Top 10. Ironically, I was awarded 1st prize for audience participation (trying to second-guess what the judge’s Top 10 would be) and I did include our film, but I was wrong. Nonetheless, Jay Jay personally saw fit to award Nat and I a Special Achievement Award, something outside of the official judging, but for Nat and I personally even more meaningful. We discussed this right after the ceremony, so I can speak for her too, when I say, that Jay Jay’s words mean so much more than a place on the judge’s list. I will quote his words about it from the local chat (It was also in voice)

” Jayjay Zifanwe shouts: Before we move to the top 5, just like the 3D art, I would like to give a special award of L$7,500 to 2 machinima makers, whose styles are very very different, just like the 3D Art where 2 artists were awarded, which was completely my choice. This is something of achievement award of brilliance over many years, and goes to:

Jayjay Zifanwe: NATASCHA RANDT and KARIMA HOISAN of Gelsenkirchen, Germany and San Isidro del General, Costa Rica


Thank you Natascha and Karima, for bringing us this amazing collaboration across the miles and across the years and showing everyone how two wonderful minds coming together through second life across the miles can create something greater than the sum of its parts!”

I sent Jay Jay my reply that will be posted on the official UWA blog about the event and the winners. I said:

“Thank you Jay Jay for the special achievement award, this personal award that you chose to give us for our entry this year, “Chasing a Butterfly” This to us means even more than the tallying of judge’s numbers. It means we were able to entertain and inspire you personally, and to move you to recognise us as a creative team, that only Second Life and also the UWA challenges could have brought together. I am truly sorry this will be the last year, as the UWA and especially you, Jay Jay, have been such a catalyst for us to combine our talents and make our films year after year. Thank you so much for this honor.”

Thanks to all who got up so early to be with us, and when the pictures come in, I will post them later here below.
My SL sister Maria Vought took some great ones I will share. Thanks so much sis for these shots and for being there Hugs!

I want to thank Dale Innis for these next photos below. I can actually see Maria in one. I will name everyone in the shots a bit later but much thanks for sending me these.
The TEAM 1 _ University of Western Australia (UWA), UWA
The TEAM 2 _ University of Western Australia (UWA), UWA
The TEAM 4 _ University of Western Australia (UWA), UWA
The TEAM 5 _ University of Western Australia (UWA), UWA
The TEAM 6 _ University of Western Australia (UWA), UWA
The TEAM 7 _ University of Western Australia (UWA), UWA
The TEAM 8 _ University of Western Australia (UWA), UWA
The TEAM 9 _ University of Western Australia (UWA), UWA.png
The TEAM 10 _ University of Western Australia (UWA), UWA

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