“Whale Song”

I am very pleased to present my newest video-poem entitled “Whale Song”
This poem was born from listening to the haunting music of Djam and Fam “She Left Home” one day and all I could hear in the sad strings was the call of a lonely whale. The free verse poem sprang out of the depths of this song. I thank my sister Maria Vought for helping me to get a legal copy of the song used in the video. My deepest gratitude to my best friend Menubar Memorial for transforming an idea, and a poem, into the video I invite you all to see below.
Whales need our love and protection.
Help Save Them in any way you can. Visit http://www.savethewhales.org
This poem is dedicated to Emile Sands and Seth Stratten.
Please open the full screen as the video is in High Definition and looks very good enlarged

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31 Responses to “Whale Song”

  1. Ethaniel Rajal says:

    …. amazing … and heart-touching !!!

    (((HugggZZZ))) Ethan

  2. emilesands says:

    Thank you, Karima. You move my spirit.

    • Aww Emile..thank you for all you have given to me in inspiration and friendship. and poetic support. The whales need our help..they are beautiful , noble creatures and so vulnerable..
      hugs to you,

  3. Bellaluna says:

    Just gorgeous Karima! I loved it when you performed it live, but now — with the machinima — it’s one more notch above amazing. Wonderful work!

    • Bellaluna..thank you for your positive feedback, and I am so glad you like the video collaboration with Menubar. I think he did a really wonderful job of putting images to my words…

  4. Dallas Ayres says:

    What a beautiful blending of poem, sound recording of the whale voice, emotive music, and calm gentle video.
    Thank you so much Karima. You have uplifted and inspired my world.

    • Dallas, thank you for visiting my blog and leaving this very nice comment. I am so glad that the movie touched you in a positive way. The whales need our support and help..
      in peace,

  5. Dzin says:

    Mercy… truly a masterpiece of artistic creation! The images, the music, the cinematographry and THE WORDS!! Beams with family pride, cuz your projects always ROCK, Sissy-poo ((hugs)).

    • Sis *smiles..thank you so much for this comment and for all your love and support for all my projects..This collaboration with Menubar made the words truly come to life..I am so glad you loved it
      Sis K:)

  6. Seth Stratten says:

    Beautiful. It’s easy to immerse oneself in the moment. A stunning performance. Thank you, Karima.

  7. Stunning. Heartbreaking. Loving tribute. Kari displays her usual incredible connection with all living things.Whales are a particular gift to the planet. Humans have completely disrespected them historically -to our own loss. And theirs.

    They have stories and histories and wisdom to tell us. Some have listened. Most have not. It is my prayer Kari’s song will ring around the world to hearing ears and minds. Like air and water and our own children….they must be protected and loved! For they are the future.For Earth…and us.

    Blessings, Kari. Thank you.

  8. Thank you Tube for your beautiful and sensitive plea for the whales and their protection. Your comment rings with passion and conviction and if this small video helps in some way then I am so pleased to try to get it out to as many as I can.
    Noble beautiful creatures of our world..we must stop the killing.
    in peace,

  9. Tita says:

    You always touches my soul. Moving, made me cry but worth it.
    Thank you mi amiga.

    • Tita, thank you for your words and your friendship. Yes, in the beginning I could not read this poem in public without tears..You felt the video deeply, as I do too
      abrazos amiga,

  10. Scottius says:

    Beautiful and haunting…thanks for sharing this video with us, Kari!

  11. Maria Vought says:

    Oh sis, your voice resonates as deeply as the whale’s song and together with Menubar’s film must surely touch everyone who can feel. It is a masterpiece.

    • Sis..thank you for your glowing comment..I think everyone involved did it from their hearts out..so glad you can feel it and that you enjoyed it.Thank you for your important grain of sand too in this labor of love

  12. Hoyt Heron says:

    Karima! Menubar! This is nothing short of magnificent! What talent! Beyond words!

  13. jan says:

    Karima….what can i say…..your poetry is brilliant! and when music and videos are added in this piece….it touches even more deeply…to the soul….thank you…..beautiful!

  14. Jan thank you so much for your positive comments. As an inspired visual artist yourself, I know you know the power of images, that many times go beyond words for expressing a feeling. Menubar chose just the right ones I think..it was a labor of love all around..

  15. Iris says:


    A reminder of the universal soul we were gifted yet somehow lose with our childhood, until reminded – beautiful Karima

  16. Thank you Iris… unfortunately as we grow older sometimes we lose our “soul eyes” to see the obvious beauty and the injustices too. Thank you so much for your comment
    in peace,

  17. Each time i hear this piece its like for the first time, but always with the same result…deeply moved.

    My eyes drink in the beautiful imagery of the video.

    BRAVO !

    • Thank you Missy, yes this poem is one deep in my heart. I think Menubar captured with sensitivity and artistic beauty the feeling of this poem.. and I am so glad you approve and agree 🙂 hugs to my Aussie Cheerleader:)

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  19. Mark Morris mojo says:

    Once again i am mezmorized by you…mojo manamiko 06/1%/16 my birthday gift to myself today. I miss you dear friend

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