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Reality Check

Please click this link to hear the music “Alegría” B-Tribewhile you read the poem. Reality Check for U How I do remember… The night sounds of summer, Windows echoing the call to prayer, The kids playing in the streets, The wind … Continue reading

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Part Two~ The Colored Dreams~Dream Diary Entry #1

I invite you to listen to this story read aloud to you in my voice over a selected music track. Just click the .mp3 link to hear it read while you read, or close your eyes and let me take … Continue reading

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Oasis Moon

Please click to play the music link here Oasis Moon~Karunesh to listen and enjoy while you read the poem. Oasis Moon for U. You are my other prayer, the one that has never been answered. You are the fleeting memory … Continue reading

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Cracked Planet

~Please Click this Link (Cracked Planet.mp3) It is a sound file you can stream to hear the poem recited by me along with the music of Clint Mansell~ Enjoy!! Cracked Planet for Menubar Memorial the artist In Circuit City below … Continue reading

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The Colored Dreams Part Two ~ Chapter One ~Transition

This post begins Part Two of my small prose series entitled “The Colored Dreams” Chapter One is a transition, a bridge between Part One and Part Two. I will list the six posts, or chapters, that make up the first … Continue reading

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Pale Veiled Memory

Please click on this music link The Poet Acts to listen to, while you read, and let the music set the mood. Pale Veiled Memory for U. Pale specter in the mind of nighttime’s sheer illusions, You no longer glide … Continue reading

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