I know..I know..it has been two weeks since my last post, and that is very unusual for me, so I hope my loyal readers are still with me. Where have I been? I have been lost in the snowdrifts and glacier caves, and chilly ice-house rooms of a new world I am building on Kitely – Virtual Worlds on Demand. Yes I am still in Second Life (about to turn 4 years old next month too) but I, who am not what you would call a builder that could pass a safety code in any virtual world, am now completing my third world here. Kitely, which is just about to take off and be officially ready and functioning, (it is in Beta at the moment) has now opened up the Public Worlds…to the public, and so I had even more incentive to get my latest one, entitled “Frozen Warmth” ready for open- house so to speak. If you would like to visit this frozen foreign land, just click on the link and it will start the entry process, http://www.kitely.com/virtualworld/Karima-Hoisan/Frozen-WarmthThere are a few things one must do, at first to get in, but they are easy and well -explained. After the initial downloading of a plug-in, it is no more than clicking on a url, and poof.. in a minute you are there. You can also find a list of who else is there you might know from Second Life or any life by opening the public world tab and seeing a list. Entry to my worlds is free of charge, so please feel free to visit and not worry about any charge . For a more detailed explanation on Kitely and what they offer, and how it is set up, click on their main webpage here Kitely – Virtual Worlds on Demand. I am excited about this possibility to create more than one world and not have to pay a fortune in tiers to do it. This opens so many possibilities, for creative people everywhere, and without mentioning specifics, I am seeing many names I know from Second Life, making their new worlds beautiful and amazing.
So, below is the first YouTube machinima poem I have filmed on my new “Frozen Warmth.” Not much warmth shows in the video, but you are invited to come and find those cozy places yourself, and sit by a fire for awhile. I want to mention just a few things about this latest machinima, the first being that I am hoping it will be my last one filmed with the hindrance of lack of mouse, and especially lack of 3D mouse. I have ordered one, and by the time it gets here, it might be Christmas, but eventually I will hopefully present much more polished and smoother versions of what it is I do in my videos. I think I probably will always have that “hand-held” camera look, but maybe a more fluid variety of  the same. I also want to share that I had once again written an entirely different score for these images, and when I put it together, I found, it did not move me at all..so I thought, “If it doesn’t move Me..imagine my readers and friends!…” and I threw it all out and started over again. I am much happier with the music I did settle on, and I hope you will agree, that it works with the poetry.
I want to give a special thanks to my SL sister Maria Vought, for sending me some amazing photographs, she had taken of glaciers in Alaska. I used them as textures too in building my world, and you will see them on the final credits.  A big thank-you to
The Freesound Project, that has an incredible vault of sounds for just about anything you can think of, under The Creative Commons Attribution. I now present to you my latest YouTube “Chilled.” I hope you feel it was worth the wait, and I promise to try not to go so long, in between posts. Just chill and enter into the world of ice and snow and broken hearts. Enjoy!!

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20 Responses to “Chilled”

  1. Thanks so much salsaman..I am glad you enjoyed it:)

  2. Joyce V says:

    OMG!…Karima! I heard the ice crack! Not sure if it was the icy scenes or the wolf howl that gave me the goosebumps. Another ‘splendiferous’ piece. Thnx for that!

  3. Smilesssss… felt the warmth inside the melancholy of the words and the beautiful music; fantastic choice! The visuals are beautiful, too. Cannot even imagine what you mean about being ‘hindered’ without that mouse, because what I feel when I see your productions is pure awe (smiles). Another in the series that makes us (your followers) recall/remember, all that you have shared with us over these ‘how many months?’ Goodness, truly when one is hooked, time is undefined. I look forward to making snow angels with you in Kitely, Sissy *smoochies* and keep em coming!

  4. Aw Sis thank you..really thank you so much for your glowing words…I hope to put you “deeper in awe’ with my 3D mouse though 🙂 and you’re on for the snow angels..I can’t wait for you to come visit this world..Thank you always for your love and your belief in my poetry. Big Hugs..

  5. rag says:

    Beautiful build and moving poem. lady K. I hope to experience the build soon, but avoid the heartbreak.

  6. Beautiful as always….perfect combination of words, sounds and visuals !!
    And this is a big compliment, as I`m well known for hating the unremorseful winter and its cold….
    May your heart stay in an everlasting spring, dear friend ! I start to shiver imagining it won`t ****

  7. Aww thank you Isabel:) Hugs..I always say that only a poem can cure a poet..I feel better now *smiles and Spring is in the air and in my step:) Abrazos, amiga artistica y querida:)

  8. Wow..all I could keep thinking is…one day Ill tell someone..”Yup!, I knew her way back when.”
    Spell bounding as always..Bravo…~mojo~

  9. Smiling big, thank you Mojo. for being always supportive of me too since “way-back when” I am so happy you liked it..

  10. Menubar says:

    It’s amazing to watch your creative development in your chosen media, Karima. Each video displays newer talents. The music is incredible. The visuals always unique. I can’t wait to see what you do when you get your Space Navigator!

  11. Hugs Menubar and many thank-you’s. Oooo I can’t wait either.. I am looking forward to that..checking my mailbox twice a day:):) Your great feedback helps me believe maybe I am developing too..in this learning process of video / poetry and music..

  12. happiness says:

    Oh, Kari, another adventure into the ringing and howling caves of your soul. In so many ways, this, for me, is a significant progression forward, with great coherence, movement, and everything working together to add enormous substance to the core message of your beautiful poem, to which I certainly relate. I think we have all been in this space, when what was a warm and comforting world, with its dreams and hopes and magic, fades into a nuclear winter, and one is left floating away on a piece of broken iceberg. It is a splendid poem, even without the gorgeous scenes, and haunting music, but you have really brought it all together! Bravo, bravissimo!

  13. Thank you so much Happiness, I really liked your phrase too.”adventure into the ringing and howling caves of your soul” I think every poem is just that..even if I don’t want it to be, that is where poetry is born..in all of us..
    I am glad you could relate to the theme, and enjoyed your comment so much..I think maybe I am pulling these more together as you say, and hopefully, will only get better at it, as I keep making them.

  14. Maria Vought says:

    Another masterpiece sis, the music was so magical and fitted the words and images so perfectly it touched me deeply. As always I am in awe of your talents and your ability to express such elemental emotions which we can all recognise.
    It was an honour to share my photos with you and see how wonderfully you have incorporated them into your world :))


    • Thank you Sis, for your wonderful words and your continual support and approval.It means a lot and your incredible photographs really set the pace for my build, and defined the color scheme too I might add, although I was sort of going in that direction on my own. Having never seen a glacier up-close, I wasn’t sure they were That beautiful.. but you showed me they were:) Loved your comment Sis …makes me want to do more…:)

  15. jan says:

    Ohhh, Karima….this poem rings deep…touching that part of me that knows that chilled feeling of which you write here…you put words to this feeling of profound sadness and stinging disillusionment, when one loses what was once Grand and full of joyful potential….and then it shuts down, gone.
    I hardly know what to say here….you said it so well. When meaningful experiences change us…when we are taken where we do not want to go sometimes, to feel feelings that are painful, and sad…but always with a hidden Gift that we may not recognize until after the fact…later….maybe when we are one layer freer of the assumptions and hopes we may have had in the illusions in human heart….and closer to a reality that pales those illusions…as deeper we go into the Truth of the Human Heart as its potentials reveal themselves…..often at great emotional cost….but ahhhh…it is all quite magic….
    Thank you again for a journey into the deep heart….you have paid for the Gifts you share so eloquently with us!!!..

  16. Thank you my friend for your comments and insights, which are always so deep and right on the mark:) Yes the chilling wind of rejection an indifference can be so stinging..and truly all we can do is move away, and quickly from those frozen blasts that chill us right through. I like your expression, “journey into the deep heart”. I think without really trying, this is where much of my poetry spontaneously comes from.. just because I am an emotional poet..emotions are what fuel me..and the “deep heart”as you call it, are where they are born. Thank you once again for your warm words on “Chilled”:)

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