I’m So Bad At Keeping Secrets…

photo by Nat

photo by Nat

When I get excited about something, you hear about it. It’s hard for me to keep anything like that from my blog:)

Photo by Nat

Photo by Nat

I’m getting very excited…Natascha Randt and I are in the last few weeks of a project that has captured our imagination for more than four months. We decided to enter the UWA Vl Machinima Challenge again this year (Oh my.. has it been a year already since Seek Wisdom?) and since I handed the poem-carrot to my genius filmmaker to see if she liked the idea, it has been that long.

photo by Nat

photo by Nat

Natascha has put together the set almost single-handedly (I only planted some crops) and every time I teleport there to our Sky-lot on LINC Island, I am transported to some other place, in some other time.

photo by nat

photo by Nat

It’s so hard for me to keep secrets. The hints just leak out, but the movie has a train, and it has rain, and it has a story, and an original soundtrack, and oh…it’s not in black & white:)

photo by Nat

photo by Nat

Coming to YouTube soon, “Window On A Train”
The 10th collaboration of Visualizer Natascha Randt & Vocalizer Karima Hoisan.
Hope you are getting a little excited too….and curious;)
Won’t be long now!


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11 Responses to I’m So Bad At Keeping Secrets…

  1. Looks very intriguing! Curious about what will follow..

  2. Richard A Goldberg says:

    Looking forward to seeing it!

  3. OMG! Thats more than a teaser, hehehehe, but but eeehm yes, ok, its only the rain 🙂

  4. Nat! Actually, I held myself back! but I hope my excitement is contagious…I know you already came down with it *smiles

  5. lunabranwen3 says:

    I, for sure, am excited! The set alone is spectacular, and between you two, I’ve no doubt it will be amazing! Really looking forward to it, and wishing you the best in the UWA Machinima Challenge! You are funny, Kari.. “can’t keep a secret!” Ha! What does UWA stand for again, please?

  6. daleinnis says:

    Extremely curious! And you scared Nat, haha… Definitely looking forward to it…

  7. Thanks Dale..hope you will agree it’s worth my little hype here 🙂 Nat? haha she is just a scaredy Nat:)

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