The Illusion of You


The illusion of you…

The Illusion of You

The illusion of you was a red- dawn sky after an all- night storm,
rose-tipped, filled with hope, looking for stability.
What you might have been, lapped at my feet
and there was a calm, you can’t deny it.
Oh, I felt it too…rising every day, my good fortune.
I went down on knees, on morning- tide to send a thank you.

The illusion of you, sometimes felt real, in the changing light,
fter those nets were put away, and you were quiet.
When I looked upon your shoulders, I saw soft beauty in my midnight.
Yes, I loved your contradictions, because I thought them mostly mine,
but it hurts like fire and ice today, a cold burn, that leaves a fever.
Too much truth, blew in too fast; how quickly clouds can scatter.

Karima Hoisan
July 28, 2013
Costa Rica

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2 Responses to The Illusion of You

  1. daleinnis says:

    So good, as always. Do we ever know any more than illusions of each other? (Or of ourselves!) But the illusions can be beautiful, and even in some ways true…

  2. Hi Dale, sorry so long in responding..I am glad you liked this poem..I do too..Oddly enough the ones I like are not big public hits:) Thank you so much for your comment and I agree with you. The illusion can be almost true..ahh bless our virtuality:)

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