ReCap of The Grading Day Poetry Reading On Dakini

Thanks to Nat, and Claudia222, and Dale, I have some pictures to share of a really wonderful and very well attended Grading Day and my reading that followed. I want to thank everyone who came today, and a big thank you to Varahi Lusch and Beeflin for allowing me the opportunity to be part of this occasion. We had close to 48 avatars present and on my stream 50! Below is the link to hear the whole reading if you missed it, and below that, I will include some great photos.
Karima’s Reading for Grading Day.mp3


Claudia222’s photo


Another beautiful Claudia222 shot


Nat’s camera


Nat’s shot- I see our Mayor of New Toulouse, another Talooster  & Hollywood Glitterati (Scottius & Nat)


Nat’s aerial shot *taken from a MIG-23 no doubt..:)


Nat’s sunset crowd


Nat’s 9Lives


This one too


Nat flaunting her shadows..smiles (they crash me unfortunately)


Nat’s behind the scenes


Dale who is a lover of the Frog Poem


Nat’s surreal Balloon Ride shot


A Director front and center with an otter behind


Nat’s existential afternoon shot


Aerial shadows and some of the  audience  at the end by Nat

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7 Responses to ReCap of The Grading Day Poetry Reading On Dakini

  1. daleinnis says:

    That was such fun! And so well-received. I would have taken more pictures, but every time I cammed around I lagged so much I was afraid I’d crash. Fortunately, the stream stayed up, and I got to hear your reading; wonderful as always…

    • Thank you Dale, and so glad you could make it. Yes, I saw people crashing below, but I was one of the lucky ones who survived a lot of avatars all in one space. The stream was strong, and so was the connection I felt with the audience.It was a very memorable reading for me too…

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  3. Was a great and very emotional reading. I really enjoyed it.

  4. Hoyt Heron says:

    I listened while walking in the desert, and it made me a little melancholy because I could not attend in person. Your introductions to each poem is poetry in itself. I feel you are up there with the greats. In this reading B, Master Ming, O, and O, hit the Karima lotto with poems being dedicated to them. Whale Song was great, as always, and your added emotion made it even better. Never stop writing!!!

  5. Thank you so much Hoyt. Your words spur me on like some kind of super vitamin shot…You are all the B’s filling me up with energy and confidence. Thank you for doing this for so long:)

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