Rattled My Brain

passi-l-arte-digitale-di-verniciatura-con-amazzone-nella-notte-cavallo-ragazza-e-del-cavaliere-nel-moto-99781493 2

passi-l-arte-digitale-di-verniciatura-con-amazzone-nella-notte-cavallo-ragazza-e-del-cavaliere-nel-moto-99781493 2

Rattled My Brain

For all those souls that rattled my brain
shook me awake at midnight and put me on a horse
to ride and ride and ride by only the light of the moon
for the chance to hear them breathing in their sleep
and nothing more…
through their open country windows,
glass-less ventanáles, always unlatched…
I rode by like a nightmare,
braiding the mane of my streaking steed,
but laying a flower like a lover on their window sill…
something to contemplate when they awoke and thought it all a dream.

I bet you don’t know what I mean
but maybe you do..
maybe you got your chance to live as I did
the passion of a real life scene,
the kind played today by actors in HD
rolling now inside your flat screens.

For all those souls that rattled my brain
made me forget to eat, or hear what people
were saying…
Made me jump on trains and ride for two days just
to visit them in the Federal Pen,
charged with conspiracy
but innocent as the break of day,
where we held hands under the scrutiny of all those eagle eyes
aware that time was doing a goose step..and soon I would be back
at the station with no expectations…
Tears and delicious sadness, all the way back
clackety clackety clack.

I bet you don’t know what I mean
but maybe you do..
maybe you got your chance to live as I did
the passion of a real life scene,
the kind played today by actors in HD
rolling now inside your flat screens.

For all those souls that rattled my brain
that scandalized my innocence my naiveté
with their unique lessons
that made me ask what was it all about?
What was true?
What was right?
That taught me to forgive, just about everything …
I’d forgive murder, hypocrisy, betrayal and abuse
if they just asked me to… and they did.
They all were my unconventional schools of life
I took trains and planes just to see them again,
to walk on a beach in Cartagena, to sleep by their side
in a cave in Wadi Rum, to gallop through a rainstorm,
just to bring them their cigarettes.
My story is a Lynchian romance, so how can I put it into words?
How can I pin the blame, take the credit, regret the shame?
except to say….

I bet you don’t know what I mean
but maybe you do..
maybe you got your chance to live as I did
the passion of a real life scene
the kind played today by actors in HD
rolling now inside your flat screens.

Karima Hoisan
September 4, 2018
Costa Rica

*Footnote..I apologize for retouching the painting (getting rid of Shutterstock) but it was just the perfect image. Mea Culpa:) Also…here is the music I looped incessantly to write this poem. Isn’t it fabulous?? Seductora, Explotadora y Algo Mas (Luis Alberto Posada)

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24 Responses to Rattled My Brain

  1. daleinnis says:

    Ah, lovely! You who used to be a poet. 😉

    So wild and evocative! I don’t know what’s literally going on in each scene, but the whole works so well.

    • We say in Spanish, “Quien no llorar..no mama” Who doesn’t cry doesn’t nurse..I was lamenting to the universe, that my poems seemed to be coming far and few between..and happy to say, I think my muse was listening:) I think this one is enigmatic enough, so you can add your own memories to the lines:) Thanks Dale for your comment!

  2. Joey says:

    Now this is intense, Karima. I don’t know what you mean, but maybe I do.. I’ll be pondering over this. Love the rhythm!

  3. Odracir says:

    > I bet you don’t know what I mean

    Beautiful. Evocative. Suggestive of memories of an unconventional life and complicated loves… Of innocence, betrayal, and forgiveness. I don’t know what you mean… but maybe I do? 😉

    Thank you again, Karima, for another vivid ride through the landscape of your poetic mind.

    • Thank you kind Odracir..for gracing my pages and leaving this nice comment. I am glad you enjoyed these vivid rides, sometimes through the landscape of my mind(really cool thought..I love it!

  4. Alejandro Araya says:

    I love it! thank you for being so awesome and let me read this. XOXO

  5. Ahhh… this poem is so fully you! Adventurous, passionate, romance on high oozes from you brilliant mind/heart! I could feel you… know you… love you in this provocative poem! Free and wild and enjoying this passion of a real life scene, like the one on our flat screen…. thank you again, you who used to be a poet …hahaha…

    • Oh Jan, so nice to see you back commenting here on my blog! That means you went to battle with WordPress and won! You of all people might be the only one who really “knows what I mean” in the literal context and examples…smiles big:) Haha and I felt your pinch at the end:)Seems I still have a few poems left….giggles:) Your exuberant comment left me smiling from ear to ear…HUGSSS

  6. Scottius says:

    Keep riding on…that wild ride is what makes you real and alive! Such an evocative poem…well done!

  7. ronald174 says:

    Brilliant. As usual. I love the image of you tearing thru night, thru unknown, towards unknown. With courage of conviction. Great painting! Really captures the feeling you express. So much truth in this life seems to tear off across the landscape, breakneck spread. Without a clear reason or beginning or end. You stand as a beacon for embrace of goodness and truth. Without all the support of a clear map. Or motivation. or cheers from an indifferent world. Please don’t stop your furious ride!

    • Thank you so much for this comment Ron, and thank you for your initial thoughts shared ,that served as a trigger to do some reminiscing from my life:) Thank you for always inspiring me, to push my envelopes..boundaries and just let them ride away with me:)

  8. Dzin says:

    OMG, I could feel the tempo pushing, pushing, pushing as you gallantly ride to destinations yet unknown, but pulled and pushed to inside your mind. This is another piece of your beautiful genius with words underneath an inspirational photo layered with music. Goodness, it riles the senses of the reader/viewer for sure, but more so gives a fuller sense of the creative composition you repeatedly undertake. Bravo and Applause… well done!!

    • Awww Sissy, makes me thrilled to see you loved this little ride down memory lane:) I too love the image of the midnight rider…It was already branded by Shutterstock, but I couldn’t help myself hehe. I was telling Scottius, my muse sometimes, hides in a closet, but music like this piece, brings her out (curious like a cat) and then she is hooked and I start writing hehe. It’s an odd process, but it does seem to work and I don’t even ask why? Hugs and much thanks for taking the time to let me know..Spurs me on (pun intended:) to more and more!

  9. Hoyt Heron says:

    Wow! So Dylanesque! (You decide which Dylan)😀 This one is worth hours of rereading, review, interpretation, and reinterpretation. Thank you for the ride. I will definitely reriding this one!

    • Re ride all you want Hoyt!! Haha I’m so glad you found it intriguing and worthy of a couple reads… This is a case of the music bringing out the poem. As you know, this happens to me a lot..music as a trigger has always been a way for me to tap into the flow..especially when I am a bit “rusty”, haven’t written for awhile, a special piece of music comes along..and the visions start flying..all I have to do, is capture them in words..:) My job as the poet, is the easy part then.:) Thank you for commenting so enthusiastically:)

  10. My, my, reading this the first time, I had no clue what kind of weird riddle this poem is:)
    But with so many powerful pictures like “I rode by like a nightmare, braiding the mane of my streaking steed.” I really can see it.
    Or let it be this one “For all those souls that rattled my brain …”
    And that let me read it again and again and always I feel it different.

    One funny thing is, one time when I read your poem, I was listening to the song “Ghost Division”. The songtext doesnt matter, but that symphonic metal music has, for me, the right pace for the poem. Anyway,

    But, BUTT 🙂 then I was listening to that Pasodoble music and HOLY MOLY, I got it!
    Gave me goose bumps.

    The perfect description for all the things, decisions, people, incidents and accidents, feelings, maaan the whole poem, you gave it by yourself: “… a Lynchian romance …”
    And it really is!
    I LOOOOOVE that: A Lynchian Romance.
    Perfect and awesome!

    • Aww Natskers…thank you! I know you told me you had to think about this one, but so cool it got to you in the end…truly very Lynchian…which is probably why I have always loved what he(Lynch) put down on the big screen (and flat screens too:) I will check out Ghost Division but this Paso doble sends me back in time to my younger days in Costa Rica where is was like a movie from sunrise to sunset back then, in those remote years and miles and miles from electricity or a TV set…we made our own “tele-novelas” we lived them, instead of watching them…something positive to say for the lack of technology while growing up, Thank you Thank you for this really cool comment..I love it! HUGS to you and who knows…if we could get the rights to this music…what could happen? hehe winks:

  11. Dan Linn says:

    I’d rattle your brain, but I would rather ride inside for a chance to cover the distances you have.

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