Karima’s After-Sunset-Reading at Circe’s Saturday Oct. 12 6pm slt


Poster by Natascha Randt

Don’t be afraid…I don’t bite much:) as I will be too busy this Saturday,
October 12, at Circe’s Poet’s Sanctuary, waiting for that awful sun to go down, so I can read my poetry that I have selected for your listening enjoyment. I can be nice, and I will… I promise. I am not even delivering a particularly dark presentation, but maybe a few could be called Halloween-ish. I am what they call, a once- a- year vampire, and this happens only in the month (yes the whole month) of October! I am sure I was cursed by those old vampire legions of 2008, that used to go around biting everyone..and somehow I was only partially afflicted in this manner..a once-every-October-transformation into..moi:)
So, I know I am cutting it close, reading at 6pm, but in my part of the world, it is deliciously dark by this hour.
I hope you will join me, this coming Saturday:
Fly on little bat wings to Circe’s starting at 5pm with Open Mic in voice..then I will read on stream at 6pmslt… Please join me…I will be reading 10 new poems I have never read and a few oldies that were requested..From Bullrides & Magic to Circus Acts & Raindrops…

Try not to miss this one:)

Seductively Yours,
Karima Vamp  de Hoisan


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