Awards Ceremony-Party at Kari’s-Sunday!

So….lots going on this coming Sunday, March 25th starting at the early hour of 6am!!
That is the hour we, the machinima makers of Second Life who have an entry in the Slartist@UWA Machinima Challenge will be up and chewing our fingernails at, and sad to say, perhaps the very last awards of this kind. If you follow this blog to some degree, you know that we have not done very well with judges in the past. This is a new year, so anything is possible, but no matter what, all of us involved know we have a good film, and we are proud of it. Whatever happens at the Awards, happens, but hopefully we will all be there, including Silas whose art was the inspiration for our film. See Post:The River of Forgetting. If you enjoy getting up early on Sundays, we would love to have you sitting with us:)
After the awards are announced, we will take a few hours out to cry or joyously jump up and down;) and then we have a PARTY at Kari’s Bar and Dance in its new location: LINC matter how we do… we will CELEBRATE!!


Poster by Natascha Randt

For this party, we have the really fabulous (I mean really!) DJ Outlaw spinning,Blues, Country and Zydeco for your listening and dancing pleasure. It is the same Kari’s Bar and Dance that has been in existence in New Toulouse for 9 years now!!

We brought it home to our city in the sky, LINC City, to grace our streets and Entertainment District. The same great ambiance, same great people, and a super duper dance ball to enjoy it all. For those of you that remember the New Toulouse days, the iconic Harley’s Hotel that used to be across from Kari’s has once again moved and is across the street.. again!! Just like old times. Welcome back Harley on LINC Island!!

I invite you all to join us for some great music and high spirits..Please put it on your calendars (avatars are sooo forgetful) and party with us for 2 hours 12noon slt-2pm.
The LM will take you to our sim below, where you will find another teleport, so just choose Kari’s Bar and Dance and Voilá you will be at the door!
Please plan on exploring the city that was just about single-handedly created by Natascha! It has so many cool places, a park, and  great places for pictures…

Hope to see you on Sunday, March 25th at Kari’s Bar and Dance…and if you are up early…send us a good luck wish for the Ceremony:) and…if somehow I didn’t nudge you hard enough to see our entry…here it is to watch before Sunday:)

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Between The Night and Nowhere

BlogSnapshot_005 2

Between The Night and Nowhere
For Natascha

Tour me in a roadster convertible…I’m all and only yours today.
We can watch the cane fields burning down to the ground,
while we’re living the dream , and it’s your dream that you planted,
right here inside my mind, just waiting to be found.

Drive me around with the top down, we can wave back at the wheat.
I smell the wildflowers mixed with horses breath and blackened earth.
Not a soul to be seen, just you and me and the scenery…
the car humming along, knowing that, here comes the rebirth.

So take me for a drive , I don’t care where,
just climb us up to the mountain top, to hear the whispering bells,
and drop me off where the crows look down
and the smokey clouds and haze paint those rural pastels.

I hear there’s a garden there that I really should see.
It has a little girl, sitting at her daddy’s feet, always asking “why?”
Between the night and nowhere is where it seems they want to be,
and the answers that she seeks are written in the sky.

Machinery hums, the cattle call, gears shift down to first.
If you hear a cicada singing, you know you’re still alive.
The whistling wind turns chill and blows and parts my hair,
while the narrow winding mountain pass thrills and terrifies.

I know and so do you, that from this scorched earth, a little seedling grows.
In a fever dream or a burnt down meadow, we can see the new seeds being sown.

Those roaming grey clouds are going to let it rain any time now, any day…
I could ride with you forever, and let it rain, ‘cuz I’m just not ready yet.. to head for home.

So, tour me in a roadster convertible…I’m all and only yours today.
We can watch the cane fields burning down to the ground,
while we’re living the dream , and it’s your dream that you planted,
right here inside my mind… this fertile ground.


Karima Hoisan
March 6, 2018
Between The Night and Nowhere
Kitely – Virtual Worlds on Demand



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Crows Look Down


Crow Companions by Robert Bateman

Click on the title-link below to hear it recited to the music that inspired it: “Dodd’s Shakedown” by Jeff Russo and the Prague Philharmonic Fargo Season 2
Crows Look Down

Driving down a familiar highway day in day out
One day…the scenery changes;
the weather turns to winter
and the wheel chills your hands
In the middle of the summer.
No warning signs…no yellow roadblocks
High white clouds exit…
Stormy Wedgwood – blue ones
roll in, taking their place.
Flocks of crows in the treetops,
look down suddenly
on your rooftop.
Are you dreaming? Are you crazy?
Should you have known
today was the day?
You feel that flutter of colorless butterflies
The question you ask…
“Should I stay in my car and keep driving?”
Maybe it will all make sense around this next bend…
and really, you have no choice now
Winter has snowed you to a crawl, but you can’t survive,
if you get out.

Karima Hoisan
Jan. 30th, 2018
Costa Rica


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Lawn Candy


Frustrated saliva, like bitter leaves…

Lawn Candy

 My Ridgeback stalks the front lawn.
Stands on point,
I sit back to empathize

Squirrels are Hershey bars
that temptingly zoom out of reach.
We have not eaten sweets in a month

Their tails dangling tauntingly,
furry Eskimo Pies,
chocolate side down,
the sticks in the air.

Why talk about cruelty
or the bloody shame?
They are just a pair of creamy whims
that fly and tease a meter overhead.

So marshmellowy,
our stomachs rumble.
We run behind,
leaping up into low branches..
Now we’re falling,
open paws, empty-handed.
Frustrated saliva, like bitter leaves
nothing left to do but woof

Karima Hoisan
2005 Costa Rica






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Hope is Found


“The End of Hope ” by Silas Merlin

Hope is Found
inspired by the painting by Silas Merlin
“The End of Hope”

Born and raised on a distant shore…
The world was not as kind as I had thought it would be.
Still, I was the child who found hope in almost anything,
and saved butterflies, and ants drowning in puddles.
I nurtured hurt birds, because I understood at too early an age
the fleeting chances I’d be given to make a difference
and how quickly my youth could just disappear into the fog of the past.

Sometimes I transplanted a little shoot that struggled to grow,
in the sand between the bricks of the path.
I carefully uprooted and replanted it in fertile rich soil.
I had hopes it would thrive and I rewarded it for being brave,
for staying alive, long enough for me to find it.
I tried to faithfully visit this flower from time to time,
just to see how it was doing, if it was still surviving.

I noticed when I observed it, how we were much the same;
inside we had our vitality which was an essence, akin to magic.
Inside we would grow up exactly as our patterns ordained
a paint-by-numbers, that was filling in all on its own.
I was the child growing taller and more compassionate and aware.
It was the flower, shooting up and coming into its bloom.
How we both needed each other, to get to this moment.
That’s where I found hope, sitting between us.


Karima Hoisan
January 13, 2018


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The Past Came For Lunch Today

old kitchen9bc 2

Costa Rican Fogón

The Past Came For Lunch Today

The past came for lunch today
one after another they sat in chairs
at the dining room table that was set
for less
and so some stools and some
odd chairs were added until we
were all sitting down.
There was much expectation..
I saw everyone smiling
because the past had come for lunch today
and met up with now at the dining room table…right now
making new memories…that sometime in the future
would be great ones to remember
from the past.

Each carried a bridge
that they laid down straight to my heart
and the memories flowed over it
and laughter skipped over it
and heaping plates of rice with chicken,
were shuffled back and forth
on the magical conveyor belt below the girders.
Then our mouths opened for talking
and our mouths opened for laughter
and our mouths opened for eating.

We marveled that we were still
coherent and alive
still in the same country
still connected after years of silence
and it felt like …
just like Time had stopped
then jerked us into the present,
which was now…
which was at this dining room table
of laughter and good food…
and it was like no time had gone by
and it was also like we had missed so many lifetimes
forgot to make more memories
too busy in our daily lives
to try to even do a few.

By the time coffee was served
We had agreed this must happen
once again…
make memories
not only recall them…
There was still time
and we all wanted to.
So we agreed on a date,
and even a menu
and our eyes sparkled
in mirth and irony…
because we realized
we had just invited the past
to come back again
into the future.

Karima Hoisan
Jan 4, 2018
Costa Rica


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Here’s to an Amazing 2018 for All

HappyNewYear2018 2

Photo by Natascha

From LINC Island with love and best wishes
for a healthy, happy and creative 2018!!
From (left to right)
oey is missing:(
The LINC Islanders!! (LINC Island in SL since 2006:)
Love and great hopes for the New Year!


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