Karima Reads at Circe’s-Saturday April 29th-6pm slt

April 29th 2

Photo by Yesikita-Fonts by Natascha

Spring is just the best time to hop over to “Circe’s Poets Sanctuary” and sit on a toadstool and listen to some poetry.
After a very long absence, I will be back there this Saturday, April 29th at 6pm slt reading to those who join me.
This is my first reading in over a year, and I am excited (a bit nervous) but really looking forward to entertaining you for a full hour.
The evening begins at 5pm with an open- mic segment, so if inclined, feel free to bring a poem or two to share or just come and listen. This first part will be in voice, and my hour will be on the music stream.
A kindly frog will show you the way if you click right here: Circe’s Poetry Sanctuary
I really hope to see all who enjoy my poetry, this Saturday, April 29th 6pmslt!

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Safe in Spring

Male-American-Robin-on-nest-©-Ann-MacRae 2


I still have hope..even against everything I read and hear on the internet.
The Robins in my garden are building nests..
They chatter to themselves busily…hauling building supplies
back and forth.
Some unwound yarn strings, dry strands of who knows what, or
where they found them;
dead useless things are being recycled into baby bird incubators and bassinets.

Spring is a time to take hope.
New things bloom and old things reincarnate once again
Robins and Tanagers stay focused on the needs at hand.
Working feverishly, flying over there and building over here,
Soon the rains will come in earnest.
Babies will be hatching among the twigs and fibers, feathers, and their siblings
safe and warm in their nests.
They are shielded by their parents who rotate their shifts,
one staying home and the other looking for food.
Thunder cracks the silence of the afternoon and small rain drops begin to fall.
For just a few minutes, I feel hopeful…
as safe as a baby robin,
peering out from the safety of its’ nest.

Karima Hoisan
April 14th 2017
San Isidro, Costa Rica.


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Rob Steenhorst’s Art Book-Sporting Life

This seems to be my week of “Show and Tell.” 🙂
I don’t mean to be blowing my own horn too loudly, just as luck would have it, two collaborations that I was lucky enough to be part of, were presented to me in the last few days.

I received a beautiful copy of Rob Steenhorst’s book, in the mail, of CGI images that span 20 years of his art from 1998-2016. It is the perfect coffee table book, so that is where I put it, after I read the excellent foreword and the interesting miscellaneous offerings at the end, inspired by various, writers, thinkers and even a machinima maker, I took my time and poured through the excellent imagery; there is so much to see in each, so many subtle details.

Six of my poems are included alongside thumbnails of the images that inspired each one. I am honored and so pleased to be part of this beautiful book, that chronicles the art of one of my favorite artists, both personally and artistically. Rob’s dedication on the first page, is something I will always cherish.
Rob helped me to become a better and more intuitive Ekphrastic poet, one who is stimulated into poetry by visual imagery. Not all paintings do this to me, but in Rob Steenhorst’s case, there were 5 of his paintings that haunted me, until I could express what they made me feel, through poetry. He has included these at the end of his book and one more that was a personal gift, that I wrote just for him.
I am including below, how you can purchase this book, and I can tell you that it is indeed worth having in your collection. Thank you Rob, for including me, and thank you for sharing your unique talent with all of us in Second Life (as Rob Barber) and with the world!

Information about the book

Title: Rob Steenhorst
Dartel Leven | Sporting Life
Computer Generated Images (CGI)
1998 – 2016

Size: A4 21 x 29,7 cm | 8,27 x 11,69 Inch
122 pages. incl cover
Soft touch cover
Texts by o.a. Michael van Hoogenhuyze, Art Historian, and 6 poems by Karima Hoisan, Poet
95 images from which, 64 are original artworks

Price: € 25,– | $ 26.58 (depending on change rates) excluding delivery

Delivery rates: Netherlands: € € 3,90 | $ 4.15
Europe 1 : € 9,31 | $ 9.90
Europe 2 : € 11,97 | $ 12.72
World : € 14,63 | $ 15.55

Payment through Pay Pal: robsteenhorst@zocher1.nl

Please don’t forget to include the delivery address when ordering!

Depending on distance it may take up to a maximum of 10 workday’s before receiving
I will also include the beautiful machinima by Iono Allen. I read one of these poems in it, and you will have a chance to see many of his paintings, that are included in the book too.

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“Catharsis” by Akoviani

As I mentioned in a past post, Catharsis and Serendipity, I was lucky enough to hear Akoviani for the first time, when I was looking for just the right music for our machinima, “Unmindful.” I was captivated by his original and very meditative sound, and after choosing one of his songs from his album, “Hypnotica,” I wrote to him, and this began another long-distance, collaborative friendship. I proudly present one cut from his latest release, “Catharsis” entitled, “The Circle of Life with Karima Hoisan” I do the spoken voice and I am so honored to be part of his beautiful and haunting album.
I also will include the link to buy his songs very inexpensively on Amazon:  Akoviani’s Amazon Digital Music Page
Here is the cut and you can play it, by clicking this link: The Circle of Life with Karima Hoisan.
Screen Shot 2017-04-06 at 12.36.51 PM
*    *    *     *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *     *     *     *      *      *      *      *     *     *      *    *

I am also sharing a YouTube from another cut from “Catharsis” and….. a small  teaser that soon, I might be working on a new single with Akoviani. Stay tuned:)

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Loved and Lost


Loss of The Wind by Scheinbar-Deviantart.com


I’ve loved and lost
and only pain can take me to those remote realms,
where I almost feel giddy as if I were about to fall
right out of the sky…
and it’s too hard for me to grab onto the words
because I’m still falling…weeks have passed and I’m still going down.

I miss you…everything you were to me..is no longer there.
Hours of my life…once filled by you and all your needs
have left me staring out a window…. just remembering.
People tell me to only land on the good imagery, your photos, our happy reveries.
I can’t help myself if I loop obsessed; the last night I saw you, will forever haunt me.

Loss is loss; who can measure, the breadth, the width, the degree?
Would anyone have the right to tell me, I should no longer grieve?
I still find it comforting, that the tears are being released,
because, many suns and moons are cycling, with you, so completely gone.

How can something so alive, just disappear from reality?
How can those sparkling eyes go out? How can they no longer be?
I know it was not your intention; you were just being yourself, curious and carefree,
but when you jumped out that open window at the end,
you inadvertently shattered me.

Karima Hoisan
March 28, 2017
Costa Rica

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Happy International Women’s Day!

Women's Day_n
For all women all over the world….We’re Awesome!!

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Samedi Gras Parade Saturday in New Toulouse Second Life


Mermaids by Nat and Karima-photo by Nat

Mardi Gras is alive and swimming in New Toulouse this year!!
Nat and I, as part of the Krewe des Zombies, will be delectable and delightful mermaids for…

Samedi Gras ’17, Saturday, February 25.
Come join the fun! Festivities begin in the New Toulouse Square
The celebration begins at 11 am SLT, and the parade begins at 12 noon!

Music! Beads! and Colorful Floats!! (One with Mermaids!!)
How can you miss this?? Don’t let that happen!
Hope to see you in the Square:)

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