Lawn Candy


Frustrated saliva, like bitter leaves…

Lawn Candy

 My Ridgeback stalks the front lawn.
Stands on point,
I sit back to empathize

Squirrels are Hershey bars
that temptingly zoom out of reach.
We have not eaten sweets in a month

Their tails dangling tauntingly,
furry Eskimo Pies,
chocolate side down,
the sticks in the air.

Why talk about cruelty
or the bloody shame?
They are just a pair of creamy whims
that fly and tease a meter overhead.

So marshmellowy,
our stomachs rumble.
We run behind,
leaping up into low branches..
Now we’re falling,
open paws, empty-handed.
Frustrated saliva, like bitter leaves
nothing left to do but woof

Karima Hoisan
2005 Costa Rica






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Hope is Found


“The End of Hope ” by Silas Merlin

Hope is Found
inspired by the painting by Silas Merlin
“The End of Hope”

Born and raised on a distant shore…
The world was not as kind as I had thought it would be.
Still, I was the child who found hope in almost anything,
and saved butterflies, and ants drowning in puddles.
I nurtured hurt birds, because I understood at too early an age
the fleeting chances I’d be given to make a difference
and how quickly my youth could just disappear into the fog of the past.

Sometimes I transplanted a little shoot that struggled to grow,
in the sand between the bricks of the path.
I carefully uprooted and replanted it in fertile rich soil.
I had hopes it would thrive and I rewarded it for being brave,
for staying alive, long enough for me to find it.
I tried to faithfully visit this flower from time to time,
just to see how it was doing, if it was still surviving.

I noticed when I observed it, how we were much the same;
inside we had our vitality which was an essence, akin to magic.
Inside we would grow up exactly as our patterns ordained
a paint-by-numbers, that was filling in all on its own.
I was the child growing taller and more compassionate and aware.
It was the flower, shooting up and coming into its bloom.
How we both needed each other, to get to this moment.
That’s where I found hope, sitting between us.


Karima Hoisan
January 13, 2018


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The Past Came For Lunch Today

old kitchen9bc 2

Costa Rican Fogón

The Past Came For Lunch Today

The past came for lunch today
one after another they sat in chairs
at the dining room table that was set
for less
and so some stools and some
odd chairs were added until we
were all sitting down.
There was much expectation..
I saw everyone smiling
because the past had come for lunch today
and met up with now at the dining room table…right now
making new memories…that sometime in the future
would be great ones to remember
from the past.

Each carried a bridge
that they laid down straight to my heart
and the memories flowed over it
and laughter skipped over it
and heaping plates of rice with chicken,
were shuffled back and forth
on the magical conveyor belt below the girders.
Then our mouths opened for talking
and our mouths opened for laughter
and our mouths opened for eating.

We marveled that we were still
coherent and alive
still in the same country
still connected after years of silence
and it felt like …
just like Time had stopped
then jerked us into the present,
which was now…
which was at this dining room table
of laughter and good food…
and it was like no time had gone by
and it was also like we had missed so many lifetimes
forgot to make more memories
too busy in our daily lives
to try to even do a few.

By the time coffee was served
We had agreed this must happen
once again…
make memories
not only recall them…
There was still time
and we all wanted to.
So we agreed on a date,
and even a menu
and our eyes sparkled
in mirth and irony…
because we realized
we had just invited the past
to come back again
into the future.

Karima Hoisan
Jan 4, 2018
Costa Rica


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Here’s to an Amazing 2018 for All

HappyNewYear2018 2

Photo by Natascha

From LINC Island with love and best wishes
for a healthy, happy and creative 2018!!
From (left to right)
oey is missing:(
The LINC Islanders!! (LINC Island in SL since 2006:)
Love and great hopes for the New Year!


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The River of Forgetting-Featuring Silas Merlin’s Funerary Ship for Slartist@UWA Machinima Challenge 2017 -Art of The Artists

Where to begin?

I think I will begin by showing you our movie:) This is the 25th collaboration for Randt & Hoisan,also known as The Team:) Please enjoy it in HD and Fullscreen and then if you are interested in a bit of the history on making it.. keep  reading below.

I could write a book about the making of this movie..but I think I’m too lazy; nevertheless, there are things that need to be said about this one..for the record and just to look back on years from now and remember the trials and errors and breakthroughs and near breakdowns we all lived through while making it.

I have revisited some of my other posts about our entries for the UWA and it seems I am always saying..that this one or that one was the most complicated etc etc, but objectively, I think “The River of Forgetting” wins that prize hands down! It was soooooo complicated to make this movie..that sometimes I felt really crazy..I would lose my concentration and would just stand there thinking…whaaat?

One of the factors that made this difficult was that we filmed about 95% of this machinima on Kitely-Virtual Worlds on Demand. It is a a great compliment to the Kitely machinery, that it was even possible. OpenSim in general, and Kitely in particular is stable enough and powerful enough to be able to shoot a movie of this caliber, get ample fps and be able to fill a world with many prims. It would not have been possible, even a few years ago.

The Beginning The River of Forgetting (131, 126, 22)

The Beginning of an idea..and a world…July 2017

The other very complicated thing we had with this movie, is that Nat made the mesh clothes for the avatars to wear. The avatars themselves had to have the same body shape, height, hair in Kitely as they did in the intro shot and also backstory scenes that were shot in Second Life. We had to have rigged mesh clothes to wear and unrigged mesh clothes to throw. We had to have some unrigged clothes to throw that were physical, but we also needed non-physical unrigged clothes to add my swirling textures and make them disappear with a script. Just keeping this wardrobe together, remembering what had a script, what had textures, what was to go into a cannon and be catapulted in an arc into the water just as an avatar was throwing it folded up… was all very complicated to say the least.


No littering of the river….everything that fell in was dissolved by little river creatures

pants sparkle_001 2We had some textures that were triggered by just landing on the water, others, we had to write /99108 and others we had to write /99107.We had to bring in bvh motion capture animations and alter them and make our own tossing and throwing animations that would look close enough to the real thing. The main thing is that all the fading and disappearing and swirling were done in real time. Each had to be coordinated to the ship, moving away, the cannon lobbing clothes, the avatars dropping their backpacks or tossing their jackets. We never used particles…all the special effects were done with rotating textures…and I think in the end, it worked! Dale and I earned our SFX credit by working closely together and texturing each piece of clothing, each picture, each knapsack that fell into the water.

It doesn’t look like a lot,  when you see it in the film, but it got so confusing, our workshop was scattered all over a lawn, and half the time I didn’t even know what was what..linked? unlinked? scripted? unscripted?
We even had a hard time figuring out when we could get our little foursome together for shoots and it was what started us using the expressions “rigged and unrigged time”  that everyone learned to understand somehow..and we managed to pull off our shoots in both Sl and Kitely with some kind of schedule….and much laughter…and much unrigged time:) I think we went through daylight savings, but then some of us (the unrigged ones..didn’t)
Apart from almost coming unrigged myself during the process, it was a lot of fun too and Nat got to do some very innovative filming. I hope you will agree.

Now to the star of our video! The undisputed star is Silas Merlin’s gorgeous and colorful pastel boat entitled “Funerary Ship” Silas made this movie possible by allowing us to take his SL Art Work off the grid and permit us to import it into Kitely, where I had the possibility of building a sim just for it and our UWA project.


Silas’s Ship arrives on Kitely – Virtual Worlds on Demand


It was a moment of rejoicing for Nat & I

Nat, meanwhile, was building an SL set for the beginning of our film, while I was making the Kitely set.

Funerary Cloud Forest & Virtual Gallery, LINC ISLAND (123, 88

Nat’s beginning of her set for our film in SL

We worked closely with Silas and he was willing to give us the textures he used on the ship, so Nat could make avatars from them, and I could make a landing ballet tent for the final dance. This movie would have absolutely been impossible to make, if it weren’t for Silas’s total cooperation and willingness to help.

Interestingly, when I first saw the Ship at the UWA and told Nat about it, I thought we could use a poem I already had that I recited to the music of the composer, David Darling. It was about that final ride, down the river Lethe, and it was about death and crossing over to the final shore. Before I read Silas’s “About My Entry,” we had begun to work on this idea and I even wrote to David Darling and asked permission to use his music “Untold Stories” (which miraculously he gave me:) but by then..I read Silas’s motivation and….well it changed EVERYTHING. I had to find new music, write a new poem and align our movie with the artist’s reasons for creating his art piece. This was something so new for both Nat and I..but we flowed with it and I am so happy we did.  The music,”Between Worlds” by Roger Subirana Mata gave me “goosebumps” the first and the 100th time I heard it. It is an amazingly emotional and beautiful piece of work, and I bought a license to use it on YouTube from Jamendo for this project.
Once again, Dale Innis was instrumental in moving our boat and all the scripts we used to make our special effects. Without his help, we could not have pulled this off.
I’d love to have a $ for every time I said, “Nat, you’re going to kill me..but…butt…” We literally changed horses (or ideas) in midstream and listened to the soundtrack and tried to just…”let it go”

Photo leaving River

Negotiating with the Captain

Last but not least, a very heart-felt thank you to our wonderful cast. They showed up when we needed them and most importantly, were so much fun when we filmed them, both in SL and Kitely in both rigged and unrigged Time too:)
Nat and I have it very clear and agree on this last point. No matter what happens as far as the judging goes; if Silas is happy with what we did with his Funerary Ship, then we are happy too.
This one is for you Silas, your talent and your generosity of spirit!! It is our
hope that we have honored you, with our entry..


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Rain_full 2

Dark days, sad days
Chopin on a piano playing;
grey skies, about to rain
feels like night at 10 am.
A droplet hits the window pane.
How depressing!
Don’t turn on the little table light,
the bedside lamps…
Now this room’s a Scottish castle
bleak and damp; a dungeon door has closed,
a burst of light then thunder rumbles…
Inside you’re desolate, trapped and cold.

Dark days, cozy days
Chopin on a piano, playing,
grey skies, about to rain
feels like night at 10 am.
A droplet hits the window pane.
How perfect!
Turn on the little table light,
the bedside lamps…
Now this room’s a Scottish castle
with Rembrandt glow, spiced tea and pie
a burst of light then thunder rumbles
Inside, you’re safe and snug and dry.


Karima Hoisan
November 27, 2017

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Somehow, while the world was turning
I got left on the outside..standing still.
Everything seemed normal and yet
I sensed that I was missing.
Things flashed by me, while saxophones wailed like sirens
and yet, I was frozen, in place, in time, in space
The black night kept me hanging, while the colors
swirled around me, the laughter, the warmth,
but I was unable to take part…
being on another plane looking in,
seeing without living,
breathing without being alive.

Karima Hoisan
September 23, 2017

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