The Happy Ball

Does anyone remember the bag randomly flying, soaring and dancing in a very touching scene of the movie, “American Beauty”?
Well, I was luckily a witness to something in that category, of things just reacting spontaneously to Nature’s forces: Air, Water, Fire…etc. In this case, it was water that somehow “trapped” a ball in my pool and tickled it into a spontaneous, hypnotic and graceful dance. I knew immediately I was witnessing something so randomly wonderful, that I grabbed my iPhone and took a few shots. It is a simple movie, the ball is the star, and the only “special effects” added was  using some slow motion and near the end a few seconds of reverse…outside of that, how it looks is how it looked…and it did not go on for a few went on for over an hour!
I hope my happy ball will relax, hypnotize and make you smile.. I found some great, creative commons music on Jamendo to go with it..and now it’s on YouTube. A new star is born…an inanimate one…such a happy ball who came as a sign to wish us a very Happy New Years..balanced, graceful and full of the good kind of kinetic energy.
A special thanks to Nat who hid the narrow iPhone look by adding two more:) Thanks Nat for that!


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The Random Generosity Drop

In harmony with my latest poem, I am reblogging a post I did a little over 3 years ago. Tis the season to be generous:)


A friend dropped off his gift today 12-12-2016)

Adding another one from a friend who sent his today:)


East Coast 12-14-2016 Merry Christmas!

Digital Rabbit Hole

Sometimes ideas are born without even thinking about them. This one was, and I want to share it, because I think it might have an easy universal appeal. It’s a win-win-win kind of thing. Everyone wins, and directly two will know why, and one, will just see it as some good luck.
Sooo….you have someone who is having a birthday, or a special holiday, or a commemoration, and you want to acknowledge that. Gifts that run in the $5-$10 range would be considered pretty cheap, and perhaps not worth giving. You might have to go out and shop for something a lot more expensive, and they might already have two of them, or not really like it or have one put away in the closet. I can assure you this gift idea would not have that problem, and it costs only between $5-$10. It’s all up to you.
Here are…

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This Winter’s Coming Colder

Snowstorm by Kushner Vladimir.jpg

Snowstorm by Kushnerov Vladimir-Moscow Russia

See what happens when we look away,
and the magician pulls out a nightmare from his hat?
How.. or why did he do it.. and why weren’t we aware of that?
Did you feel a sway in your reality on election day…
or when you were laid off with no severance pay?
Now we are in the times where things not possible can be,
where truth is less important than effect
and alone in the back seat sits, compassion tolerance and equality.
We wish we were raised in the woods by wolves, and had not studied  our history…
because when we add it up, it looks like a grim winter is upon us.
Store the wheat for it might be a siege and store some grains of sanity.
Talk to everyone you really care for, let them know it. Flutter handfuls of compassion like the first snow flakes and help everyone you love; find new ways to show it.
Love your friends, the strangers struggling in the streets, your distant family
and don’t stop there!
Repay the envy of your enemies with a smile.
Because, as the prophet said, even a smile is an act of charity.
Be generous of your time,  your human warmth, your equanimity…
Don’t be afraid to open wide your heart, along with your front door.

I can hear it in the whistling trees;
this winter’s coming colder than the year before.

Karima Hoisan
December 2, 2016
Costa Rica

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Catharsis and Serendipity

Do I believe in magic?
Well of course I do. I have seen the proof of its existence so many times, I would be a fool to deny it.

Magic is perhaps most easily seen in the creative world, the process that all musicians, writers, sculptors, poets, scripters, filmmakers, know intuitively and personally. It is woven into the very fabric of their creations. It has to do with surrender, trust, and releasing the brakes, while giving up control at the very same time. As I suggested in my last post, about Nat’s and my latest machinima, “Unmindful” there was a true air of serendipity and magic in the way that everything fell together perfectly, starting with the building of the world, to the last frame of the movie. Part of that process was finding the right music, and as all of you know who know me well, the music is of utmost importance to me to be able to write and to accompany my poetry when I perform. The music has to be just “right” before I can make a soundtrack for one of our films, and Akoviani’s track, “Aerial”, from his album Hypnotica was the perfect and only fit for “Unmindful.”
Sharing talents and collaborating with people around the world is such a gift and one I hold dearly and what has happened since proves to me that magic is alive and well.
Now, a little over 10 days later from posting our film, I found myself being asked to be a part of the composer’s brand new album which will soon be released. He also was looking for, the right voice in his case, and this time, the right voice was mine…smiles. His music was the right music for my project and as it turned out, my voice was the right one for his..

I proudly present a short 60 second teaser, with very good production values, to announce Akoviani’s new album,” Catharsis,” which will be released soon. I can hardly wait to hear it all, and I suggest that you stay-tuned and I will let you know when it is released. In the meantime, listen to the beautiful tracks from his album “Hypnotica,” found here : Hypnotica to get a feel of his mind, and great talent. He says this about himself:
“We are all vibrations, energy and nature. We are in a balance of feelings and passions, somewhere in between the mind and the spirit.”

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“Unmindful” The Movie by Natascha Randt & Karima Hoisan

On July 16th, I posted here in my blog, about a new world that Dale Innis and I were beginning to build on Kitely – Virtual Worlds on Demand, called, “Unmindful” See post:
As I said in the post, it was an experiment, to prove or disprove something I had come to believe: “You don’t need an idea to create…ideas come…all you need to do is start.”

So we started off  with no ideas about what the world would be, just making sort of odd stone structures, with off-sim wind turbines, and a parade of wild animals standing on rugs moving in a figure-eight. That was our first part of the build, but then unmindful to how the focus even began changing, we shifted in a very different direction. I had the concept, but I promise you, if it weren’t for Dale, we would never have pulled this off. (Have you heard me say that before?) Just know, that no animation was involved in this film, What you see, is how it is on the world, and the  innovative movement was made possible, by Dale,a very creative scripter and my building partner. A week ago, I was feeling a little down, as it had been almost six weeks, since I had written a poem. I knew I wanted to write something for this world, as the changes had all of a sudden become a giant metaphor, and this happened while neither of us was even aware. Hard to get more unmindful than that:)
So we found ourselves in this new stage of the world, a rolling metaphor and I expressed to Dale, that I hoped I might write a poem to it, as it was nearly finished on the building level.

I started writing the poem sometime in the afternoon last Sunday and by Monday morning about 6:00 am, I had not only finished the poem, but found the most perfect music, the only music for it, had made a recording and also a primitive but full 6 minute video!
My muse had not made me stay up all night for a long time, but I am smart enough to know, if your muse invites you to do that…just do it. Those creative bursts can be very far and few between. I wrote a note to Nat, and sent her my little simple video (which I am sure was very painful for her to watch..filmed with no shadows etc 🙂 and I said, Nat, I am obsessed. let’s do this right.”

Now a week later, and after many brainstorms, my  back-seat driving the editor:) and trying this and that, re-shooting, re-recording,  I think we have our movie. Our process is very much ours, and we can even laugh at ourselves, but it works! This is the 19th video that we have made together. Four years and 19 videos later, we still have the formula to combine, talents, swallow egos, and just give it our best until we both agree…”That’s it.” It’s Done.” Two perfectionists coming together again, trying to make an entertaining and hopefully thought-provoking machinima.

This time, we had a special gift, in the form of the composer, Akoviani, giving us his permission to use his piece  “Ariel” from his beautiful and haunting album, “Hypnotica”
found on Even though this is for our personal use and not a commercial project, it’s very reassuring to be given the rights to use it, and we can proudly share our film with him too.

Last but not least, my deepest thanks to Nat, my film partner. Thank you Nat for putting up with all my “buts” 🙂 I love it but……. This is perfect but….” Lol!  Only you Nat, but in the end, we both agreed;  it is our 19th baby, gestated quickly, born with some labor and extra effort, but hopefully held and loved by our friends and audience alike..
We give you, “Unmindful” A Randt & Hoisan Production. As always HD and full screen is the best viewing. Comments here and on YouTube are always welcome.

Please read Natascha’s blog post in German here:


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One Tally, One Grief


United Nations Country by J Jasso Deviant Art

For Tube

From the first day when we breathe our first breath
to the end when we offer our last  one to death,
in Europe, or Asia,  South America, the Middle East
Humans have hopes, we make prayers, we dream,
we make plans, we want peace,
just a good life, a long one,  with health, hearth and happiness .

None of us want to be surprised by tornadoes, flash floods, or head- ons on the highway,
home burglaries. hate crimes, or positive biopsies.
Today what we all share, whether we know it our not, as  stitches in the fabric of humanity,
is the fear, of being in the wrong place at the random wrong time
therefore becoming the target, of someone’s private or collective insanity.

No human life is worth less  than one more expendable than the other.
When horror attacks with an axe, or a truck or truck bombs, chanting mob rhetoric
inciting riots and rampages, proclaiming , torture, displacement, and cruelty,
no horror or grief is felt less than another, just because they live where the sun goes down first.

No one mourns for a little while, then goes back to their day.
No one shrugs off a loss, or a trauma, not if they were there,
knew or lived in that country or really cared.
49 dead in Orlando, 41 dead in Istanbul,
84 dead in Nice, 80 dead in Kabul
200 dead in Baghdad, in Saudi Arabia 4
9 dead in Munich, mostly the young
70 in Pakistan women and children among…
and the injured in the hundreds and hundreds,
The tally goes on and the reaper keeps reaping
and the news and the media forget them all rather quickly,
and some don’t  make the front pages, not even that fateful day ,
and the ones who fall first, are the ones never sentenced to pay.
All of them, innocent victims week after week, month after month.
All tears taste like salt, and all blood smells of rust,
Cry for them all, offer  prayers and your deeds, may they  return us to sanity…
but…light a candle, lay your flowers down on the ground,
not for just one… but for all of humanity.

Karima Hoisan
July 24th 20016
Costa Rica

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My latest world on Kitely..very much just “under-creation.” Dale Innis is here too, making the parade and other neat things. This 13th world on Kitely-Virtual Worlds on Demand is to prove my theory :You don’t need an idea to create…ideas come.. you just need to start.
We’ll  let you know here, when it’s ready to visit!

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