Vector’s Vortex:Blue Rotation by Natascha Randt

Hi everyone, 5 years ago, right after I finished my world, “Vector’s Vortex” on Kitely – Virtual Worlds on Demand, Nat went in with her cool eye and navigator and her best  cyborg look and took some shots of the upstairs room on the world.
I had forgotten about this little gem and maybe you have too, so am posting this in 2019 and hope you will enjoy it again or for the very first time. Also, Nat is becoming a little cyborg herself these days (kind of an in- joke) so it seemed a fitting time to revisit this video that contains two of my very favorite things: The color blue and things that rotate! Plus, made by my favorite machinima maker, my video partner, Natascha Randt!!
HD and Full screen and Enjoy!‘s


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Playing With Time



Playing With Time

We can play with Time
if we want, because
Time plays with us.
Makes us feel
that a week could not possibly have passed
that fast.
It make us feel young when we are old,
Makes us feel old when we are young and
Makes us feel we have so much ahead
and yet…
Makes us feel it could be over
at the end of this poem,
at the end of the day.
No more time when the moon rises,
we could be gone forever and ever
while Time leaves us behind and
Continues marching on.

I will play with Time.
It will be my game,
my rules.
I choose to live as if 9 years
is nothing…
a wink
a blink
a short nap in the middle of the day.
I choose to feel the same that
I have always felt for you.
You are no stranger, no unknown factor;
you will always be,
the one who captured me
with his passion for life,
his musical artistry,
daddy & mommy
and Time…?
Can just deal with it!

Karima Hoisan
June 29th,2019
Costa Rica

<Traducido al Español>

Jugando Con El Tiempo

Podemos jugar con el tiempo
si queremos,
el tiempo juega con nosotros.

Nos hace sentir
que una semana no hubiera podido pasar.
Así de rápido.
Nos hace sentir jóvenes cuando somos viejos.
Nos hace sentir viejos cuando somos jóvenes,
y solos.
Nos hace sentir que tenemos mucho por delante.
y todavía.
Nos hace sentir que podríamos estar terminados
al final de este poema,
al final del día…
No más tiempo cuando sale la luna.
Podríamos estar acabados por siempre jamás,
mientras el tiempo nos deja atrás
y justo….
Sigue marchando adelante.

Asi que,
jugaré con el tiempo.
Será mi juego,
Mis reglas.
Elijo vivir como si 9 años
no es nada,
un guiño,
un parpadeo,
una breve siesta al medio día.
Elijo sentir lo mismo que
siempre he sentido por ti.
No eres un extraño, ningún factor desconocido.
Tu siempre serás,
él que me capturó
con su pasión por la vida
Su arte musical
papi y mami
y que el tiempo …  Se preocupe por eso!

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En La Cima (On Top)

En La Cima

En la cima..solamente hay campo para uno.
Alguien llegará atrás de ti..y lo hará mejor,
o será mas nuevo, mas guapo, mas fuerte o será mas encantador.
Un día montas un toro por 64 segundos!
Muy bien lo haces, y tu nombre está escrito:
“Campeón de Todos Los Jinetes de Toros.”
Pero no dura mucho…..
Otro día, llega alguien nuevo y monta por 100 segundos
y tu, te resbalas hasta segundo lugar.
Ya no eres el campeón,

ni lo mejor, ni estás en la cima.
En unas semanas llega uno nuevo….
Él sorprende todos, con sus 120 segundos encima de un toro bravíssimo!
La gente se vuelve loca hablando de que chuzo de hombre es este!!
Ahora él está en la cima..y tu resbalas al tercer lugar…
Así va.. con mas competición, mas hombres fuertes, mas hombres encantadores, mas hombres capaces y hermosos…
hasta que te vas resbalando, tan abajo, que tu nombre, ya no está, ni siquiera en el marcador, ni la gente recuerde de ti, ni tus hazañas, ni de tu amabilidad, ni tu entrega.
Que duro es este juego!…Este deporte, que duro la realidad muy real que….
En la cima..solamente hay campo para uno.

Karima Hoisan
7 de Junio, 2019
LINC Island SL


(My Translation to English)

On Top

On top … there’s only room for one.
Someone will come behind you … and will do it better,
or will be newer, more handsome, stronger or more charming.
One day you ride a bull for 64 seconds!
You do it very well, and your name is written:
“Champion of All Bull Riders.”
But it does not last long …
Another day, someone new arrives and rides for 100 seconds and you… you slip down into second place.
You are no longer the champion, nor the best, nor are you at the top.
In a few weeks a new one arrives ….
He surprises everyone with his 120 seconds on top of a very mean bull!
People go crazy talking about what a man this is!
Now he’s on top … and you slip into third place.
So it goes … with more competition, more strong men, more charming men, more capable and beautiful men …
until you slip, so low, that your name is gone, not even on the scoreboard, or people don’t remember you, your deeds, or your kindness, or your devotion.
How hard this game! … This sport; how hard the very real  reality that ….
On top … there’s only room for one.

Karima Hoisan
7 de Junio, 2019
LINC Island SL


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Eid Mubarak!!

Eid Mubarak! After fasting for a month from before dawn to sunset, we Muslims celebrate three days of a happy holiday called Eid al Fitur (literally the “Holiday of Breakfast”) We can drink coffee again in the morning, eat breakfast in the daylight hours, and drink water all day long. These sound like small pleasures, but after a month of fasting, it all seems like the greatest gift…and we celebrate that.
In Second Life, I started this tradition 11 years ago, and it is like an open-house, for three days, while old friends and new, stop by and have some traditional black coffee and cardamom with some chocolates, and relax, talk, dance and generally, have a good time.

Eid 2019b

Natascha’s beautiful  virtual photography!

In Jordan, the tradition is to visit neighbors and relatives starting early on the first morning. The guests are welcomed with the small cup of traditional black coffee with cardamom and a selection of chocolates.
This offering of coffee and chocolates is more symbolic than a full meal. Guests stay for a short while and then go on to the next house.
There is music and large lunches served in the mid afternoon. In the spirit of sharing traditions, I have done this here in SL, every year, except last year, as I was in Jordan for Ramadan.


Nat, yours truly and Rmarie Beedit who snapped the shot:)

I think I will let a few pictures speak for themselves:)

Eid 2019c

Photo by Nat…Red in red(talkwithmarie) and Joey:)

Eid 2019d.jpg

Joey, me (the giant 7 foot avatar from days gone by:) and Nat who took it.

Snapshot_001 2.jpg

A sort of “nah nah nah” moment with DB Bailey, RMarie & Nat:):)

So, about 15 people strolled in and out the first day, and I expect more today and tomorrow.
A funny thing happened to one of my last guests of the evening, and I include it here, for all you avatars as a cautionary tale:)
I was honored to receive my friend, Esteban Voljeti, Chris Mooney-Singh and Kaylee West to my Salon and as we settled in, I offered coffee to  all…..


Chatting in the Salon:)

… but Singh, made the mistake of “wearing and not adding his”  Voilá!! He was stripped of his clothes immediately:) and left shivering in shoes, turban and just his under garment..but, holding his hot coffee:) I looked down and made small talk about the weather:) until he could fix it.


Remember Avies, to add not wear your coffee this Eid:):)

It was all in good fun, and Singh was a great sport about his little error and allowed me to take a picture:)
Thursday, we started off with a fun group…Allegra, Sterling, Klannex dancing, flying and riding bulls..It was the total Eid Tour:) and Allegra made an amazing over 100 second bull-ride to be the champion (for now) That score will be hard to beat:)
Menubar got a 4th place last night:) Yay Buddeh!!


Ride ’em Buddeh!


Klannex in his patriotic tail and Allegra..loosening up their bones:)Snapshot _ LINC Sculpture Gardens and Art Gallery, LINC ISLAND

Photo by Isabel Hermano with, Nat, me, Iono & goat:
More goat photos..thanks to Nat and one from Luna:):)


Photo by Nat


Nat’s goat selfie with background dancers:)


Great shot by Luna the red-haired beauty!


Tubeguy & Odracir joined us:) So much fun!



Soo Eid goes on through tomorrow…If you are in SL and would like to partake, just hit me up for a tp and join me and whoever is there at the moment:) I would love to host you in my home:) Thank you to all who have already come:)
Eid Mubarak!! Come visit! Ahlan wa sahlan!!

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The Silk Road Series #1 For Feed a Smile

Natascha and I are very honored to be part of this exciting get -together of RL artists, poets, musicians, and storytellers, in Singapore, with their counterparts in Second Life.
While they will be live streaming from Singapore, their acts and presentations, we too, in Second Life, will be live streaming back to them. This is a real time International coming together of the Arts ,to raise funds for The Feed a Smile Charity for Kenyan children  and one of the things I just LOVE about Second life.
Dr. Chris Mooney – Singh from the Writers Centre Singapore, and also SL, at Monash University, is the producer and host who has assembled us all together. This is no small feat! Natascha and I will be showing our machinima, “The Changes Changes” on the big screen, and then taking turns to speak a few minutes each, on the process of making this film.

Randt&amp;Hoisan 2

  Natascha Randt & Karima Hoisan (Photo by Nat)

Here is a short teaser that will give you an idea of the magnitude of this extraordinary event. It is all happening on Saturday, May 18th, at 5:00am SLT. For us in the West, it’s early, but promises to be very worth it! If you would like to join us in SL, here is your camel ride: Monash University SL
Here’s a trailer to give you some more information:

I will also include some pertinent urls that you might enjoy reading about:

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Kari’s Bar & Dance


Kari’s Bar & Dance

If you are one of the lucky ones, who finds her club..where the music stops time…
where the air is full of memories and decades have waxed the floorboards smooth
so dark, your eyes need to take their time, while the music is drawing you in and
 if you choose the boleros, your fate is sealed; you might fall in love by the end.

If you feel her in your arms, as you glide across the floor, her heart beating like a bluebird trying to fly out of her chest…
If she molds to your every step, and with every sigh you’re sure you’re about to fall…
You were one of the lucky ones, you charmed the recluse owner into a dance.
You were one of the exceptional ones, who woke her with your lead, woke her with your will and step, woke her with your smile.

Kari’s Bar & Dance is really a citadel where the owner lives imprisoned on the second floor,
locked inside those navy-blue metal walls and factory seams with bars and mesh, above the paintings above the bar.
She peers over her balcony, pondering all the Prince Charmings who failed the test,
who come in her doors with bravado but go out, only hoping for a second chance…
and perhaps they’ll try again sometime; they can remember every poster, every glance,
because the music stops time and while they awake in their sunrise,
They know that it’s always midnight… at Kari’s Bar & Dance.

Karima Hoisan
May 5th,2019
Kari’s Bar & Dance

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I Can

That’s the message Nat and I attempted to convey in our video by the same name.
This film was something very different for us, a challenge in a way, asked of us by our good friend, DB Bailey (David Denton Architect), who designed and built the See Yourself City Sim. DB had brought us into this really wonderful project, six months earlier, conceived by Suzanne Mitchell, MD,MS, Founder of
See Yourself Health – Play Wellness With Others from the University of Boston Medical School. Her vision of using virtual worlds as a means to help bring education and community to those who might not have that access, is now a reality in Second Life.
We are very proud to have contributed to this project, by making 6 videos. This final one,
“I Can,” we hope will bring inspiration and empowerment to those who watch it. You don’t have to have diabetes, to relate to it, but for those who are living with this disease, we made this for you, in the hopes it will inspire you to find your balance. I invite you to watch the video, and then I will add some beautiful photos taken by DB Bailey to give you an idea of how special these sims really are.. HD and full screen please:)

#1 4752_o

Overview of the City Sim with Orientation Sim top right



The Chapel in back where “I Can” is being shown – The Amphitheater Area


The Meditation Gardens


Captured by an artistic eye


I created a Meditation Pool in this area to hear music, float and relax

SYH Balcony 2

Nat (left) and I in our process of brainstorming the next scene

my spott_002

I got the best seat in the house! If you visit, try to find it

We hope you will enjoy our film and please share it with anyone you want. Comments and Likes on YouTube or here are very welcome. Special thanks to Joey TwoShoes, Dale Innis, Ito Naminosaki, and Desdemona Enfield for giving up their time and lunch breaks to be in this film:)
If you want to come visit and see these beautiful inspiring sims yourself;
here’s how you can do that.
New users of Second Life please enter first on the Orientation Path
For experienced users, enter here at See Yourself City
I recommend you take time to see the Orientation side in any case; it has much more to offer than just orientation! It has many activities and things to see (This side was conceived and built by Gentle Heron, founder of Virtual Abilities and Eme Capalini. There is also a very cool game designed by MadPea Productions, specifically for this project!
So come see, and for more information visit the See Yourself Health Website (link here)
We Can!!!!

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