The Last Hour of Light

I want to record the breeze in the afternoon…
The last hour of light,
sitting in the entry -way,
shelling green hummus, eating them raw like peanuts,
passing the black coffee around in a pink thermos,
to half -fill tiny cups,
while small flocks of desert wrens,

fly away into the backyard.
The sky is changing right before our eyes;
that pink and blue baby hue and then, from down the hill,
the call to prayer comes wafting to our ears
like chanted incense.

Karima Hoisan
June 20, 2018
Karak, Jordan

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Moved to Tears


Moved to Tears

In the concert of our lives,
sometimes those minor changes
make tears blur our eyes.
Perhaps something was just too beautiful
to comprehend dry-eyed.
Maybe it was too painful,
too hopeless,
too unkind…
and we hear the music of strings surround us
and our eyes pour out our souls,
so everyone can see it, and everyone knows.

Sometimes we play in the symphony;
we sway and lose ourselves,
in the beauty that surrounds us.
But sometimes, we are asked to sit
beyond the orchestra pit,
a mere observer, swept away by the next movement.
In the audience, we are in passive awe
as the music crescendos,
and our tears, from that deep place, begin to flow.

If I could play the cello, I would strive to be first chair,
with my eye on the conductor, playing my heart out;
simultaneously from the audience,
I am being moved to tears,
by such an impassioned solo.

Karima Hoisan
June 14, 2008
Karak, Jordan

*Footnote: I felt this way when I was flying into Amman at 2am, the first time back in 9 years. The sprawling city looked like diamonds, with a thick gold necklace traversing the broaches, and pins. So beautiful…..then tears:)

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All That Lost Time

  All That Lost Time

Press my forehead in the sand like days gone by.
Let it swallow me and all my memories tonight.
Do I contemplate the stars, or are they contemplating me?
Standing in the chilly wind; the desert hills stretch endlessly.

It seems that Time has stopped and started all around me
Nothing’s changed and yet nothing is the same.
All the children, grown, some have careers, some moved away
Like strangers who I’ve loved for years, and yet, do not know them today.

If I could drag two regions, and make them one like we can in virtual worlds,
Request this move, from the powers that be, so that they now border each other,
I would join Costa Rica to the Jordan Valley and cross back and forth unencumbered
and not allow nine years to pass, all that lost time, that can never be recovered.

Karima Hoisan
June 1, 2018
Karak Jordan


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Our Latest Movie!

Hi everyone,
Hope you will enjoy this, our 26th collaboration:
Its a very different style for us, to showcase Nat’s gorgeous photography.
Please see her blog for much more background and my past posts:Here is the poem:

Here is the movie and Nat’s post below: Have fun:)
Use Google if you don’t speak German. Well-worth translating
Nats’ Post

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Ramadan Kareem! Ramadan Mubarak!

Ramadan Gift (Triple Cinquain) 


As one

our family

breaking fast with prayers
  all kneeling in our living room

my brother’s voice
now an angel chanting
tears blur my eyes in ecstasy

our bodies speak
perfection in movement
heads press the floor in unity

Karima Hoisan
Jordan 2007







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Zwischen Nacht und Nirgendwo

“Zwischen Nacht und Nirgendwo”
“Between Night and Nowhere”

1 blog1

Photo by Natascha

This phrase came from a fever dream Natascha had, while being quite ill and when she told me about it, all the lights of inspiration went blinking off in my head. I found the phrase intriguing, compelling and more than that, I found it challenging as well as inspiring.

After she described the whole dream, seeing her father again, asking him questions, in a garden of her childhood, I was inspired to write this poem for her…but not until, I too had an image to join with hers, one of my country, Costa Rica, in the time of burning off the cane. I saw in my mind, that we were riding through a smokey, hazy rural landscape, that is very representative of my Costa Rica, in the month of March; the heat of the burning fields was in harmony with her burning fever. You can read the poem here, from my original blog post about just the poem I posted in March. From Nat’s dream, it became this poem, and like magic, my 15th world on Kitely – Virtual Worlds on Demand was born!

2 t_001 blog

The Beginning: That magic stage when all is possible  

I invite you to listen to the poem recited to some slow roadster traveling Blues:)
Between The Night and Nowhere by Karima
If you follow the instructions on the notecard, inworld, you should hear this playing on your media stream, when you set off to tour.
I had to stop myself from taking too many pictures:) On the one hand I don’t want to spoil anything for those Hyper-gridders, who actually make it to this world, but on the other hand, I know many of you might not come, because you have yet to experience the wonders of Opensim and the Hypergrid that connects us all. Let this world then, be your introduction!
The NPC chauffeur is mild-mannerd, mostly competent and keeps his eyes on the road!
6Screen Shot 2018-04-14 at 5.32.32 PM copy
The main hacienda house and courtyard passes by…
Up and up we go…..


Photo by Natascha of a part of her build

Snapshot_003 2

When the chauffeur drops you off, you are encouraged to see the rest of the build on horseback. You can copy and ride one and take it with you. Once again, I applaud the  act of sharing that we find in Opensim. What was shared with me, I will share with you…
If you keep following the road and signs you will discover both Nat’s dream build and mine right after. Both are very different and yet, they combine and harmonize at the summit of between the night and nowhere.

10 Zwa

Photo by Natascha

I want to thank Dale Innis, once again, for being such an excellent virtual building partner and scripter, and to get our roadster to actually climb up and down instead of horizontally or vertically plowing through the mountain pass or taking us upside down and underground like it wanted to do at first…see photo:
1st tour_001.jpg
I want to thank all the world builders on the Hypergrid, who make such amazing stuff and allow us scavengers to pick and choose and take home with us in our suitcases, so many wonderful treasures to be recycled again and again in creative ways.

Last and most importantly, I want to thank my film partner and creative twin, Natascha Randt, for having such a cool and amazing dream. This is a real first for me…that someone else’s dream, could inspire me to go crazy and create a world where it could be showcased. Nat did a really incredible job, building and bringing this dream and installation alive. I just swirled a world around it and made a way to get to it…:) In the end…the two of us built our fantasies, Zwischen Nacht und Nirgendwo.

Come experience it for yourselves. Here is the world page from Kitely, which will tell you how to get there and what to do, when you arrive:)
I hope those who have seen it, will make a few short comments here, on my blog, of your impressions.
If you would enjoy a guided tour (with me or with Nat) just contact us and let us know:)



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Awards & Party Re-Cap


From Left to Right: Joey, Nat(JeJo) Silas the Tree, Karima, Dale (Missing: Maria Vought)  Excellent Photo by Nat

I should have done this yesterday, but I was still a little worn out by all the excitement and partaying and emotions that flowed on Sunday, beginning with the Awards at the UWA where the sim had to be “stretched” to accommodate everyone. I was not able to cam there, and so, could not take pictures, but it was a very exciting event, and very emotional. It was Jay Jay’s last public event for the UWA and so it was a highly-charged mixed moment of nerves for the awards, sadness for Jay Jay leaving, and emotions hearing La Piscean speak about Second Life and his love for it.
You can read the whole transcript on the UWA blog here
The title, “The Long Kiss Goodbye” should give you a feeling of how poignant the ceremony was.  We were very thrilled and excited and blown away to have received the Third Place Award. This means a lot for Nat and I, that the judges this year, found our efforts worthy to be in the Top 5! It stimulates us even more, to keep creating. I also want to point out what a great stimulus it was to see all the Likes and comments and views on YouTube along with the views in SLArtist. It drives us on to keep making better films, each time, and that we really do have an audience to entertain and who truly enjoys our films.
Soo, we took this Team picture after the event on LINC Island and just was sorry that Maria, who looked adorable too in her Team uniform, could not stay to be with us. Thank you to my sister Diz (DzinWiz Babii) for getting up as early as we did and giving us moral support at the Awards event.
What I do have, are some great photos of the dance I held at my bar, Kari’s Bar and Dance, after the ceremony. It had recently moved back to my home sim, after 9 years in New Toulouse.
Thanks to Dale Innis and Natascha, I will put up some images of the Celebration, with DJ Outlaw, and at times 30 friendly, dancing avatars:) Here they come…..


Dancing to some Great Blues and Zydeco-Photo Dale Innis

party PARTy.jpg

Having a good ‘ol time Photo by Nat


WOOTS! Photo by Nat

Nat showing our guest

Nat directing (after all she Is a Director:)) a lovely avatar to the Dance Ball (Nat photo)

Oing the otter

The Otter, “Oing” aka Scottius Polke!

1st place winner

Great to have Glasz DeCuir with us 1st place Winner at the Awards!! Photo by Nat


Tube in the Top Hat..Rob Barber and friend  Photo by Nat

The Tube of my favorite people and new neighbor on LINC Island Photo by Dale

Beef &amp; Me Tube

Beeflin (another cast member and dear friend) and yours truly:) Photo by Dale

Take me by the hand

“Unity” Love this shot with Dale Innis (scripter extraordinaire)  Photo by Dale

Dale Innis_Beef

Cutie Pie Close-up. Is that Jessica Jones back there in red?? Photo by Nat

Always Gorgeous Gamma &amp; Shesa

The Always Gorgeous Duo: Gamma & Shesa! Photo by Nat

Gamma Shesa

Another good shot of them:) Photo by Dale


The Adorable RoseDrop and the Otter front n center:) Photo by Dale

Luna Rosedrop

Gorgeous Luna (left) and handsome RoseDrop (right) Photo by Nat


Fabulous Harley my neighbor and very dear friend Photo by Nat

Cool Customers

As the party wound down..some cool customers stayed ’til the end:) Photo by Nat

Thank you everyone for all your support, and thank you Jay Jay, LaPiscean, Pookymedia,Chantel Harvey, Singh Albatross, for this beautiful challenge, “Art of the Artists”
Hope to invite you all back to Kari’s Bar and Dance on LINC City…real soon:)

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