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This body of water was so much more than a liquid luxury,
blue when the sky was blue, the clouds floated on its surface…
the reflections of the sun, coated branches of a tree, in vibrating…
illuminating points and shadows of fantasy, when the light was right.

It sustained every heavy thought, of mine when I floated arms stretched.
It made me let go of them all and be buoyant and happy like the ripples…
that blew in on subtle currents, carrying a beach ball right to my side whispering,
“it will be alright,” before it moved away in a capricious change of mind and wind.

You made my heart race when I challenged your length, made my soul flow into your
aquamarine waves, the constant hum of the water being purified, in a cleansing loop…
the hypnotic ritual and pact we agreed upon, each and every time I swam in you.
You were a loyal ear, a wise philosopher; when I sought you out, you enveloped me.

Now you’re drained, your water has disappeared into the hard earth, the dry noon sun.

This gaping white cement hole, is like a death, a tomb left open for all to see and ponder.
The ball sits on the grass inert and paralyzed, while I contemplate this loss of what…
you are for me and in how many ways I know how much I’ll miss you, until your return.

Karima Hoisan
March 27th 2019
Costa Rica


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Open Field

Art Design by K

Art Designs by K

Open Field
You give me the moment others would take away

Your trust is like an open field where I can run to play
If I had to say it without the music making me, I couldn’t do it
If you’re surprised, love gets as good as this, well I always knew it.

Every time I ride along with you is a brand new sunrise-day
The more you unlatch the gates, the more I want to stay
And I won’t get lost in those roaming hours, if you just call
And I won’t lose sight of all we made, just to watch it fall.

Time tested, these pure-bred years, have broken every record for speed
Sweet ’n crazy, you and me; we’re a nightly galloping winner in the lead
And sure it’s about the divine chapters of  love, that we too live to glorify
And of course it’s about everything that makes it run so well… like you and I.

Karima Hoisan
March 23, 2019
Costa Rica

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Some Pics & The Recording from the Chelsea Hotel Reading Yesterday

Hi Everyone,
just going to put up the recording of yesterday’s reading and a few pictures from the really fun Sunday Spoken Word event, at the Chelsea Hotel.
Thanks to Dale Innis for all their help at the event and these great photos!
Click HERE to download or stream directly the whole recording. It came out well.

If anyone else has any photos, please send them to me in-world, and I will add them. Thank you all who came for being there. It was a really great audience and your support of my poetry means so much to me! Until next time……

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Karima @ The Virtual Hotel Chelsea

PosterMarch171024x590 2

Poster by Natascha Randt

 I’m going to be reading at the Hotel Chelsea!!!
Well I hope you all agree this is Good News, but after hardly doing more than one or two readings in a year..it seems I am now, almost up to doing them bi- monthly ..

My next reading, as you can see, on my cool creative poster by Natascha, will be this coming Sunday the 17th at 12:30 slt at the Virtual Hotel Chelsea. I am super excited about this one, as it’s the first time I will read there Ever! Thanks to my dear friend and fellow poet, Luna Branwen, who invited me and I actually said “Yes!”
I am a bit nervous also because I peeked behind the stage, and I think I saw a big hook waiting in the wings..which will really inspire me to put my all into my 45 minutes., because If I don’t, and I am putting the audience to sleep…. ZZiPPP off I go stage left:)
If you came to my Pirate Reading in January..well this one will have a selection of poems (old and new)..that I did not do at that reading. I have chosen some great music and also many of these poems have my own back tracks that I recorded..so along with the imagery behind, I hope you all stay awake the whole time and enjoy yourselves too:)
The Details are:
Date: March 17th (St. Patrick’s Day )
Time : 12pm Open Mic in Voice 
12:30 to 1:15 (more or less,could be more:) I will read for you on stream.
Here is your cool slide into the front door> The Virtual Hotel Chelsea
Feel free to ask me for a tp before I start my read; I would be happy to pull you in.
Looking forward to seeing you all there..at this cool and historical venue in our own SL.
Try not to miss this… ok?
Love and hugs,

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Keep The Dream Going


Keep The Dream Going

Cruising the blues on a Beth Hart loop
shaking my head because humans are so fickle
up in the stars where I perch in assessment
It looks from here, that it might be hard to work it out.

People people people let’s get our priorities hung straight
Let’s take the pearls over sow’s ears, peace instead of war
Let’s be honest, just honest with each other at the midnight hour
To love, we must give more than we get or….we’re bound to lose.

I’m talking to me, you know, this message is not only for you.
I fear this race might fail, we all need to get it right, not just a few.
So I sail along on a voice that’s fallen to the bottom of the blues
Why can’t people just keep the dream going and just be what they seem?

Karima Hoisan
March 9, 2019 (my birthday)
San Isidro del General

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No Regrets


No Regrets
Click here to listen to the poem recited

Was our ember only able to burn bright enough for one duet?
Reality paints in realism, with no excuses, and no regrets.

For me I felt it blaze up in my face, smoke and dreams, a creative space
But a rainstorm came from nowhere and washed it away without a trace.

Still something was salvaged like a lifeboat when the ship went down.
Something good and real floated back to shore, not meant to drown.

What we made, in that crazy lyrical union, would be our only love-child’s song.
No one can say, it was not born, for we can always hear it in our heads and sing along.

Was our ember only able to burn bright enough for one duet?
Reality paints in realism, with no excuses, and no regrets.


Karima Hoisan
March 2, 2019

* footnote the music I used behind the poem is Emerald (Kyodai Mahjongg 2006 OST)

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My Town

The clouds slide down the mountain side
and reach into little streets, fogging the trees…
the smells of coffee brewing, wood stoves igniting
hen’s squawking loudly, “I’ve laid an egg!”
It’s a big event in the small backyards to
the beat of the radios blaring and dogs barking.
School uniforms under the irons steam and steam…
Pressed collars for the school girls, pressed pants
for the boys and bursts of white and blue march
out of the houses, forming giggling streams and
raucous seas, of children on their way to school.
Everyone knows everyone and the block is
alive with “Buenos dias!  Como amaneció?
Small town that sprawled its way to 45,000
nestled in the General’s Valley, below the Chirripó…
where shop owners know your name, and people
walk through the town to do their shopping.
My town, so humble and majestic, beautifully
kissed by angels, even its’ name is a divine reminder,
of its’ guardian and protector, the beloved farm laborer
San Isidro de El General de Costa Rica.

Karima Hoisan
February 26, 2019
San Isidro de El General, Costa Rica

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