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The River of Forgetting-Featuring Silas Merlin’s Funerary Ship for Slartist@UWA Machinima Challenge 2017 -Art of The Artists

Where to begin? I think I will begin by showing you our movie:) This is the 25th collaboration for Randt & Hoisan,also known as The Team:) Please enjoy it in HD and Fullscreen and then if you are interested in … Continue reading

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Women’s Digital Cinema Talks to Natascha Randt

Glasz Decuirs is featuring various women machinima-makers in her video series. She asks a few questions, in order to discuss each ones’ individual process, and discover their approaches, techniques, examples and anecdotes. It’s fascinating and I want to reblog the … Continue reading

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“The Changes Changes” A Randt & Hoisan Production

This is our 20th collaboration!! It’s something we want to celebrate with all of you too! (Clinks her glass against Natascha’s..Here’s to many more, my creative partner!!) Only 5  years after we started thinking about  doing “The Changes Changes”  and … Continue reading

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The UWA Awards Sunday-6amslt-Join Us!

We’re smiling because no matter what happens tomorrow … We Are The Team! Dressed in Menubar Memorial’s great poster turned t-shirt, (via the Gimp expertise of Nat), we are here to invite you to join us tomorrow at the The … Continue reading

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“A Winter’s Trek” by Karima Hoisan and Natascha Randt

Well… we never thought we would ever do a movie like this one…and it is our lucky 13th collaboration too!! The Challenge was sent out: Make a 60- 90 sec video using one of the MadPea Pea avatars and send … Continue reading

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A Randt & Hoisan Production…Coming Really Soon! Teaser! Teaser!

In this post, we want to just tease you, because Nat makes great Teasers! We will show you a little YouTube at the bottom, now that we are so close to finishing, and the closer that we get, the harder … Continue reading

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I’m So Bad At Keeping Secrets…

When I get excited about something, you hear about it. It’s hard for me to keep anything like that from my blog:) Soooo……. I’m getting very excited…Natascha Randt and I are in the last few weeks of a project that … Continue reading

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