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Women’s Digital Cinema Talks to Natascha Randt

Glasz Decuirs is featuring various women machinima-makers in her video series. She asks a few questions, in order to discuss each ones’ individual process, and discover their approaches, techniques, examples and anecdotes. It’s fascinating and I want to reblog the … Continue reading

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“The Changes Changes” A Randt & Hoisan Production

This is our 20th collaboration!! It’s something we want to celebrate with all of you too! (Clinks her glass against Natascha’s..Here’s to many more, my creative partner!!) Only 5  years after we started thinking about  doing “The Changes Changes”  and … Continue reading

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The UWA Awards Sunday-6amslt-Join Us!

We’re smiling because no matter what happens tomorrow … We Are The Team! Dressed in Menubar Memorial’s great poster turned t-shirt, (via the Gimp expertise of Nat), we are here to invite you to join us tomorrow at the The … Continue reading

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“A Winter’s Trek” by Karima Hoisan and Natascha Randt

Well… we never thought we would ever do a movie like this one…and it is our lucky 13th collaboration too!! The Challenge was sent out: Make a 60- 90 sec video using one of the MadPea Pea avatars and send … Continue reading

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A Randt & Hoisan Production…Coming Really Soon! Teaser! Teaser!

In this post, we want to just tease you, because Nat makes great Teasers! We will show you a little YouTube at the bottom, now that we are so close to finishing, and the closer that we get, the harder … Continue reading

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I’m So Bad At Keeping Secrets…

When I get excited about something, you hear about it. It’s hard for me to keep anything like that from my blog:) Soooo……. I’m getting very excited…Natascha Randt and I are in the last few weeks of a project that … Continue reading

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“The Wind and The Moon” a Video by Joe Zazulak for a Poem by George MacDonald

Here I go again, celebrating the virtues of Second Life for fostering and facilitating different artists to collaborate and make joint projects to share. Joe Zazulak (Spiral Silverstar in SL) is one of my favorite machinima artists, so when he … Continue reading

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